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Any business would like to have their name and other details get listed in a business directory. Nowadays, online business directories play a major role in promoting a business either online or offline.

According to Wikipedia definitions, a business directory can be explained as follows.

“A business directory is a website or printed listing of information which lists all businesses with some category. Businesses can be categorized by business, location, activity or size. Business may be compiled either manually or through an automated online search software.”

The digital counter-part of a business directory is called as an Online business directory. Traditional paper directories lost all the importance with the advancement in internet-related technology. The new generation of young people is not even familiar with traditional business directories which were once part of every household. The concept of using a traditional business directory is not even in their dreams as the majority of them have smart phones and other such gadgets that will help them access a business directory or similar service online.

Even with the vast usage of internet media, many people are still not utilising the benefits of using an online business directory. Continue reading to know more about the advantages of getting listed in an online business directory.

Why businesses should make use of online business directories?

If you are not marketing your business online, there is more chance that one of your competitor with more online presence may attract your possible customer. Gone are the days where your friends and connections find out customers for your business. Nowadays, you should make use of the online media to make a good impact for promoting your business. You must have a properly optimized website and good social media presence. Not to forget the importance of an app for your business in this mobile phone dominated world. Also, here comes the importance of online business directories.

Yes, you read right. It is online business directory. But, I know some of you reading this blog post is unaware of the concept of online business directory. At least, a little percentage of the traditional business owners are still unaware about the need of an online presence for their business.

Now let me share with you the details of one of the online business directories,, that I came across in order to get a better understanding on how to increase the visibility of a business with the help of an online business directory.

Local business directory Chennai

Before I move on to the review of, I would like to let you know that Chennai is a city where I used to live for few years before I moved to the United Kingdom.  Perhaps, few readers who are not reading this post may not have any idea about Chennai. If there is someone reading this post who are not familiar with the city of Chennai, I would like to let them know that Chennai is one of the big metropolitan cities in India.

Let me come back to what we have to discuss about the online business directory, “”. is a business directory for businesses in Chennai.The brain behind Chennai Biz Book is Impower Solutions Private Limited, a leading Web design company in Chennai. It is estimated that thousands of businesses join the directory every single day on an average.

How can you promote your business using the directory?

This user-friendly website allows its users to add their businesses in the directory by using the “Add Listing” tab in the directory.Adding your business never appears to the user as a complex process.The site allows business owners to choose any plan from three options as follows:



3.Premium Plus

The free option provides the businesses, the options to list their addresses and description. The option also allows you to have. The analytics tool in Chennaibizbook will let you know how your business is performing. Also, you are provided with the options to make queries about the business.

Online Business Directory appIf you are using the paid plans, you will have access to more features. For example, if you are using the plan “Premium”, you will have the option to add up to five images and a video about your business.

If you are using the plan, “Premium Plus”, you will have more options like adding up to eight images and two videos.

Overall features of

Verified Certificate

The directory issues a verification certificate make sure that the businesses are not violating any policies for the business.

Photo and video gallery

With the addition of photos and videos, there are more chances of getting noticed by new customers. A video clipping or an image will convey better ideas to a prospective customer.

Enquiry Form

An enquiry form is available to the users so that your queries and doubts get clarified easily.

Google Maps Integration

Google maps integration is another important feature that helps you get more business as the customers find it easy to locate your business using Google Maps Integration in the directory. online business directory

Apps of

Apps are available for iPhone, Android phone, iPad and tablets. The apps make it so simple for the users to locate and find any business of their choice with few movements of their fingertips. There might be a chance that a competitor of your business will get more customers if their business is listed in the directory and your business is still not listed in it.

The app also makes it easier for the business owner to connect with a potential client.

Reviewing the performance of your business

The analytics tool in the directory let the businesses get information about the performance of their business listing. The performance review makes it easy for businesses to take more initiatives to improve its growth prospects.

