Interview with Nisha Pandey, a talented professional blogger and founder of Seotechyworld

NISHA PANDEY INTERVIEW1 PROBLGGER AND SEO EXPERTHi Nisha, Thank you very much for sparing  your valuable time with us for the interview and it is a great pleasure for me to introduce one of the leading female bloggers and SEO expert from India to my readers.

Reji: Before I start with the questions related to your niche, could you please give a brief introduction of yourself to my readers in case a few of them may not be familiar with you?

Nisha Pandey: Hello everyone, I am Nisha Pandey – a professional blogger and SEO professional from Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. I entered the world of online marketing when I joined an SEO trainee course and then got placed with a leading SEO firm.

My blogging career started in 2013 when I launched Since then I have gone on to launch other blogging platforms including and

Reji: I did a writing course from Writers Bureau, U.K., to improve my writing skills and that eventually lead me to start blogging very accidently. Similarly, do you have any particular incident that made you enter the field of blogging?

Nisha Pandey: That’s good to know! Yes, I too have a story, and a series of events led me to start with blogging. I already had the background in SEO career, but it was during the early days of my motherhood that I came across the idea of starting to blog. I had lots of time at my hands during this time and spent it reading a lot about blogging. I started with, and gradually things evolved!

Reji: Could you explain some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?

Nisha Pandey: My background in SEO and my interest in tech and gadgets are perhaps the most important factors that have helped me excel in blogging. Besides, consistency is another big factor that has helped me succeed so far. I think that is the most important aspect to blogging successfully!

Reji: Blogging is a very time-consuming process that I am practically experiencing now. So, how do you manage your time and prioritise your blogging activities alongside your family responsibilities especially when you have a small child to look after at home?

Nisha Pandey: You are absolutely right. Blogging is a time-consuming job – especially during the initial phase when you have to build your ‘brand’ and work hard to get those first few visits!

Being a mother is a full-time job in itself, but setting a fixed amount of time at night has proven to be a good strategy for me. Now that my blogs are slightly set and generating a decent amount of traffic, it’s all about publishing the posts periodically.

Reji: What is the biggest challenge you face being a top female Tech and SEO blogger from India?

Nisha Pandey: I wouldn’t say that being a female tech blogger from India has raised any related challenges for me. But as a young mother, it has been difficult to maintain a balance between family and work life. It was initially challenging, but after some time things became normal and I was able to give proper time to all aspects of my life.


Reji:  For me, I got a large number of friends from different parts of the world after I get into blogging. Similarly, what do you feel the biggest difference in your life post-blogging?

Nisha Pandey: I would like to say that blogging may be something hard to start with, but there are ‘online social’ privileges to it too. You get to make friends from all across the world while building a network. The best thing about our job is that it helps us connect across borders.

Blogging has certainly changed my perspective of the world now that I have so many friends from other countries. What I have learned from it is that there are so many good people out there. Never hesitate to ask – there are so many wonderful people out there who also want to network with you.

Reji:  Could you name few bloggers who encouraged, motivated and helped you to promote your blogging related activities?

Nisha Pandey: There are so many bloggers out there and so many who have encouraged me! It will not be fair to claim that any one of them is better than another one. Everyone have their unique traits and strengths, and I appreciate and respect each one of them.

Still my inspiration somehow comes from Harleena Mam of and Harsh Agarwal of They have been innovative, and I have learnt a lot from them.

Reji:  If given a choice, do you like to be known as a blogger? Please tell me the reasons behind that?

Nisha Pandey: Certainly, why not! I am a full-time blogger. Besides, I have a strong passion for tech and SEO related topics, the web, the latest gadgets and technologies that are making things easier and faster for everyone.

Reji:  Where do you see yourself in five years from now as a Pro-blogger?

Nisha Pandey: That is a difficult question. But I have a few plans down the line – I already have started few new blogs and So my focus will be to develop and build them further. Probably there will be more launches in the near future!

Reji:  What would you prioritize? Readers? Content? SEO? Traffic?

Nisha Pandey: That’s another tough question, but I would say the answer is simple – everything is equally important. One follows the other, and it is a kind of a cycle. We bloggers need to start with high-quality content and SEO, but once traffic and readers start coming in, it becomes a cycle.

Many times I am developing new content to address the needs of my readers!

Reji: Could you explain the best social media strategy that works well for you in terms of bringing traffic to your blog?

Nisha Pandey: Best Social media strategy is: share others posts as much as possible than yours. Use 70:30 rule Or 80:20 rule for social sharing. Share 8 times others and 2 times yours in a single day. You can use this for all social media sites. It really helps. This is the proven technique from so many bloggers.

