40 Interview questions to ask when you interview a blogger

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Interviewing other bloggers in your blog will let your readers have a bit of variety as they get to know more about other bloggers and their profile. It may not sound good if you ask the similar question to all the bloggers you interview in your blog. For example, you can’t ask the same questions that you asked a technical blogger to a fashion blogger. However, here is a list of 30 questions that may give you an idea of framing questions for interviewing a blogger. You can make slight changes on these questions depending upon the niche and profile of a blogger that you interview.

1. Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?
2. Describe how did you first get into blogging?
3. Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?
4. How would you describe your blogging style?
6. What type of networking do you think is better to enhance your traffic to the blog?
7. What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to his readers?
8. What would be your ideal working environment?
9. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?
10. What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?
11. How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?
12. What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?
13. Tell me about your proudest achievement?
14. Who has impacted you most in blogging and how?
15. What is your greatest achievement outside of blogging?
16. How do you think I rate your blog as an interviewer?
17. What do you do in your spare time?
18. Where would you like to be in blogging five years from now?
19. What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?
20. Can you name some of your favourite bloggers and explain why they are your favourites?
21. What inspired you to start your blog?
22. How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up
and running?
23. Can you tell me about few sources from where you get products for review on your site?
24. What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?
25. In the future where do you hope your blog will take you?
26. Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your blogging journey?
27. Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?
28. What is the biggest difference in your life post-blogging?
29. Did you have any professional help or did you created the blog yourself?
30. How active are you on a weekly basis? How often do you communicate with your followers?
31. How much time do you spend blogging?
32. What do you think is the best social media strategy for getting more visitors to a blog?
33. Would you encourage other people to make their blog?
34. Is blogging your profession or just a hobby?
35.A lot of people think that blogging is an easy way to make money online. Do you have some tips for those people who are interested in making money from the blog?

Make suitable questions keeping in mind the niche of the interviewee. For example, if the interviewee is a fashion blogger, the following questions can be used.

36. Who was your first style icon?
37. Who takes the majority of your photos?
38. What would you say that is the biggest challenge about fashion blogging?
39. How would you describe your personal style and is there a person who is a fashion inspiration to you?
40. What would you say that is the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger? (Invitations to fashion events, interaction with people, gifts, etc.)


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Software testing as a career option for non-science graduates

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You might wonder why I am writing a post on software testing on this blog. At least a few number of people might think how a post related to software testing is relevant in this blog. Before I answer that question, let me explain a little bit about software testing, in case if there is anyone who doesn’t know much about it.

What is software testing?

According to the Wikipedia definitions, which states ‘Software Testing’ is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test. Software testing can also provide an objective, independent view of the software to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks of software implementation. Test techniques include, but are not limited to, the process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding software bugs (errors or other defects).

In simple terms, software testing can be explained as a process by which we can test whether the software is working properly or not. In other words, it is the process of identifying bugs or errors in a software product or project.

What are the qualifications and skills you need to have to become a testing professional?

In most cases, companies hiring employees for their testing projects look of candidates with qualifications in engineering, computer science or similar qualifications.

While hiring the candidates, recruiters may look for people with the following skill sets as a software tester


1.Good communication skills

The recruiters look for people with good written and oral communication skills. If you are a blogger, it is understood that you have a certain level of writing skills. Good oral communication skill is a must in this job especially if you want to get promoted to higher levels.

2.Technical skills

You should have the basic computer skills like MS Office, Outlook, OpenOffice, etc. It is good if you have a certain level of proficiency in few programming languages as well as testing tools like QTP, Loadrunner, etc. I know some of you don’t have those skills. Don’t worry too much. These skills can be developed by proper training.

3.Willingness to learn and make suggestions about a product.

If you would like to enter into this profession and make a successful career out of it, you should be willing to learn new things. As a good tester, you need to learn about the products and services in order to give proper suggestions for improvement.

4.Good Analytical skills

There is no need to say that you should have good analytical skills. If you are there to suggest corrections and improvements for a product, it is understood that you must have good analytical skills.

Now let me come back to the question, ‘Why I am writing this post about software testing in this blog?’ My aim is to help you start a career in software testing even if you don’t have any science or technical qualifications mentioned above.

Most companies hire people who have an engineering or computer science qualifications for this job. That does not mean that this job can be done only by people with similar kind of qualifications. Even if you don’t have those qualifications or technical background, you can still be able to enter this prospective profession with the help of training courses and certifications that make you equipped to apply for entry-level positions in this career.

Perhaps, you have a degree in a finance or commerce and think that you are unable to try for the job of a software tester. You may not be trying even though you are competent enough with all the other skill sets mentioned above. If someone among you reading this post think that I am talking about you, then don’t be late to take a decision that may change your career as a whole.

Here, I am talking about courses that may help you to get hired as a software tester even without having an engineering or computer science degree. I know many people are busy with our daily life. Even if you are a young person with fewer responsibilities in life, sometimes it may be hard to find time to go to an institute to study a course. If you are facing a similar situation, I suggest you to make use of online courses.