Online and traditional payment methods

Along with the online payment methods, the site also allows cash and cheque payments for their customers. The cash and cheque payment options make the traditional business owners to make transactions easily if they are still not interested in using any of the online payment methods.

Bottom line

Being an online entrepreneur myself, I would like to hear more opinions about, if you live in Chennai and using the directory as a business owner or as a user. Please spare few minutes to share your views and opinions in the comments column so that I can come up with more post ideas in future.





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Looking for Freelancing jobs? Here’s how you can get it


Being a freelancer, it’s a tough job to find your desired work. I often stumbled into one or the other sites to find the same, but always turned back disappointed. The reason behind this disappointment is the failure to find the right job or the higher expectation of clients. But after surfing for a long day on the web, I came across this site where I could find the most reliable and trustworthy jobs that suit my abilities as a freelancer.

Work N Hire” is one of the platforms where you can find your preferred freelancing jobs, from any field you belong. Whether you are a writer, or designer, or a developer, the site lists all the jobs that require people with various skills from various industries. You can browse for jobs on the site based on your industry type and find the list of projects where they require freelancers. Based on your knowledge and agreements with the project you can send a proposal for the job and the employer will get in touch with you. “Work N Hire” is probably one of the most reliable sites I have come across where you can find clients from within the country and outside too.

How “Work N Hire” works?

Your profile is your powerful weapon for impressing your clients, so you need to start creating an impressive profile with your work experience, samples, skills, and a profile picture. To create a profile; first, you’ll need to sign up on the site using your name, email address, password, and a username which will be publicly displayed. After signing up on the site, start building your profile by writing an inspiring introduction that will give an overview of your skills, knowledge, and your personality. Add a portfolio with your previous work samples so that whenever any client contacts you he/she can view your work directly from the site.

Present your work history with where you have worked before and with whom so that your clients get a rich idea about the companies you have worked with. Rate your skills in each relevant category to summarise which fields do you specialise in. And yes, do not forget to upload a good profile photo so that whenever your clients see your pic, he/she develops an idea by looking at you. Set your minimum rate for per hour work and get set with your “Work N Hire” profile. Now you can start looking for jobs based on your profile information.


To find a job, you need to browse their categories. There is a wide range of categories available, so simple click on the one you specialise in, and you’ll get the list of available jobs. Select any particular job and read their requirements and conditions carefully before you send a proposal. If you agree with all their necessities, then set with your price along with a note and send a proposal. If the client is impressed with your proposal and profile, then he/she will get in touch with you.

“Work N Hire” supports payments via Escrow, which is an efficient method to get paid for the work you have delivered online. Once you are hired for a project, both you and your client agree upon the milestones and the funds are placed into Escrow. After that, you can start working on the project knowing that the payment is secure and will be released once you will complete the project. When you complete the work, the Escrow funds will be transferred to your “Work N Hire” account which you can transfer later via check or in your bank account or PayPal account.

What kind of freelance jobs can you find here?

You will find a wide range of jobs from this site out of which a few I am listing below:

  • Programming
  • Graphic Designing
  • Writing and Translation
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Data Entry
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Photography

What makes it different from the other sites?

“Work N Hire” is a promising marketplace where you will find assured jobs without getting back empty handed. For people who are seeking for freelancing jobs can find a worthy job from their field with guaranteed payments from “Work N Hire” Escrow funds. The payment system has been made very secure. “Work N Hire” won’t be responsible for any payments made outside their payment agreements. Because most clients turn out to be scammers who do not pay after work completion, Work n Hire has made the payment system protected. So if any client refuses to release Escrow funds after work competition, you can file a complaint to the “Work N Hire” support team, and it will immediately look after the matter. So you can completely rely on this site in case of fraudulent actions, but make sure you do not accept any transaction outside Escrow.

Worknhire profile

Secondly, “Work N Hire” brings the greatest opportunities for intermediates or people who are new to freelancing. If you are frustrated being jobless, then try out this site, and you will probably get any job based on your skills.  It gives you a learning experience, and you can work with multiple clients at a time. And the more you accept projects, the more challenging the work becomes and that helps you enhance your skills. So it is much better to keep working with it, whether the price is low or high rather sitting idle and empty handed.