Reji: What do you think are the few best tips you can give to newbie bloggers in terms of SEO strategy in blogging?

Nisha Pandey: Blogging is all about keeping things as organic as possible. SEO is crucial too, but there are limitations – use minimal keyword density, write only high quality content, write for the readers and not for search engines, write relevant content to your niche, and gradually also start writing on topics that your readers want to read about or query about!

# Once again thank you very much Nisha for sharing your time and tips with my readers here.

Over to you

I hope you all enjoyed the interview and learned few tips from this Pro-blogger and SEO expert. You will definitely gain more ideas on technology, blogging and search engine optimisation if you follow her blogs regularly.

She can be connected on social media by following the links given below.



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7 reasons why you should have a personal blog alongside your niche blog

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti at

Image sourceDanilo Rizzuti/

Thousands of new blogs are created every day. Why so much of people are into blogging now? Are they attracted to it because of the benefits it may offer to you in your personal life as well as for any business you run? Do they think it is an easy way to make money online? But you need to survive those crucial and toughest period until you make your blog successful in terms of generating income.

Oh! Sorry, I am not here to discuss anything that help you earn money online. I am running away from my points. Actually, I am here to discuss the benefits of having a personal blog alongside your primary blog that is a niche blog.

1.Write any subject of your choice

With a personal blog, the major advantage, anyone can enjoy, is the variety of topics they can write. Do you think your knowledge and ideas are only limited to a few particular area? That may never be the real fact. Everyone will have their views and opinions on what they see, hear and experience in their day to day life. How can you write something about your recent holiday to ‘Gods own country‘ in your technical blog? No need to say that you can’t write about the cake decoration ideas your wife or mother have in mind in one of your blogs dedicated to gadgets. Even a Christmas wish on my blog sounds to be unprofessional to many readers. I am pretty sure that having a personal blog will let me enjoy the freedom of writing about anything under the sun, as well as anything above the sun.

ID-100236393 (1)Image source stockimages /

2.Brand yourself as an authority

A personal blog can make you brand yourself as an authority in a chosen field. You may have a niche blog or a business blog of your own. But, that may not help you brand yourself. Here, comes the advantage of using your personal blog to brand yourself as an authority in a topic or field you are good enough.

3.Platform to create an online business
When you start a personal blog, the number of audiences you may have is limited to few people who are close to you. It may not be easy for you to find some motivation to continue writing such a blog as a personal diary. I know few of those people reading this blog now might have experienced that is some point of their blogging journey. Here, I suggest you to keep motivated since you cannot rule out the fact that your personal blog may soon develop into a money making website if you carefully take the necessary and right steps. There are a lot of instances where people turned their personal blogs into high earning travel blog. Also, you might land up getting the chances of selling products that are related to the topics you are writing.

4.Improve your writing skill and style

When you are writing a blog in a particular niche, you may not be able to adopt different styles in your writing. For example, when you are writing a blog about technology or mobile phones, you can adopt only a style that is very much suitable for that kind of niche. The same author may have the ability to write a humour article that he or she will not be able to implement in a technical blog. A personal blog gives you the flexibility to try different styles of writing since you may not be posting similar kind of topics every time you publish a new blog post. Today, you may publish a humour story and tomorrow you may write something else.


Image source Stuart Miles/

5.Use your blog as a personal diary

A personal blog can be used as your personal diary if you wish. It is all up to you to decide that. It may not sound good to many people as they are not interested in revealing their personal life to others. Still for many people, they like the idea of boasting about their latest holiday destination of the brand new car they own. It acts as a medium for such people to express anything of your choice. Also, it acts similar to a social media platform where they can update all the events (happenings) in their life so that their friends and loved ones will notice that.

6.Improve traffic and ranking for your main blog

Imagine you have a personal blog with a good number of followers and traffic. Then it may help you increase the traffic and SEO ranking of your other main blog if you can make successful links to each website on a large number of articles.

7.More networking opportunities with bloggers of different niches

When you are involved with only a particular niche of blogging, you may get the chance to interact with people who are running blogs in the same niche as yours. It may not be the case with an immensely successful personal blog. Since the blog is a personal one, the followers of that blog may include readers of different niches. Hence, the chances of interacting with people from different walks of life around the globe are more compared to your niche blog.


It is always better to have a personal blog alongside your main blog so that you can utilize all its possibilities to achieve more heights in blogging. I would like to hear your views and opinions on this topic especially if you have a personal blog or thinking of starting one soon.

Thank you for spending time with Digital dimensions. Have a great blogging journey ahead.