Testing4success is a Vancouver-based organization that provides software testing services to various clients all over the world. Also, they provide online courses for software testing starting with the basic or foundation courses that can be done by anyone without any previous experience or knowledge in the subject. As the courses are online, it provides you the opportunity to do it from different parts of the world.

These course will guide you to pass certifications like ISTQB that helps you to get hired as a tester especially if you are seeking jobs in countries like U.K and U.S. If you feel that this is a career option that suits your interests and abilities, please have a go through the courses available from Testing4success and make a decision about your future career prospects.

e-Learning Courses for Software Testers – Click Here

If you have any further queries related to software testing as a career, please feel free to let me know that through the comments column. I will be more than happy to assist you with your queries. Have a great day.

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10 positive aspects of blogging that motivates you to blog

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This post is for that millions of people who like to make money from their blogs. We knowthat not everyone can make money from their blogs. Many of them start a blog after reading blog posts or articles describing ‘How to make money’ from their blog or website.

I totally agree with the fact that you can earn an income from your blog and make it as a source of living. But, in reality it is not an easy thing in the starting stages. You may need the much-wanted patience and consistent effort to make it a success. I am pretty sure that most people fail at this stage. They lose patience as they are not getting the desired result in terms of income.

Are you facing such a hard situation at present? Do those who are close to you are making negative comments about you and your blog?

What can you do at this time? It is the time to find other sources of motivation to continue your blogging journey. I know you are not clear about the point I am talking.

Let me explain in detail. If you are frustrated and thinking of stop writing your blog as you feel it won’t take you anywhere, please start thinking about all the positive sides of it. Never allow any negative thoughts to wander in your mind. Forget about the monetary benefits for the time being. Keep your mind engaged with the all the positive aspects of blogging.

Here is the list of 10 positive aspects of blogging that will motivate you


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 1.Networking with new friends

Think about the number of friends you made after you started your blog. You may have close friends from different parts of the globe now. Think of it as an achievement and thereby getting some more motivation.

2.Improve your writing skills

You might be thinking of stopping all your blogging related activities because you feel it unworthy of your efforts and time. Start seeing it from the positive side, imagine that you are going to stop an activity that helps you to improve your writing skills. So don’t stop blogging if you want to improve your skills in writing. Remember good writing skill is a must for any organization you may work in future.

3.Become a master in your subject

Are you thinking of stop writing your blog from today onwards? Remember you may be losing your chance to master a subject of your passion or choice. Blogging encourages you to research your topics to come up with new and better blog posts, eventually mastering the subject. So, think twice before you abandon your blog.


Are you running a photography blog? Please make sure you are not de-motivated by any distraction. Keep updating your photo blog, it will enhance your photographic skills. Alongside, you will be building a portfolio of your good work.


 Image courtesy of arztsamui /FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Video blogs or Vlogs are the recent trends due to the emergence of numerous number of social media sites where you can promote your work and get it viral on the internet. I suggest you not to get discouraged even when things are not working as expected. It may take little more time. Until you make success, keep yourself motivated thinking that you are improving your skills. Remember, you may not achieve success in a day. It may take its time to make it big.

6.Promote your business

Try to use your blog for promoting a business you are doing. You may not be fully involved in blogging. Still you can find some time to update your blog you are having on your business website.Think positively that your blog is helping you to make your business prosper.


When your blog niche is related to certain skills like photography, videography, painting or any such things, you are building a portfolio. You can be able to showcase your abilities for making further success in your field. So, remember you are trying to improve your portfolio while  engaging in  blogging activities.

8.Start a new career

Dream about a new and successful career. I am not exaggerating things. There is great chance that you may end up in a better job or career if you run your blog in a successful manner. So keep that in mind and motivate yourself.

9.Gain popularity and respect

Before you started blogging, you may not be a noticeable member in your office or college. Things might have changed now. More people are reading your blog and hence they may sometimes discuss it in your workplace. In the process, you may be gaining some popularity and respect. So  never let your mind think  about quitting your blog.

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10.Blogging can be done from anywhere in the world

Blogging can be done sitting anywhere of your choice in the world provided you have an internet connection and laptop. This aspect of blogging makes me more attracted to blogging. Currently, I live in London. If I choose to go back to my home country at any time, there is no hindrance for continuing the same blog. Here you are getting the same income from your blog even after you shift to the new place. You may not get the same income from a job when you move out to another country because it may not be possible to get the similar kind of job in a different country.

I hope some of you got  inspiration to restart your blogging journey after reading this post. If you feel that you are motivated, please spare some time to write your views and opinions on the comments column so that I can come up with more ideas in my forthcoming posts.



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GRAMMARLY REVIEW-One of the best proofreading tools


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Do you think that people will continue to read your blog once they find mistakes in your writing? I have come across many blogs that have numerous spelling and grammatical errors. When we are in a hurry to publish a post, we may not notice our mistakes. Bloggers who are non-native speakers of English, like I am, are more likely to make grammatical errors than native speakers.

