Out of niche topics in a niche blog


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Image courtesy of iosphere/FreeDigitalPhotosnet

We all as a blogger definitely like to share our opinion and views on diverse amount of subjects that can’t be included in our niche blog. Do you ever feel like that? It is not uncommon that a niche blogger gets frustrated when he or she is not able to express their views on particular issues or topics with others as they are too much involved in their niche blog. I am experiencing a similar situation now. I like to write about a diverse number of topics, but you know that even a single post describing out of niche topic may ruin your follower count and readership.

Do you feel the same problem? Are you getting frustrated of not penning down few things about your favourite subjects other than those you write in your niche blog? If you are feeling the same problem, it is better to start a personal blog where you are more flexible to choose your subjects. Therefore, your will never miss your any topic you may like to share with others.

You may argue that it is better to do guest posts on non-niche related topics on other authors blog. Well, definitely that is a great idea too. But the satisfaction, you get from writing on your own blog and guest posting, is different if you are not seriously behind monetization of your blog.

Image courtesy of pat138241 at FreeDigitalPhotosnet

Image courtesy of pat138241/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I know you people have very less time to spare even for a single blog. Then how can you find time for two? I find it hard to spare more time with my blog because of my day job and other family commitments. I started a new personal blog where I am planning to write anything that fascinates me. You will definitely say that you don’t have the sufficient time to run both.

Even I am not sure whether I may get time to another blog and your case may not be different. For me, I am not bothered about the traffic and other such parameters about the blog. Frequency of posting is also not a matter of concern for me. Here, the only important thing, I am looking forward, is to write about what I like to write at whatever time and whichever topic.

Please feel free to go through the first and only one post so far on my new personal blog that I started on the 12th of January 2015. Also, I just put a link to 35 articles from this blog in the same post for anyone who likes to have a quick glance at those articles.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotosnet
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I am looking forward to your opinions,suggestions and well wishes in the comments column for continuing the new blog alongside this one. I can’t be able to do anything big without the support of all those people like you.Thank you and have an incredible fresh start for all my readers in the year 2015.



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Nine steps to avoid blogging addiction from your life


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Image courtesy of adamr/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A lot has been written about blogging addiction. There is a percentage of people existing in the blogosphere whom we may call as blog addicts. It may seem strange to some people because they considered blogging only as a hobby so far. But if you are deeply interested and get involved in blogging, chances are there that you might get addicted to it.

Do you feel like getting addicted to blogging?

We come across people who are addicted to Social Media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Some of you may be experiencing the same problem while engaging in blogging activities. When you start a blog, you will undoubtedly involve yourself with different social media sites. Definitely, Social media have its addiction effects and you may not be a different person in such a situation.

After starting this blog which is my first one, I see myself indulging in things like those I list below.

1.I am checking the status of the blog frequently starting as a first thing that I do in the morning. Later I do the same so many times in a day that appears to be taking so much of my precious time. Do you do the same?

2.Others are thinking that I am chatting online with my friends for long hours. This may happen to you also.Do your loved ones believe that you are not interacting much with them like you did before?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotosnet

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotosnet

3.Thinking about post ideas in awkward situations like driving your car or crossing the road.

4.Did you lose your interest in watching movies and favourite TV shows that once you gave much importance? Maybe your answer is “No” but my response is “Yes.” I just wonder if there are someone who has the same feeling.

5.My reading habit is confined to a particular area and that too only those matters related to blogging.

6.Do you think you are spending less time with your family members and children? I have a similar feeling and I believe some of you have the same.

7.Are you interacting more with the virtual friends that you met after starting your blog? I have a feeling that I am communicating less with my real friends that I had even before I begun to run a blog.

8.I am trying to see the status of my blog or reading a blog post while I am having dinner with my family. They feel like I am neglecting them.

I believe some of you reading this post may also be going through similar situations like me. If you follow the nine steps given below, you may find it fruitful for you.

Nine steps to avoid blogging addiction

  1. Try to have best time-management skills for all your daily activities so that you should not neglect any other important things due to your blogging activities.
  2. Set out a regular time table for at least one full week to follow.
  3. Finding some time for doing  exercises is a must for any blogger as he or she may get health issues due to lack of proper exercise.
  4. Make a firm decision that you check your blog status only three to four times a day.
  5. Occasionally try to meet or telephone those friends of you who are not bloggers. This makes them feel that they are not neglected by you.

Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotosnet

Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotosnet

6.Do your most important things first. For example, if you are a student, try to do anything important related to your studies and then carry out your blogging tasks. Similarly, make sure that you never forget doing important things like paying your utility bills or other such stuff like that when you get too much involved with blogging.

7.Take one day off from all your blogging activities. Forget about it entirely so that you live in the real world not the virtual world you created through blogging or social media activities. Normally I do that on Sundays.

8.Don’t neglect your morning newspaper reading habit. If you don’t get time, try to have a quick glance at the headlines at least once.

9.Try to have your lunch or dinner properly with your family and children by switching off your gadgets on such occasions.

Bottom line

Every one of us are different and our blogging habits or style may be different. If you had experienced or currently experiencing anything similar to blogging addiction and taken any steps to avoid it, I would like to hear from you. Please try to share your experience here in the comments column so that it will benefit all of us to get better time management ideas for running our blogs.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net




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2014 in Review


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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 23,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Relaxation Technique for bloggers and writers


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Green - Copy

Do you think you are stressed? You may find the hectic schedules of life make your mind disturbed and you are not in a state of mind that allow you to concentrate on your writing. Are you undergoing something similar to what we call as the ‘Writer’s block?’   If you are facing such situation, it is better for you to start thinking of using some relaxation techniques.

A fresh and relaxed mind is essential for anyone to carry out their daily tasks in a successful way. If you are stressed your mind may not work correctly and whatever, you do with your body will be affected by that. In this article, I am sharing my experience with you about the relaxation CD: Untangle Your Mind-Relax Your Body that I used recently and found to be good to relieve our stress.

Tension, worries and depression has increased globally in a dimension more than ever before. Most systems of medicine promote practice of relaxation techniques of their own. One system may provide you with medicines for relaxation and yet another may prescribe a combination of medications and relaxation techniques.

The contents of the relaxation CD mentioned here are created by Antonio Boyle, who is an expert NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner based in the United Kingdom. She is also the founder director of Alpha Waves International PDS. I am sure that many of you reading this may not be familiar with NLP. For those who are not familiar with NLP, it will sound impressive to know that NLP techniques utilizes psychological principles and theories to get control of problems people face in their real life.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotosnet

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

NLP techniques can help you find solutions for a numerous number of problems people face like anxiety, stress, depression, panic attacks, negative beliefs, emotional and physical traumas, phobias, fears, addictions, etc. Also, it can suggest you methods for controlling your weight, improving self-confidence, career progression and much more.

How can you practise relaxation using the CD?

After hearing the introduction in the CD that last for 10 minutes, the practitioner will guide you through a three-step relaxation course.

Step1: You will be guided through a session that last for 20 minute’s duration. You need to practise the 20 minutes session for two week’s time.

Step2: After two weeks of practising the 20 minutes session, you can start exercising the 10-minute session.

Step3: After you become proficient in doing the relaxation technique in the most efficient manner, you will be able to start attempting the 2-minute session that can provide you instant relaxation.

What make it useful for bloggers and writers?

The mind of a toddler is never under stress. You might have noticed how small children roam around in the house when we are busy doing some important thing. As an adult, we will definitely have a lot of stressful thoughts in our mind. Some of you may have issues in your relationship. Few of us may be worried about the career of their children. Added to all these, there may be your job related issues. You might have had an argument with your manager yesterday and you are stressed.

You may be one among those skilled and gifted writer. You may have hundreds of ideas in your mind to write a blog post. But I firmly believe that if you are under stress, you may not be hundred percent creative. You may not be able to express your ideas in its full perfection. This is a situation where it will be worthy if you practise some relaxation techniques to relieve stress and get yourself more focussed on what you are doing.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotosnet1

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The two-minute relaxation technique mentioned in the CD will be really useful for anyone with a busy schedule in life. Also, when you are busy, you may not have sufficient time to go out to attend a training Therefore, I suggest you to use the benefits of the relaxation CD: Untangle Your Mind-Relax Your Body and enjoy the benefits.