How is it useful for people who are living outside of India?

I know that you might have already checked “Work N Hire” website and found out that it is a website that is meant for freelancers residing in India. Obviously, there is a chance that some of you will soon think of leaving the site if you are from a different country. If you are one such person, I recommend you not to leave the site but use it instead to hire freelancers. Yes, you can use this site to search and find out freelancers with expertise in various fields for outsourcing your project.


So all I can say is that whether you are new to freelancing or a professional freelancer, “Work N Hire” is an ideal platform for you. You can find jobs by budget and filter them by your industry type, project type, and category. You can even add a particular project to your watch list to follow up the job responses or changes. For communication, use the “Work N Hire” private messaging service to discuss the workflow, payments, or anything about the project. Moreover, “Work N Hire” is a community for freelancers that even gives you the chance to socialise with your fellow freelancers and communicate with them. You can also take their feedbacks on an existing client whom they have already worked with and with whom you may be working. Moreover, you can search for a particular contractor by name, place, industry type, or reviews. It is not only a great place to find jobs but also to socialise, build contacts, and improve your skills with more and more projects. So I recommend this site to my fellow freelancers who are struggling for a better opportunity in this field and to those who want to showcase their skills.



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Inject Great Power Into Your Business With Responsive Web Design

(This is a guest contribution by Nola Arney. Read more about her expertise in the Author Bio below the post.)

Nola Arney

With the increasing rise of mobile internet usage, online businesses have started investing into their design so as to keep up with the competition. The need for websites to run properly on smartphones and tablets plays a crucial role in displaying your business coherently in any of the gadgets. Having a mobile-friendly website is becoming essential to deliver users a smooth and seamless browsing experience. This blog post has been written with the intent of imparting knowledge on how responsive design can take your business to great heights. I have focused on all those aspects in detail for you to have a look.

So, let’s start with the introduction of Responsive design-

Responsive Web Design- What is all in the name?

Designed with just one set of coding, RWD runs flexibly from desktop to mobile, tablets and smartphones. The concept of Responsive Web Design is fairly straightforward and aims at designing a website that responds to the needs of every single user, based on the device being used. It involves a complete blend of versatile layouts, CSS media queries, and grids to be able to accommodate for scripting abilities and resolution needs of every portable device used for accessing it. All the page elements in a responsive design are sized by proportion, as opposed to their pixels.

How a Responsive Design Optimises User Experience?

Responsive websites, at times, weigh a lot because they bring in traffic from both mobile and the web. It might lead to slow loading times. In order to fix the situation, the responsive design focuses straight on the content-first approach of your site. The mobile-first approach demands website owners to keep only those elements which are mainly responsible for conveying the message of the website. By displaying only, the required elements, you can avoid bogging down the site and customise user experience on factors like device and Operating System being used.

Is Responsive Web Design An Investment for SEO?

RWD has a single URL both for desktop and mobile users making it easy for search engines to crawl URL and content easily. A website, designed only for desktop, will have a negative impact on your conversions as it will not be able to compete with the websites that are mobile-friendly. On the other hand, responsive design ensures you have a larger audience increasing your chances of conversion.

Website owners who design a separate mobile version of a website replicate the original content from the original version of a website to the mobile version. It ultimately leads to duplicity in content and decreases the authenticity of a site on search engines. However, a responsively designed mobile site enables developing unique content and removes the challenges of duplicate content.

Does a Mobile Friendly Website Address Issues of High Bounce Rates?

A higher bounce rate results in lower rankings. A responsive web design is meant to deliver the same content found on desktop site to mobile and tablets that make it easy to navigate and read. With such a large percentage of traffic coming from mobile devices, it becomes necessary to ensure that users are easily able to read and interact with your content. Keeping them on your website will help in maintaining a lower bounce rate.