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Review of Infolinks, the Google Adsense alternative


The most important part that I like about blogging is reviewing products or service that I use in my daily life. When you share your experience of using a product/service with others, they may grab some new ideas, and you will get the satisfaction of sharing something worthwhile for others or your valuable readers.

In this post, I am sharing my experience of using Infolinks. I believe most of the readers of this blog know what Infolinks is. Still I am giving a small explanation here for the sake of those who are not familiar with Infolinks.

What is Infolinks and why you should use it in your blog?

Infolinks is an in-text PPC ad program that allows you to monetize a website or blog. Even though it is an in-text ad program, the most important feature of this ad program is the availability of five different types of add units that we can choose to use on a website. Before going to more details on Infolinks, it will be interesting for you to watch a short video about Infolinks.

When you compare Infolinks with the other type of advertisements of the similar kind, you can easily notify the following advantages over its other counterparts that may tempt you to use it in your blog.

>Getting approval as a publisher is easier.

>Threshold limit of payment is $50 when you use PayPal or Payoneer as your mode of payment.

>Infolinks ads are easy to customize. You can have the options to    turn on and turn off the ads according to your needs that you like.

>It is compatible with AdSense and other ad networks.

>Infolinks Ads are highly compatible on mobile devices.

>If you have any issues with your AdSense account, it acts as a better alternative.

Five different type of Ad units

1.Intext Ads


In this type of ad, Infolinks hyperlinks the keywords on your blog with the most suitable advertisement matching it. The ad is customizable, and you can change the colours. Here you can have the choice to choose the number of ads you need to show ranging up to 12 in number. Even though it is possible to choose up to 12 ads here, it is better to choose the number of ads depending upon the word length of a blog post. Otherwise, it may annoy your readers when they come across more number of Ads on a single page.

2.Infold Ads


This ad is supposed to be the most converting one. It appears as a popping and floating banner at the end portion of the website visible to the reader when they open a site. (Refer figure above)

3.Intag Ads


This type of ad displays ad related to the top keywords in the website. This add is customizable, and you can easily change the colour of the ad as well as the position of the ad.

4.Inframe Ads


It is a display of floating ad banners at those spaces where the website have unused margins like the one shown in the figure above.

5.Inscreen Ads


It is a display of pop-up ads that appear as shown in the figure when you access a page of the blog or website. You can customize this add to control its display.

 Drawbacks of Infolinks

>The Inframe Ads may not show up in the website even when it is active. It seems to be obstructive and overlapping at times. Still the On/Off options is a great help to run the other type of Ads even if we turn off the Inframe Ads.

>It seems that some of the advertisements they show as Intext Ads are not relevant to the topic of the content. It may not be of interest to the readers. So Ad relevancy is one thing that needs to be improved.

 How to sign up for Infolinks

Signing up for Infolinks is much easier. You can sign up here for Infolinks by following the simple steps given below.

Infolinks review-Infolinks login

  1. Go to Infolinks website
  2. Here you select the ‘Join Us’ tab.
  3. Enter all the details here for creating your account.
  4. Select the ‘Join’ button.
  5. It may take at least 24 hours for checking your website to get approval, and you will get an e-mail confirmation for the same.
  6. Once you get approved, log into the dashboard of Infolinks.
  7. Here, select the option ‘Integrate’.
  8. You will get a display of different options choices here. Select the option ‘WordPress’ if your blog is on WordPress platform otherwise choose the corresponding choice.
  9. Follow the onscreen instructions and download Infolinks plugin.
  10. Upload the plugin to your blog.
  11. Once the plugin is activated, you can have the ads getting displayed on your blog.

 Infolinks Referral Programme


Do you like to earn little more money from your blog? I know you will like to boost your income from your blog in one way or the other. Infolinks referral program is one of that ways to boost your income. Sounds interesting, right? Let me go further and explain how it works.

For example, if someone sign up from the referral link you have in your blog, you will get 10% of their income for the first twelve months after they join. Why are you waiting for? You can now join for the Infolinks referral program and start earning from today.



You may say that Infolinks is the best alternative for Adsense. But it is always better to find out what options work better for your website or blog. So it is a good idea to experiment with different Ad programs and find out which works well with your website most in terms of income as well as other factors like the reader engagement. Please feel free to have your opinions on Infolinks in the comments column so that I can come up with more ideas for my for forthcoming posts.

Image Credit : Screenshots from my Infolinks account.

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There are affiliate links on this article. I may get a commission if you buy a product from those links.


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Men and fashion blogging

(This post is a guest contribution from Shiwangi Srivastava, one of the leading female bloggers from India. Read more about her  and her blogs at the author bio below the post.)
ID-100124429Image credit:Sattva/

Did you ever come across fashion blogs run by men? Probably you might have seen one or two on the internet so far. Am I right? Men are always interested in other niches of blogging.Even if they see few fashion blogs on the internet, they may not be interested in reading such a blog instead of reading their favourite niches in blogging like technology, politics, social media, news, business etc, etc.