You will understand the importance of this CD when you know the fact that it is not created by someone with a business motive in mind. The relaxation technique explained in the CD is prepared by Antonio Boyle, who is a versatile professional in the field of Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation and health. She has been teaching Yoga professionally for more than thirty-five years where she is also involved in teaching Yoga teachers. Her clients include individuals, corporate bodies and the National Health Service.

If you think that you have a need to practise the relaxation technique, you can download it from Alpha Waves. It would cost you £10 for the CD and £8 if you chose to download it. Please let me know your opinions on this post in the comments column so that I can come up with more ideas for the forthcoming posts. Also, feel free to let me know your experience when anyone of you start using the CD.




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Tabtor Math- The best companion for your children to study mathematics in an easy way.


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Maths is not an attractive subject for most of the children. If taught in the wrong way, it can be a nightmare to youngsters and that may lead them to lose all the interest in the subject.How can you teach maths in a proper way? I was not happy with the way my five-year-old daughter approached mathematics as a topic in her curriculum. She was least interested in doing her maths lessons and always tried to skip homework especially in maths.

Although I knew that the apathy towards maths is not a matter of concern for my daughter alone, I was worried about her approach towards her studies. I remember I had a similar situation when I was young until my father found out a personal tutor for me during those days when internet and mobile phone were part of fantasy stories.

While I was searching for a private tutor for my little daughter Stacey, I found out the Tabtor tablet tutoring system accidently.I dropped the idea of finding a private tutor and started to have a go at the two weeks free trial with Tabtor Math.When I started to use the Tabtor application for teaching maths, I found out that my daughter’s enthusiasm for studying maths has increased a lot in few days time.The outcome was really astonishing.


How does it work?

The app actually consists of a student interface through which assignments are submitted for feedback from an assigned tutor. All the students using the interface will be gone through a diagnostic test to analyse their skill level. Based on the skill level of each student, more assignments are sent to them. Once an assignment is submitted, they will get the feedback from their professional tutor. In other words, a student can do only one assignment at a time. While carrying out their tasks, the students have the option to ask help from their tutors through the interface. Rewards in the form of badges and gift card make the children try hard to excel in their studies. A weekly interaction with a tutor using Facetime call is also provided that let the parents know more about the progress of their children.


Why should you use Tabtor Math?

If someone teach mathematics in a proper way, it could be one of the easiest and interesting subject.Otherwise, it may give anyone the impression that it is one of the toughest subject  for following.The method of approach used in this application makes the subject feel enjoyable and easier even for those children who completely hate maths.

Even when you pay for an app for your children, remember that you are avoiding few disadvantages of sending your child to a traditional tuition centre. You are now free from the hassle of waiting for the public transport carrying big books and other accessories in your bag. Happy to say that the iPad replaces your pen and paper.

Do you have the time to take your children regularly to the tuition centre? Are you too busy with your work or business? When you have a hectic schedule to follow, it is not easy managing time to take your children to a tuition centre. Here comes the importance of applications like the Tabtor Math.

See what my little daughter Stacey has to say about Tabtor Math.

Do you have small children? Are they struggling with maths? Do they have difficulty in finding solutions for some of the arithmetical questions they are asked to solve? If your answer is ‘yes’ to the above questions, I suggest you to try this app as early as possible. You can do that now by visiting their site http://www.tabtor.com or from the app store.

If you download it from the above website, you have the option to use it for a two-week free trial.If you are not satisfied with the application, you can choose to discontinue using it. But I am quite sure that once you use it, you will definitely continue to use it by making the necessary but worthy payment.

From my personal experience, I request you to try the free two-week trial and see how it changes the attitude of your children for solving arithmetical problems. I hope it will never dissatisfy you in any way.


I would like to hear your  opinion on this app if you are currently using it. So please feel free to have your views in the comments column. Thank you for spending your precious time with Digital Dimensions.




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6 Must-have free android apps for a blogger


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Nearly two months from now I changed my contract with ‘Apple’ and switched over to Samsung Galaxy S5, hence started using android apps. In this article, I am sharing six android apps that I find useful for blogging. I am sure that I can write a list of more than twenty apps in this category. But I believe that even if you download more apps in your mobile, you may be using only a few of them for any kind of task.So here is the list of six must-have apps assuming that you already have apps like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. in your mobile.