How Responsive Web Design Improves Sales and Revenue?

In order to earn sales and revenue, a website must aim to receive more traffic and leads. By creating multiple versions of a web page, you can ensure a greater user experience. A more consistent experience further leads to direct sales.

Responsive Design- Helps in Maintaining Your Unique Identity

Many site owners are still not pondering over the changing requirements and therefore if your website is responsive, chances are you will grow a step ahead of your competitors.

Having a responsive website can do the wonders for your business by acting as a great online marketing tool to maximise website’s usability, traffic, and performance. At the same time, it eliminates the need for managing separate mobile and desktop version. The mobile web is speeding up aggressively, and businesses should rather consider being economical in their approach to include responsiveness as a feature to design innovative websites that deliver an enjoyable user experience. So, if you aim to achieve a close connection with your global audience, Responsive design is one of the best options you should consider.

Save Time, Cost and Money With A Responsive Web Design

A well-designed responsive site saves you from the hassle of managing and maintaining a large site. Having a responsive design offers you ways to manage less content. In addition, it becomes quite easy to optimise a single admin interface with the proper use of workflow tools which manages not only site content but also the template design used for various devices.

Similarly, having a single responsive design costs you comparatively lesser. Maintaining a single website is much easier and, of course, faster. Responsive Web Design is cost-effective because it manages, supports and upgrades in a single place. It saves developers from the stress of developing a separate site for mobile and web. The beauty of having a responsive website is that you need only a single set of code for your website to implement any changes or functionality for both desktop and mobile version.

How Is The Future Of Responsive Websites?

Having a mobile website is no longer about incorporating an appealing feature to your website, but it has certainly become the most immediate need that influences the growth of your business. To summarise content, web functionality, URL structure, load time, all in one needs to be equally important for a website to evolve continually and implement technologically updated changes. Considering all these factors, responsive web design has to win out. The coding techniques along with mobile strategy should be considered equally important. As we continue to move further, the future of mobile communication will continue to evolve. A great and successful business can only be achieved by implementing the right mobile strategies. Believe it or not, a right mobile strategy is surely going to be one of the best investments for the success of your business.

Author Bio-

Nola Arney


Nola Arney is a senior web developer at HTMLPanda, who is holding many years of experience in web designing and development. She is knowledgeable enough on the different aspects of Responsive web design and its related topics. She is also passionate about writing blogs on her domain. All her recent written blogs and posts are well-researched,knowledgeable, visionary, and meant to acquire readers’ attention.


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Tips to make a WordPress blog look stylish

Infographics will teach you a lesson or two even if you are a professional blogger or a newbie, and that is one reason why I like to publish Infographics on my blog. This time, it is Vashishtha Kapoor from who came up with a brilliant infographic sharing few valuable tips to improve the look and style of a WordPress blog. Thanks Vashishtha for your good work that allowed me to share some more blogging tips with my readers here.



A Comparative Analysis on Free and Paid WordPress Themes

(This post is a guest contribution by David Meyer.Read more about him in the author bio below the post.)

A Comparative Analysis on Free and Paid WordPress Themes

Wordpress themes Reji Stephen

Picking up a WordPress theme is definitely an interesting job to do but at the same time can turn out to be daunting if done with no objective. There are hundreds of thousands of Free, and Premium WordPress themes available online to choose. And if you are not clear about what you are looking for in your theme then I’m afraid you might end up picking the one not best suited for your business prospects.

Whether to spend on buying a premium theme or should go for the free ones? This is the question where most of the newbies get stuck during pre-development phases of their WordPress projects. No wonder, the popularity of WordPress is indomitable, not just amid bloggers but also among developers, developers and marketers actively into the online business. Many of the newbie bloggers, in the beginning, go for free WP themes instead of the premium ones, with a notion of switching to the latter after some time.