One of the best ways to avoid such mistakes is by using writing enhancement tools such as Grammarly. In this article, I share my experience of having used Grammarly for more than a year. I hope most of my readers know what Grammarly is. If not, I can define it simply as follows:

Grammarly is a writing enhancement tool developed by Grammarly, Inc., which is used not only for proofreading but also for plagiarism-detection.

Even if you are very good at writing, you need to have someone help you make any corrections before you publish anything. In the old days, people used to approach their relatives or friends for this task. You don’t need to wait for anyone’s help to find mistakes in your writing if you are using Grammarly.

When I started writing for the first time, I used the Microsoft Word to correct my mistakes as I was unaware of any other automated tools for proofreading. Once I started using Grammarly, I found it useful not only for editing my content but also for improving my writing skills.

According to Grammarly’s official website, its grammar-checking algorithms have been developed in a manner that makes it possible to scan your content for grammatical errors of more than 250 different types.

Let me go into further details on how that is possible with Grammarly.

Let’s see how editing can be made so simple by using Grammarly.

First, load the text you want to proofread into the review box. The text can be imported as a Word file or simply copied and pasted. You can also type directly in the review box if you feel comfortable that way. I normally prefer copy-pasting the content, then pressing the ‘Start Review’ button.
It takes only the fraction of a minute or a little more to get a page similar to the one shown below. The page will highlight all the errors in the text in red. It is easy for us now to go through each and every mistake and correct it according to the set of explanations provided in the right-hand column.


While proofreading your text, you have the option to select the document type from a list of seven genres, which include general, academic, business, technical, medical, creative, and casual. Here is the screenshot I took while writing one of my previous reviews on Fitbit.


When you finish all your editing, you can copy it from the review box. If you have uploaded a Word document, you have to download it to get the altered version.

How Grammarly can help you with your writing

It helps you to correct your grammar in the piece of writing. It does that by giving an explanation for the mistake you made so that you can have a better idea of how to correct it.

It will assist you in finding all the misspelled words in your writing. Then, it will provide you with the appropriate word suggestion.

It can also inform you of whether you used a correctly spelled word in the wrong context.

The tool points out all the plagiarised parts in the writing, if there are any.

Grammarly Add-in with Microsoft Word and Outlook


You can use Grammarly along with Microsoft Word installed on your computer. For this, you need to install the add-in provided with the tool. Once you install the add-in from the link you can find in your Grammarly account, it becomes easier to edit your work. The add-in will let you finish your job in less time by avoiding the time it takes to copy and paste it into the review box. The add-in can be used with your Outlook account too.

Grammarly for Chrome

If you are a blogger or Internet marketer, I suggest that you use the Google Chrome extension available with the tool. It monitors the grammar mistakes you probably make while using social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Facebook, WordPress, and more.


Editing comments and replies in WordPress can also be done with the Chrome extension. This extension allows you to write lengthy comments and replies that are error-free.

Why it is so valuable to bloggers and students?

As a blogger, I am concerned about any mistake I may make while publishing an article or blog post. It may be easy to check for spelling or grammatical errors in your writing. You may even have someone to assist you instead of using an automated tool. However, do you think they can discover whether there is any plagiarised content in your writing?

I am not saying that you are stealing or copying someone’s ideas or content. However, there are millions of people publishing content on the Web. Some percentage of these writers may have the same style of describing things. Therefore, it may not be surprising if some content looks similar, and the readers may feel that the information is plagiarised. For example, if a hundred people review a smartphone and write their opinions, some portion of the writing will surely look similar, giving the impression of plagiarised content.

From the SEO point of view, bloggers can’t neglect the importance of reducing such content as much as possible. Grammarly helps you to discover anything in your writing that appears to be plagiarized because of similar contents on the web. Grammarly will help you make further corrections or, if necessary, give proper citations. Also, it is always better to check whether there is any plagiarised content in the articles you accept as guest posts on your blog or website.

Students who need to submit academic essays also face the same situation. Universities in countries like the U.K. are very strict in the matter of plagiarised content in essays. It is a waste of time and effort when your essay is rejected for inclusion of plagiarised content. From my point of view, it is always better to make use of tools like Grammarly if you are a student pursuing a degree at a university.

Drawbacks of Grammarly

There is no add-in available to use when using a Mac platform. I find myself feeling a bit uncomfortable while using my Mac or iPad as I can’t carry on with my usual habit of using the Grammarly add-in. Still, I wouldn’t say that this is a major drawback when we consider all of its other benefits.

It is an important update that could make it more user-friendly for people who rely on iPads and similar gadgets for their writing assignments. Hence, an add-in for Mac will increase its demand, in addition to the millions of others who are already using it.

How much will it cost you?

Three payment plans are available for Grammarly.


Grammarly can be purchased by customers for only $29.95,$59.95 and $139.95 for a 1-month, 3-month and 1-year subscription plans respectively.