This app was referred to me by one of my journalist friends. Even though I don’t do much blogging related tasks in my mobile, this app seems to a perfect fit for those who are in need of doing some writing assignments in their mobile phones especially when there is no access to any other gadget of your choice.This app helps you to write a
note or an article and save, make audio files and also to take photos. What more you need to write an appealing article? Since Evernote syncs the contents among all other devices you use, make sure you download Evernote on your desktop or laptop so that you can access the same documents anywhere with your username and password. I would say ‘Evernote’ is a perfect fit for journalists, writers and travel bloggers.

2.Google docs

Screenshot_2014-12-03-15-48-29 Screenshot_2014-12-03-15-49-18

To be frank, I started using google docs accidently when the Microsoft word on my computer was not working for few days as I lost the product key to reinstall it. To my surprise I find it really awesome to use google docs to write my articles. Even now, I am using google docs to carry out most of my writing tasks related to blogging.

3.Google Drive



Using this app in your mobile makes it easier to access your documents time and again to make changes or for proofreading. You may feel it more worthy when you need to access your images for editing. When you access your google drive, you can also access your google docs and vice versa as both use the same google account.

4.Photo Editor

Screenshot_2014-12-03-18-05-58 Screenshot_2014-12-03-18-21-13

As a blogger, I am sure that you take a lot of pictures on your mobile or on your camera. You will definitely need to edit your images before uploading it in your blog post. Why can’t you spend some time for editing your pictures while you travel on a bus or train? It may save some of your precious time. So don’t think twice about installing your photo editor app now.



Interviewing people is a must for running a successful blog. It is always better to have a separate application ready in your mobile to record interviews. Tape-a-talk will do that job efficiently for you.



This is an app every other friend in your circle has in their mobile.From a blogger’s point of view, it is a must for networking with fellow bloggers. You cannot take chances of missing an interview or getting hired for a job because someone may not be able to contact you as there is no skype on your mobile.

Why can’t you download skype and add my skype id reji.stephenson1 now if you are interested in contacting me for sharing views. Thank you very much for spending your time with Digital Dimensions.

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Passion for blogging


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Millions of blogs are created every day. But how many of them survive in the long run?  Most of them who start blogging quit the same after creating a profile without even publishing a post.They may just try and see  how WordPress works.While some others write one or two posts and then they may  even fail to retrieve their password from oblivion. Some percentage  of the people are behind money motives. They think that blogging is an easy way to make money online. These people who are expecting money in quick time will soon abandon blogging when they realize that it is not an easy task as they felt once.

If you are blogging for at least three months, you might have heard that you should have a passion for blogging to make it a successful business.Every veteran in this field advises you  ” You should have a passion for the subject you write.” I cannot fully consume the idea behind the statement in its full entirety. Here, I am not saying that you should not need any passion for writing about a subject but suggest  you that you should first create passion for your own writing.Once you have that passion for writing, your passion about a particular topic will definitely motivate  you to write about it.

When you develop a passion for your writing, you will automatically start  liking to write about your passionate subjects. If someone is  passionate about fashion, there is more chance that they may try their luck by starting a fashion blog. For example, one of my passionate subject is cricket.  I am really passionate about the game of cricket since I was born and brought up in a country, where cricket is considered as something equivalent to a religion.

Even though, cricket is one of my passionate subject, I never like to start a blog on cricket just for  the reason that I may get only readership from few number of cricket playing nations. Do you like to run a blog with less readership? Still the passion on the subject is tempting me  to start a blog on cricket in the form of an event blog during the next cricket world cup in 2015.


 Image courtesy of jesadaphorn/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

What if you are passionate about a topic but does not have a passion for writing? If you are that kind of a person, then you may never be interested in blogging. I have few friends who are really passionate about gadgets but not in writing. They may have the most updated knowledge on the topic, but they are never going to express that in the form of a blog post or an article in a magazine as they are not passionate about writing.

We all know how  the concept of writing has changed with the emergence of internet and blogging. More and more people are trying to express their views and ideas on the internet in the form of a blog or an article on a website. Only a  few of these people belong to the category of established writers or journalists who can boast of a successful career in writing.  So if you don’t have much  experience in writing and still running a blog, it is time for you to check whether you are really passionate about your writing. If not you are still not late to start working on it.