I know some of you might have already deduced a way to get the most out of free themes itself. Instead of buying a theme for 30-40$, why not simply add plugins integrating the needed features to the free WP theme. Well, this is definitely a fascinating idea, but it depends on your site, how efficiently these plugins and theme function.

Confused Now?

No worries! Continue reading the post to get a clear image of choosing and NOT choosing Free/Premium WordPress themes for your next project.

Let us first start with Free WordPress themes and get an idea about their pros and cons.

Free WordPress Themes

Absolutely Free! Yes, that’s why they are so famous among developers and site authors. You can easily access the core functionality of the free theme.


Located in an easy-to-find folder in the dashboard. Unlike the premium ones that can only be found in the marketplaces or third party shops.


Supports a wide range of plugins as compared to the premium themes, which means enhanced functionality.


Providing only “needed” features makes them light-weight. Sidelining the concept of having an all-in-one theme that offers only the required features.




No expert Assistance provided. Only general support via or theme user forums is available.


Fewer updates are available. You will not find frequent updates for the free themes which might cause stress sometimes.


Some of the themes lack user experience on developer and user’s end. It is where you have to compromise if you have free theme in use. They are not built with the same perfection as premium ones are.


More vulnerable to security threats/attacks. No wonder, some of the free themes are specifically designed to carry vulnerable codes.



Pros and cons of Premium WordPress Themes


Extensive support through Forums, Mails, etc. to help at any given stage of the process by experts unlike “no support” in Free themes.


Best-in-quality with validated coding. Quality comes with money which gets actively funded by the purchased cost.
Inbuilt advanced functionality. Supports all advanced plugins that simplify customization and configuration.
Wider scope for designing. 
Timely updates containing latest functions and features. Being backed by high-end authors/marketplaces, the updates keep on coming at regular interval.
Highly Secured. The core coding is highly validated and thus, keeps these premium themes secured and validated.

Not Free. If your project is simply about learning or having no future scope, then shelling considerable money for a theme may offset you. Do not buy a premium theme if you are not sure of its purpose and usage on a long run, as it would turn into a money-waste if done otherwise.
No official review process is done on the themes. This results in ignorance of adding advanced WordPress development practices by theme builders in theme.
If not chosen as per the requirements can slow down the performance in the long run. So pick a theme that confers only the required functions instead of an all-in-one premium theme.
Theme author/marketplace can take away their theme whenever they feel so. You can never claim if the product/theme goes out of the market or the seller stops selling it.


I hope this structured table stating advantages and disadvantages of using Free and Premium WordPress theme has helped to get an idea of what to decide about the next step.

So you have made up your decision to go with either of the themes but are still confused about how to know that the chosen theme is right for your business or not.

Reji Stephenson Free WordPress themes

 Tips To Consider Before Choosing a:

 Free WordPress Theme

  • Choose only the theme which is high-rated and is offered by an authorised
  • Check for the activities and updates done by the theme author and specifically note the interval amidst the both.
  • Look out for support options if provided voluntarily by the theme author.
  • Pick an advanced theme, especially the one which is new and contains latest in-demand features.

Premium WordPress Theme

  • Shortlist the themes that match both your business requisites and expenses.
  • Get the one from a reputed and authorised theme author, marketplace or third party shop.
  • Make sure you have monitored their services along with support & assistance system.
  • Pay for the one that closely matches your business requirements instead of paying
  • Do not forget to check the compatibility of the theme with other themes.

Final Thoughts!

Conclusively, you must weigh the needs of your business with all the pros and cons mentioned with each of the theme types. It would eventually help you get the most-suited theme exactly matching your requisites. The decision, in the end, is always yours, so carefully analyse the needs and availability on a priority basis.

So have you chosen the Freely available WordPress themes or going for a premium one? Send us your feedback in the comment section below.

David Meyer

Author Bio: David Meyer is a senior developer working in CSSChopper for last seven years. The company is well-known for delivering PSD to WordPress conversion services inexpensively. Apart from his work, he is passionate about reading books, mainly in technical and gadgets genre.









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