After using Grammarly for nearly one and a half years, I think that it is one of the best proofreading tools available. If you are a writer, blogger, teacher, student, engineer, healthcare professional, businessman, or anyone else who needs to create content online or offline, this tool will help you become a better writer.
If you are already using Grammarly, please feel free to share your opinions about it in the comments column. Thank you very much for spending your precious time with Digitaldimensions4u.com





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Rounds announced the release of its new version of video chat


Instant video chat applications play an important role in today’s communication between people for both personal and business purposes. Who doesn’t like to connect with their friends and loved ones for free provided they have a smartphone and a number of video chat apps available?


When we talk about video chatting, the first app that comes to our mind is the Skype, which is more popular worldwide. Tel Aviv-based Video Chat Company ‘Rounds’ is another in the field which boasts of having 25 million registered users worldwide. Interesting features like sharing the experience of watching YouTube videos among multiple friends, as well as playing games, lead to add more people as its users in the recent months.

Reliable sources from Rounds revealed that they are releasing their cross-platform instant group video chat platform available for its users from today (31-03-2015).Hence, the 12 participant at a time HD video chat for is available for the Android users too.

The most important part of the app is its feature that help us to invite anyone from our Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, email and contact list. A special invite code does this purpose for us when it bypass the social network.

Also, you can create groups for any occasion while chatting. When you are on the chat, it is possible to create groups with an unlimited number of people. Then with the help of a “Ping” group video calls can be made, from those who are the first twelve participants.


Sources from ‘Rounds’ reveal that they obtained $12 million funding recently for developing their business. The funding was headed by Sequoia Capital (the sole investor of Whatsapp) and also included communication giants that include Samsung Ventures, Verizon Ventures and Skype’s first board member Tim Draper.

Thanks to those funding that made the path easier in building a platform for combining fun and entertainment into chat conversations with the people whom you are close.

While the calls are being made worldwide, the users play games, share photos, watch YouTube videos, take snapshots and many more with the apps localized in over twenty-five languages, is changing the face of instant communication.

According to the opinion of Dany Fishel, the founder and CEO of Rounds, they have received a great feedback from its ios users. The group video chat sessions are being interpreted by the users in various ways like the Twitter follower parties, family reunions, college students watching football games together and much more.

3 (1)

From my personal experience, I can say that the app works great even if the person at the other end is using a 3G connection.

If the app seems to be awesome, why are you waiting now?

If you are a blogger, Why can’t you think of making a video call with 12 of your favourite bloggers in your online community?

You can download the Rounds app for free on the Appstore or GooglePlay now.

Do you still like to know more about it before you download?


Visit Rounds website here.


Please don’t forget to leave your comments here so that I can come up with more detailed reviews of related topics in future. Thank you very much for spending time with Digital Dimensions.

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Fitbit Flex Activity And Sleep Wrist Band For Activity Tracking

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Activity trackers are becoming more and more popular nowadays. In this post, I am sharing my experience using one of the Fitbit product, the Fitbit Flex Activity and Sleep Wrist Band-Black.

Product Details

Unlike the other versions of fitness trackers, this one looks elegant as it is small enough to give the look of a typical wristband when you wear on your hand. The product comes in three colours black, slate and pink, and I prefer the black one because it may suit better for anyone who wear it irrespective of their gender or skin colour. It helps you to monitor your fitness with respect to your daily activities, as well as sleep patterns.


How to use it?

Once you buy the product, follow the steps to register with fitbit.com so that you can access your dashboard online for monitoring your activities. Alternatively, you can use their free app for registering.

Once  your registration is over, all you need to do is to charge the battery of the tracker by placing it in the charger until the indication shows that it is fully charged.  Insert the tracker inside the band before wearing it. While you keep wearing the wristband, it records all your activities as it syncs with your account.

The tracker syncs with your iPhone, Android and Windows phones wirelessly using the dongle provided along with it.The Flex syncs with your account when it is in a distance of about twenty feet from the wireless  dongle provided.It also syncs with your smartphone if it supports Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0).


The synchronized data you get in your dashboard provide you the details of an activity tracking chart. In simple terms, it records the number of steps you made in a day and the corresponding distance you covered. Hence calculating the amount of calories that you used for all your activities.

When you log into your account, you have the options to enter the details of the food you have taken in a day. This makes it easier to analyse your fitness level in regard to the amount of food intake and make changes accordingly. The overall information from the chart makes you plan your next course of action towards reaching any particular fitness target.

Food log

Activity measurements while you sleep.

Do you know whether you slept well yesterday? How many time do you wake up in between? Don’t worry about those things when you wear the Flex. Your fitness tracker will take that burden from you and give you a detailed pattern of your sleep pattern that make it easier to plan your routine in accordance with a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep pattern

Why may it be useful for you?

It may be of much interest to those who are the fitness freak. When you can monitor your performance in a chart format, it makes it easier to make any changes in your activities, as well as your food habits.

Those who are beauty conscious and looking for weight loss or weight gain, it will help you alter your activities in order to move towards your pre-set target for weight loss or weight gain.

Fitbit Dashboard

Another important feature that I like about it is its light weight and water resistant material that make us wear it even when we walk in the rain or  taking a shower.