Developing  passion for writing is  not  a process that can be learned in a few days time. Learning the task of writing is a never-ending process. You may be able to strive towards perfection.  The more you practice, the more you gain. The best way to develop your passion for writing is voracious reading. Read as much as you can and practice writing as much as possible. If you have an innate talent for writing, output will be much greater. I believe there is no other shortcut other than this to become a successful and passionate writer. Please let me know your opinions on this topic in the comments column so that I can come up with more ideas in future.

Thank you very much for spending your precious time with Digital Dimensions.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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Video Resume in Social media, a must for getting you the right career in the near future


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Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Video resumes are taking the place of old resumes in paper. Gone are the importance of carrying resume in paper format. Nowadays, more and more people are relying on online resources for every aspect of their daily life.The number of people doing online shopping is increasing day by day as the number of blogs created every day from different nooks and corners of the world.

The easy access to the internet as well as the availability of mobile cameras led people to create more videos. Thanks to websites like the YouTube that made it possible for anyone to upload their videos on the internet. We all know that the Youtube videos play a significant role now in bringing traffic to websites and blogs. The blogging scenario is not complete without the YouTube videos.

In this article, I am not talking about YouTube videos. Here I am mentioning the new trend in job searching using online resources, the Videos resumes. Perhaps few among you reading this post may not be familiar with videos resumes or you may never think about the importance of it for enhancing your career prospects.For those who are new to this concept, I am giving a brief explanation of the video resume.

What is a Video resume or Video CV?

In simple terms, a video resume is nothing but a video taken and uploaded on the internet by a job seeker for exhibiting his suitability for a particular job or career.

I got the idea to write this post after I received a message from one of my close friends to share a video of him on my Facebook timeline. As he being a friend who is very much inspired of being a film actor, I thought the video must be something associated to the film industry. I linked that on my Facebook timeline after noticing it as his video CV.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 08.06.00


Where it can be used and what are the major benefits?

Unlike its paper counterpart, a video CV can be used to get your profile noticed by more people. It may look awkward if you share your CV in text format on a Social media platform like the Facebook. On the other hand, sharing a video of your brief profile will make a positive impact especially when getting noticed by others. Chances are more that you may be referred to the HR manager or recruiter through one of your friends.

You might be familiar with people losing their chances of getting hired for a job just because their social media presence highlighted few negative points. Then why can’t you use a Video CV on your professional social media account like the Linkedin?

We all know the importance of having an impressive profile in Linkedin, the largest professional network in the world. If you don’t have your video resume ready and uploaded in your Linkedin account, I would say that you are taking chances with your progress. I suggest you to have one uploaded as soon as possible to make a proactive approach in searching for a job or a career change.

Video resumes are getting popular among job seekers. The main advantage of using a video resume is its ability to convey a better idea about you to the recruiting personnel. It needs no mention that you have to the link your video CV in your hard copy. It will give the recruiter a brief idea on your personality and presentation skills.

Image courtesy of franky242/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

When you have a Video CV, chances are there that the interviewer may reduce the number of questions in an interview for hiring you. He or she might have got an idea about your proficiency in the language from the Video CV. Probably, you may be even lucky enough to avoid a test for testing your English language skills especially when you apply as an overseas applicant for a job in an English speaking country.


If you are a job-seeker or looking for a career change, it will be better to have a Video CV ready to make your first impression that leads to the best impression.

If anyone is planning for uploading your Video CV after reading this post, please feel free to let me know that through the comments column. I would like to hear that this post has inspired some of you to be on with the creation of your Video CV.

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26 Niche ideas for starting a blog


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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

If you have a passion in a particular subject or if you have vast experience in a particular area, it becomes easy to find a niche for your blog. I wrote this article to help every new blogger who find it hard to find a niche for their blog. In this article, I am sharing twenty-six niche ideas from which you may be able to identify one topic that suits you most to start a blog. If you carefully go through this article and compare your skills and knowledge in each topic, you may be able to find an idea about the type of niche that suits you best for starting a blog.