Good to note that the tracker battery last for about five days once we charge it. That sounds good too as most of us are too busy due to our hectic schedules in life.

Disadvantages compared to other similar products

One minor complaint from few of its users is the unlocking of band from our hand without we unstrapping it. Also, it is costlier when compared to other similar products.


Your health is more important than anything else. Having a fitness tracker of your own may make you more curious about your health and beauty. Are you a fitness freak? Do you worry about your figure? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to those questions, then this fitness activity tracking  product seems to be a good choice.


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Five popular and free instant messaging apps

Instant messaging applications are now becoming the first choice for millions of people worldwide instead of the SMS text messaging service. In this article, I am sharing five instant messaging apps that I find useful for me in my daily life as a blogger.

1. Facebook Messenger

This app helps anyone to send messages to their friends who also have a Facebook account. I find this app useful to network with fellow bloggers and friends.

Screenshot_2015-02-24-17-10-54 Screenshot_2015-02-24-17-12-55


I have been using Viber for a while now. The app is available for Android and i-phones and is one of the best for sending messages, as well as photos even to international destinations. The free HD video calls make it more attractive.

Screenshot_2015-02-24-17-44-33 Screenshot_2015-02-24-17-34-19

3. Rounds

I came to notice this app recently when one of my cousins send an invitation to add me in his friend list. Since then I had been using this app to make video calls to India for free.

Screenshot_2015-02-24-21-09-53 Screenshot_2015-02-24-21-12-54

4. Whatsapp

I know that most of those reading this post are fans of this app. I am pretty sure that some of you are even waking up in the morning reading Whatsapp messages from your close friends who may be thousands of miles away in a different country. Even though I have this app in my mobile, I don’t use it much like the other apps.

Whatsapp image2

5. Google Hangout

This app is handier for anyone as most of our friends, and loved ones have a Google account. Even though I have the Android version in my phone, I use the desktop version frequently to connect with others.

Google hangout Screenshot_2015-02-24-21-05-10

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Top nine reasons why you should attend a blogger’s meet


Blogging is not complete without networking with fellow bloggers. I would say that you can’t be a blogger without networking with fellow bloggers.Blogger’s conferences are becoming more and more popular in the recent years as the number of new bloggers kept increasing day by day.

I realised the importance of bloggers conference when I attended one recently, and here are the reasons why you should attend such conference regularly.

#Meeting new people

By attending such meets, you will get in touch with people from different walks of life and culture. Even though you may be in touch with your fellow bloggers through social media, it is entirely a different experience to see them in real life. You may get to know more about someone from a popular blog. Through a blogger’s meet, I got the opportunity to meet Matt Brown from londonist.com, which is a popular blog with a page view of 2.5 million per month.

#Escape from the boredom of working alone

Many of the bloggers feel bored of what they do at some point in their life. It is not because of the reason that they don’t like what they do. The main reason is the boredom of working alone and most of the time working from home. Attending a bloggers conference will give you a feeling of relief from such boredom when interact with others having the same feeling.

#Establish yourself as an authority

If you are a knowledgeable speaker, you will have the opportunity to show your skills and knowledge to an audience interested in hearing what you say and what you suggest. It may help you to establish yourself as an authority.

#Expose yourself and your blog to more people

When you talk with more bloggers, they try to find out your blog, as well as your social media profiles. It may lead to more exposure to your blog as well as for you.

#Chances of getting hired for a new job or start a new business venture

When you attend a blogging conference, there are chances that you may come to know about some social media influencers as well as other such personalities. You may get in touch with people who can help you land with a new career opportunity or start a new business venture.


#Improve your knowledge

All successful bloggers need to update their knowledge and skills in order to maintain the quality of contents they provide.
You may get valuable information and tips from other bloggers that make your blogging life easier than before.

#Gaining more confidence in your ability

You will gain more self-confidence to continue your blogging journey when you hear the experience of more successful and experienced bloggers. Their success stories and tips will influence your way of thinking and attitude.

#Motivate yourself as a blogger

You might have started your blogging journey with full of enthusiasm and interest. Do you have the same enthusiasm now? I bet some of you are not having that same motivation and inspiration once you had. If you are undergoing a similar situation, it is good for you to attend a blogger’s meet that may motivate you to go forward.

#Build a new community

Are you a good organiser? Do you have the spare time to manage and co-ordinate a community of bloggers? If your answer is ‘Yes’, there is a possibility that you may start thinking of starting a community of like-minded bloggers. Building a community of bloggers may lead you to achieve more success as a professional blogger.

Bottom line

If you would like to be a professional blogger, make sure that you make it a habit of attending bloggers conference regularly for attaining more success as a professional blogger. Thank you very much for spending your precious time with Digital Dimensions. Don’t forget to have your views about bloggers conference in the comments column. Have a great day.

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An interview with Charlene Baker from charlenebakerspeaks.com

Welcome to the first interview in this blog. Today I am proud and happy to introduce Charlene Baker, who is a versatile blogger, online marketer, entrepreneur and mentor. She is currently the owner of Charlenebakerspeaks.com

another pic

1.Can you please introduce yourself in case some of my readers don’t know you?

Certainly. First and foremost I am a wife and mom of two beautiful toddler boys. I love God and seek to live a fulfilled and purposeful life while inspiring others to do the same! I am a Professional Blogger and Internet Marketer as well as a consultant in a popular network marketing opportunity. I truly love what I do because I know that I am making a difference by educating and training others how to build a business online through blogging and online marketing techniques. It’s awesome to be able to work from home, be there for your family, do what you enjoy all while creating income online!

2.How did you get into blogging for the first time and what was your inspiration?

I started blogging in 2010 and realized that if I was to grow my business and brand, having my own self-hosted blog was essential. I was inspired and continue to be inspired by Tracey Walker, the Blogging Queen, who, at the time, created a product called “Be Blog Savvy”. It was exactly the push I needed to begin my blogging career, to impact those who were following me, and to create a presence online.

Blogging has positioned me to earn more income in one day than I did working full-time in a cubicle. I have met people from all over the world through my blog and am grateful for the lives I touch. It is truly an amazing experience.

3.What was your most challenging situation that you’ve come across during your journey as a blogger?

Probably when I created my first self-hosted blog back in 2010. I am not a technical person yet I had to build my blog from the ground up. I knew nothing about coding, plugins, themes…I had to figure it out. It was frustrating when I set it up then it somehow disappeared. Oh, what agony!!

Thankfully it has become easier over the years to set up your self-hosted blog!

4.Tell me about one of the happiest moment in your blogging career.

When I experienced my first $1625 day as a result of being consistent and building my brand through blogging.

Also, I love getting emails on how my content has created many “ah ha” moments for my followers. It’s all about making a difference, and I feel that my blog content is doing that. It’s an honor!

5.What would you prioritize? Traffic? Readers? Content? SEO?

They are all important, yet, each has its place. Initially, you want to focus on your readers and target market because this is what your content will be based around. You must know what your audience likes as well as their pains and problems. This way you can address these in your blog content, which would be the next thing to focus.

Next, I would focus on driving traffic to your content. There are various syndication strategies you can do to get visitors to your content such as social media, video marketing, blog syndication groups, etc. In the meanwhile, I would study and perfect SEO techniques to implement it in your content to boost your ranking.

6.Can you please explain few of your strategies that worked well for creating visibility for yourself and your blog?

I use video marketing to promote my blog as well as various syndication tools that posts my blog to different social media networking sites in one click. My two favorites are Onlywire and Social Buzz Club.

Here is a video from her YouTube channel where she is giving tips on blogging.

7.What networking do you do that you feel helps your blogging business?

Each day my goal is to reach out to 5 people in my target market on Facebook just to network. No selling or pitching my business, just to network. Additionally, I share my blog post content to specific Facebook groups where my market is buzzing. This piques interest leads them to my blog and creates instant following.

Additionally, I am also part of a blogging community filled with entrepreneurs passionate about building their business through blogging. This network (Empower Network) is perhaps the best networking opportunity because I can leverage the knowledge of multi-millionaires to grow my business. It is the best I’ve seen online…and I’ve been on the Internet blogging for almost five years!

8.Could you explain the best traffic generating strategy using social media that works better for you?

In regards to social media, the best traffic sources for me has been Facebook and Twitter. With Facebook, I target groups that are interested in the content I am sharing. My goal is to solve a common problem them are experiencing in their business, and provide the solution with my blog content.

With Twitter, I share my post URL link about six times throughout the day on automation. With each tweet, I either ask a problem question then give my link, or I share a valuable nugget from my post where they will learn more info when they click on the link.

9.A lot of people think that blogging is an easy way to make money. Do you have some tips for those people who are interested in making money from their blog?

Blogging is definitely a long-term strategy. It will not make you money overnight, I promise you that! Blogging will test your true character as to whether you’re in it to build a long sustainable business or if you’re just looking to get rich quick. Those who are in it for the latter, tend to leave blogging quickly!

Here are some tips I would offer to those who do want to make money blogging in their business:

• Do product reviews and share your link three times throughout the post
• Master SEO techniques
• Always focus on delivering value to your audience
• Talk about the problems in your market and how your product or business is the solution
• Capture leads by giving away cool offers your target market would enjoy
• Use compelling banners within your blog post to grab attention immediately

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotosnet

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

10.Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?

• Tracey Walker (traceywalkerspeaks.com) because this chic became a millionaire by blogging!

• Forbes (forbes.com) because it keeps me abreast of what’s going on in the arena of business. I love learning from the contributors who share their knowledge here. Great source!

• Social Media Examiner (socialmediaexaminer.com) because these experts share what’s working now in the Internet marketing world.

• Brian Cain (briancain.com). because this guy is a master when it comes to SEO and blogging techniques.

11.Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years from now as a Problogger?

I see myself speaking at Blogger & Internet marketing conventions sharing tips that will help business owners excel in their online marketing efforts.