1. Software

If you are working in a software industry or studying any subject related to software technology, a blog on a related topic is definitely an advantage for you. It may be of much importance to you as well as for others if you have vast knowledge to share with them. Also, it will benefit you to enhance your knowledge. Software testing is another field that has importance along with software development. You can also try running a blog for sharing your knowledge and skills in software testing.

2. Computer tips

This is an interesting topic for anyone who uses the computer. If you have the knowledge and passion for writing a blog about computer tips, I am pretty sure that your blog will be a great success in terms of readership. Who doesn’t like to know about a new operating system or some tips on using it on your computer for a particular purpose? For those who want to know the up-to-date developments in this field, a blog that is constantly updating is of great help. Why don’t you start thinking of such a blog today itself?

3. SEO tips

Most businesses however big or small have their online counterpart in the form of a website. Since every business website owner like to have their websites seen by most number of people, SEO techniques have an important role to play. Thus, the value of a blog providing SEO tips and techniques is of utmost importance to the online world. A blog providing quality ideas for improving the search engine optimization of a website may undoubtedly pull out some traffic for itself. Therefore, the possibility of monetizing the same blog for some income for you is more compared to any other niche sites.

4. Gadgets

We all love gadgets. A lot of people among you are fans of apple products. Some among you argue for the positive sides of android phones. Then there are the products like the Google glass, smart watches, and you name it. If I see a quality article about my favourite gadgets, I will definitely read it and I believe you are not different. Don’t think twice for starting such a blog if you are someone who is interested and passionate about gadgets provided you have the basic writing skills needed to start such a blog.

5. Electronic products

I was actually planning to start a blog on consumer electronic products that we use in our daily life. Providing valuable information for choosing a good product as well as tips on how-to-use it properly will make such a blog appealing for anyone. For those people who are enthusiastic and passionate about the new developments in such a field may provide the readers with quality information they like to know about their products they are looking to buy or how to use it properly once they buy it. For example, every one of us may not be familiar with the use of a particular brand of camera. You may try to give some tips and tricks for using such instruments.

6. Gossip

Most of the people among us are interested in gossip related to celebrities. If you are from India, you would definitely like to hear gossips of the Hollywood stars. When you read the news updates on online platforms, we see that gossips and rumours about well known personalities in different fields make a good percentage of the news. But you need to be very careful; publishing such information as it may lead you to unnecessary troubles. You can try starting one if you are an established and experienced journalist or someone like that who knows the trade well.


Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

7. Celebrities

Writing about celebrities is another interesting thing. If you are a football fan living in U.K., anything you write related to football celebrities may make your blog a notable one. Similarly, if you live in India and blog about cricket celebrities, I am sure that your blog will have plenty of followers than you expect. Then there are blogs completely dedicated to one particular celebrity. When one of my friends from India had a blog completely dedicated to singing sensation Shreya Ghoshal and the blog attracted a lot of followers.

8. Blogging tips

You can’t be able to start this niche unless you are having the experience of running a blog for sufficient time until you gain the expertise to give tips to the new bloggers. I have been on blogging for the last nine months; therefore, I was able to gather and share this post with you from the experience I had for this time. I may not be able to pen down a post like this after one or two weeks of blogging experience. You may need sufficient time to be the jack of the trade.

9. Health

If you are a reputed healthcare professional with good knowledge in your chosen field, why can’t you share your knowledge and ideas that may help others to get some benefit? I had a plan to start a website that provides technical service as well as medical help to its viewers or prospective customers. The idea came up in my mind thinking that I can pair up with one of my surgeon cousin for running such a website.

10. Lifestyle

Lifestyle blogs are really interesting. If you follow and read few lifestyle blogs, you may feel attracted to it. The uniqueness of the contents anyone can create in a lifestyle blog makes it entirely different from other niche blogs.

11. Travel blogs

Who doesn’t like to travel? I am interested so I believe you too like that. If you are a frequent traveller, writing a travel blog will not only make you happy but also make others feel happy hearing travel adventures. Travel blogs are the most interesting ones for those people who are always interested in travelling. Travel blogs are more popular in countries like U.K., and U.S.A.