12.What would be your suggestions for those who are interested in becoming a professional blogger?

Anyone who has a business should have a blog, period! It is the best way to brand and promote yourself in your niche. It’s pretty much your home on the World Wide Web…and your goal is to get as many visitors to your party as possible!!!

For those who want to become a professional blogger, I would suggest becoming a guest blogger and also inviting people to be a contributor to your blog (better idea, in fact). Also, blog daily and connect with other bloggers to learn and grow from each other.There are many blogging communities available that will not only help hone your skills, but grow your network too. Finally, invest in your blogging education! Pay for training that will teach you how to master blogging and promoting your content. No need to reinvent the wheel when someone out there knows how to do it better than you! Learn from the best then implement what you learn!

Thank you very much, Charlene for finding time for sharing your experience with us despite having a busy schedule as an entrepreneur. I hope you all enjoyed the post.

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20 Awesome people I came across while blogging

Image courtesy of xedos4 at FreeDigitalPhotosnet

Image courtesy of xedos4/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

We all know that blogging is not just about writing articles, reviews or whatever. In fact, blogging is more of a networking. Without networking with fellow bloggers, it is not easy to make a success in blogging. For example, if you are involved in blogging for at least few months of time, you will definitely develop a network of friends. You will come in touch with fellow bloggers through their comments. Then the involvements in social media sites make it easier for you to do the rest of the networking with fellow bloggers.

Don’t think that I am trying to write a post on networking among bloggers. Here I am trying to list some of the bloggers that I came across after I started this blog. The list of bloggers that I am posting now is not based on any rating, rank or order. For the convenience, I am just following the alphabetical order of their names.

why are you writing a list like this?

If someone ask me the above question, my answer is “I could have never met or sometimes even heard of few of these people in my whole life without myself being a blogger”. You may come across people like Amit Agarwal, Neil Patel, John Chow as well as other bloggers with similar kind of reputation from sources like a popular magazine or TV show. But you may not be interested in whatever things they do in real life or virtual world if you are not a blogger by yourself.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotosnet

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It is a human tendency that like-minded people always like to interact with each other. For this reason, I am pretty sure that you will be interested in hearing about other bloggers as they are doing  something creative  similar to what you are trying to establish. Hence, here is the list of awesome people I came across while indulging in blogging related activities.

1.Amit Agarwal

If you are new to blogging and from India, the first name you may come across from the blogging world will be Amit Agarwal. He is  an Engineering degree holder in computer science who quit his high profile job to become India’s first professional blogger. His blog ‘Digital Expressions’ can be listed as one among the best technical blogs in the world. Thanks for his technical expertise and awesome tips he shares through his truly valuable blog.

2.Alice De Sturler

It is always great to see lawyers blogging because we are almost sure that the contents in their blog will contain something valuable to us. Alice is a lawyer who runs two impressive blogs named ‘Defrosting Cold Cases’ and ‘Your Blog Coach.’ ‘In the first blog, she showcases her ability as a crime blogger narrating instances of cold cases. The second blog gives us some valuable tips and inspiration for blogging together with contents related to crime fiction.

3.Anna Cull

When I was writing an article explaining the advantages of blogging, I came across this awesome blogger who is an artist. Actually I was trying to explain the importance of blog as a portfolio for an artist and hence  I used the link to her blog to explain the things in an easy way. Access her blog here if you would like to  see her excellent artwork.

4.Ananya Kiran

Ananya is an Engineer by education living in Seattle with her roots from India. She is a blogger and freelance writer who also like connecting with people, issues and ideas together to create new opportunities(as ‘about’ of her blog says). I first noticed her writings in a community of bloggers called the Indiblogger. She expresses herself unapologetically at ANANYA TALES!

Image courtesy of cooldesign at FreeDigitalPhotosnetImage courtesy of cooldesign/FreeDigitalPhotosnet

5.Beeb Ashcroft

She is a London- born journalist and blogger now living in the North Oregon Coast, U.S.A. She has been blogging since 2008 added with her seventeen years of experience in journalism. I came to know about this friendly and supportive blogger through the website called the Bloggers London that she founded for connecting U.K based bloggers with brands.

6.Darren Rowse

Even though I never had any interactions with this blogger from Australia, I am a great fan of his writing style. I spend a lot of time reading his articles as I find impressive and informative. The blog also provides us with the opportunity to search and apply for some writing related job. He also runs a blog on photography along with his ‘main blog‘.

7.Gaurab Mukherjee

His about column describes this engineer as a writer, blogger, avid reader, traveller and researcher. He has his own style of describing things around his life. I find this blogger and his blog interesting, so I believe some of you reading this blog may like it too.  His blog ‘Processing the life‘ will take you to a different reading experience.

8.Harsh Agrawal

Another young and big name in blogging from India. His blog ‘Shoutmeloud‘ has the power of a real shout around the blogging world. He usually writes very long  (at least 1500 words) blog posts and cover immense amount of valuable information. If you are looking for relevant, informative content on topics like WordPress, blogging or web-hosting, this blog is one of the best choices that I had come across ever.

9.Harleena Singh

In spite of being an established and reputed professional writer, she finds time to reply to his friends, followers and fans. She runs an online community along with her blog Aha-now. If you are a blogger, you may definitely know the importance of joining online communities that will improve the traffic, as well as other prospects of your blog. Joining online communities like the Aha-now blog community is a good move for any blogger, especially those who are naive.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotosnet100 Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhoto.snet

10.Harshda Mangal

Harshda Mangal is an awesome blogger who is a law student from the capital city of India and runs a humour blog. Creating humour in your writing is not an easy task  and Harshda does that well through her blog Creatigentt. She can bring out laughter from the dead. According to her “anything around us can make us laugh, what is required is the right amount of tickle. She is the first blogger to like the about column in my blog and also the first blogger friend in Facebook.

11.John Chow

This amazing person runs a blog called the Johnchow.com where he gives valuable information regarding making money online. He does that by explaining how he make money online. It is not surprising that this Dotcom Moghuls blog is having more than 200000 active daily visitors and readers. Truly, I am a fan of this man as he is not only a blogger but also an impressive speaker and entrepreneur. I am quite sure that if you go through his blog once, you will definitely like this person. Don’t forget to go through few of the videos in his blog where he try to provide us with valuable information for any blogger to follow.

12.Jane Sheeba

A Ph.D. holder in Medical Physics from Lancaster University, U.K., She is an immensely gifted, talented and hardworking writer and blogger. Her different blogs proved that she has the potential to write about various number topics ranging from healthcare to technology. One of her main blog called ‘The Problogging Success‘ is a great source of valuable tips and information for those who are dreaming to make any achievements through blogging.

13.Marion Ueckermann

Marion Ueckermann is a novelist and blogger. Her first novel ‘Helsinki Sunrise’ was released on August 22, 2014 through White Rose Publishing, a Pelican Group imprint. Her second novelette in this series, Oslo Overtures, will be released soon in 2015. She is currently working on more inspirational romances, some of which are under consideration. One of her blog ‘Foreign Affaire’ showcases an author and a book for a month, covering character interviews, location of the story and author interviews that have a foreign flair to them. More details can be accessed from her website marionueckermann.com

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotosnet12Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

14.Muralee Mukundan

After I had started this blog, I was actually curious to find out whether there are any bloggers of Indian origin blogging from London. Even though I was able to find out a few from the entire U.K., I find it strange that there are only very few Indian bloggers in London. (If there are more, please let me know about you in the comments column). Muralee Mukundan, a magician cum blogger, is one among those people that I find in London who blog about anything he see and hear in London in a humorous way through his blog called ‘Bhilathipattanam‘. The blog is written in an Indian language called Malayalam. For those who know the language, it is a must read, especially if you live in and around London.

15.Margaret Rose Stringer

She is one of the frequent commenters of my blog posts. Her comments are always a source of inspiration for me to write more. Her blog, Margaretrosestringer.com is a fascinating read for anyone who follow it.

16.Mi Muba

Although I never had many interactions with this blogger, his blog posts are really informative for anyone aiming to start a career in blogging. His blog ‘Be a money blogger’ will definitely provide you with more knowledge about blogging that may motivate you to involve more in blogging related things. If you never read his blog, I suggest you to go through it once today and let’s see the importance of it.

17.Neil Patel

A London-born entrepreneur, blogger and analytics expert. He currently lives in Seattle, U.S.A. Few sentences are not enough to describe this great internet marketer. U.S. President Obama honoured him as one of the top hundred entrepreneurs among  people who are less than 30.His blog Quicksprout.com is a must read for anyone interested in content marketing related topics.Definitely we need to have one lengthy blog post to describe this young achiever.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotosnet200Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

18.Neel Kanth

This blogger from India who writes about various topics through his blog Uppermost.me.He received award for excellence twice from a freelance journalist association in India.The style of writing he follows allow him to write about any subject under the sun.

19.Prakash K.R.

One of the guest bloggers in this blog Mr.Prakash K.R was a friend of mine from India while I was in Bangalore during the year 2004. I lost touch with this friend after I relocated to London. Thanks to the networking opportunities of blogging, I met this friend again through a web portal called Indiblogger which is actually a community of bloggers from India.

20.Richa Badola

This blogger from India is the first to write a guest post on my blog. She is a teacher by profession and had published a collection of poems in the form of a book called ‘The Vagrant’ published @smashwords.com and her blog can be accessed from the link given below.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotosnet1000

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Blogging and networking with fellow bloggers is a never ending process so I hope this blog post may become a never ending post as I am planning to keep updating the number of bloggers in this list time and again. If anyone reading this post feel that you are not mentioned in this post, please note that you will get added soon when I get enough time to do so.

Your comments and suggestions on this post are most welcome. Please remember the value of comments in building relationship with a fellow blogger. Blog commenting not only add value to a blog post but also lead to better networking with fellow bloggers.

Hope you enjoyed the post and thank you very much for spending your precious time with Digital Dimensions.

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