12. Educational blog

This topic of blogging is perfect for someone who is in the teaching profession for quite a reasonable amount of time. Most of the educational blogs are created to provide information regarding anything related to education. Some of the educational blogs are found to be useful for students as well as those who are into teaching.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

13. Career

Do you have vast knowledge and experience in recruiting people for different career options? Are you able to give them training and career advice? If your answer is ‘Yes’, don’t waste your time thinking much. You may be able to start a blog giving career advice. If you are still not confident, I suggest you to go through a blog by Penelope Trunk where the author gives advice on education and career. I am sure that you will learn a lesson or two from her blog.

14. Personal blog

Personal blogs are like personal diaries. Why can’t you write a blog as a diary describing al your day-to-day happening in life? I am sure that some of you may not like the idea of sharing your personal life to others but I assure you that it is possible to make it an interesting read if you have a certain level of skills in expressing your views and thoughts. However, personal blogs of celebrities are always a matter of curiosity for readers. If you are not a celebrity, you may need those exceptional writing skills necessary to make your personal blog getting noticed by more people.

15. Cars

We all like cars. I am too much interested in this topic and that is the reason why I wrote few articles on this topic in this blog. Initially, when I started this blog, I was even planning to start a blog on cars. The biggest disadvantage of writing on this topic is the availability of a large number of website that may make your blog look not so appealing. This is my opinion. If you have a passion for cars, you can try writing a blog about it.

16. Clothing

Most people like to wear fashionable clothes. Maybe you like to wear clothes from some favourite brand of your choice. How about the idea of starting a blog about clothes you wear? Are you a beautiful looking lady following recent trends in fashion? If you are, don’t think too much about starting a blog of this kind. I am pretty sure that your blog is going to be a success if you are ready to give the much-needed hard work and dedication to it.

17. Jewellery and beauty products you wear

Why can’t you blog about the jewellery you wear or like? What about writing about beauty products of your choice? If you are smart enough in displaying your favourite products, you can even think of converting the same blog into a website selling those products. The blog may help some of the mommy bloggers to be an entrepreneur.

18. Online marketing

Internet marketing or online marketing is a vast field. If you have previous experience in a career related to internet marketing, it will be a good idea to share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. The vast majority of people are interested in reading blogs on online marketing since many of them are in need of marketing their own products or service online.

19. Social media

Most people are connected globally with their friends through social media. Every business wants to promote themselves through social media. So there are many among you who would like to know more about social media trends and developments. I would definitely say this is an awesome topic to blog about.

20. Social causes

If you are keen on social happenings around you, then you may like to share those things with others. Starting a blog for any social cause is a good strategy for anyone who is aspiring to be a social activist.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

21. Country where you live

If you happened to live in a country other than the country where you are born, it would be interesting to start a blog about the new experience you have. For example, I live in London and if I write a blog about my life in London, it may become an interesting topic for someone from my own country.

22. Country where you are born

It will be a good idea to write about a blog about your country where you are born. There may be a lot of other blogs like this, but anything you share from your perspective will be different.

23. Parenting

If you are a parent, it doesn’t matter whether you are a mother or a father, why can’t you try writing a parenting blog. It may not sound interesting to you. If that is the case, I suggest you to go through one of the interesting parenting blog that I came across which is written by Janine Huldie, who is a mommy blogger. I hope some of you reading this blog may start thinking of writing a blog of this kind.

24.Blog about your religion

It is not a bad idea blogging about your religion you follow. Whatever may be your religion, you have the freedom to express your views about it. I am a strong believer of Jesus Christ. So I believe I can be able to spread the word of God with more people if I start a blog about my belief in Jesus.


Someone who is passionately interested in writing can start utilizing this aspect of blogging. A blog with all your poetry in it will give you the much-needed personal satisfaction as a writer. But I personally feel it good to add your poetry to the blog you are already running as it may not be easy for you to update with only poetry all the time.

26.Short story.

In the modern world, do you have the time to read a big novel? But most people have the time to go through short stories. Maybe it is a good idea to have a blog with a collection of all your short stories.


Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I know that if we make a list of ideas like this, it may be too long; hence I am not confusing you with more in number now. But don’t get surprised if I update this list with hundred topics another day. I would appreciate if you could provide some more ideas in the comments column so that I may update that later to the list. Thank you very much for spending with your precious time with Digital Dimensions. Have a wonderful blogging journey.

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