Why men are not interested in running a Fashion Blog?

Fashion blog niche overcrowded, and its competitive space is mostly captured by women. Even if there are men involved in creating a fashion blog, they keep forward women to highlight their business as they are not comfortable in presenting themselves in promoting female-oriented stuff like fashion, outfits, beauty products and makeup. As far as the masculine items are concerned in blogs, they do not hesitate to brand the blog by their name. Why this barrier in the online world?

Whereas in the offline world you see a lot of men, running a beauty parlour, fashion outfits store and they are eventually fashion designers on the go. They never qualm about their masculine images. Their heart is so much into fashion and leaves several women behind in this profession. These men are flaunting themselves not only in branding and marketing the men’s item, but they are equally involved in women’s ethnic and western wear. In fact I believe men can describe better what suits a woman more. From her outfits to her makeup, men can judge better and analyse what is working well on her. So I think they should not remain hiding behind the scene instead be a curtain raiser and expose publicly as a fashion blogger or the owner of a fashion blog.


Some effective tips for men to become a good fashion blogger.

•First you need to create a blog that is different from everyone else. Be different and more perceptive in being particular about your choice rather than following others footsteps.

•You need to identify your audience and their requirements from you. Be analytical enough in this that your readers want a book or launching of collections from your end.

•Build your community in Instagram. Instagram is a source for fetching more traffic to your blog. Since fashion blogs are more pictorial, you will get more exposure in branding you and your blog. Interactions become easier when you use Instagram for fashion and style blogging.

Content is always king. If you want to present your skill as a fashion blogger only being pictorial is not sufficient. You need to decorate your blog with quality and attractive content for drawing the attention of your audience so that they can relate more with you. Focus on building engaging content for six months at least then ocean of opportunity will land, and brands will beckon you.

•With the right attitude and appealing personality, you can move your audience. Your picture says a lot about you and your products. There should have a deep connection between you and your camera. You should be camera friendly to present your correct attitude publicly. If men are running women’s product blog then naturally he will not showcase himself for that. In that case, he will put women’s images. But when he is branding a product for men, he can present himself.

Fashion blogging is definitely for men too

There is no doubt blogging is booming fast, and fashion blogging apparently has become a good medium of business. Bloggers today managed to gain several followers and huge command over readership almost becoming like a celebrity. There is a strong bond between bloggers and brand, brand needs bloggers for the endorsement and publicity as bloggers have thousands of followers and have a good rapport with viewers. Brand wants a shout, and that shout is provided by bloggers. Similarly, Fashion bloggers are kith and kin for the Fashion Brands to target audience.

Bloggers are the sum of skills in modelling, acting, photography, videography, style, entertainment and presentation skills. I know few of you who are reading this post may have some or all of the skills mentioned above. Blogging is a platform where you can showcase your skills. With the extensive use of the internet, social media, and blogs especially Vlogs (Video blogging), there are more chances for self-promoting your skills. During the recent years you might have noticed that many actors and singers got their chance to make themselves noticed for greater success due to the YouTube videos they created either by themselves or their friends or family created for them.


Image credit:Sattva/

Here, my point of view is that more men should start considering fashion blogging as an option while deciding a niche for blogging. They should not kick their opportunities away with a concept in mind that the fashion blogging is only meant for their female counterparts.

Here is a list of few fashion blogs that you can have for reference if you are interested in starting one.


2.what’s he wearing?


4.Ape to Gentleman

5.Michael84 (India)


A lot of doors are open for you to make a great career if you have those talents related to fashion industry. Apart from choosing tech blogs or similar niches as an automatic choice for men, they should also try their hand in a fashion niche blog and find the new way of branding.One thing is true that fashion bloggers who want fame and fortune right from their beginning stage is next to impossible. There are too much media chasing and ambitious social climbing. I wish fashion bloggers would slow down a bit and enjoy the beauty, peace and joy of creativity through their blogs.

Author Bio:

Shivangi Srivastava Blogger Delhi

Shiwangi Srivastava is  one of the top rated female bloggers from India. She likes to write not only about technology related subjects but also women  oriented topics and family issues in her blogs. Her blogs can be accessed here at and

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How to make money from different niches of blogging

How to make money from blogging
Image source:stockimages/

Many of the newbie bloggers are unaware that they can generate income or make money from their blog. Some people start writing blogs as they are too much interested in showcasing their talents in writing, and they are never behind money.

In this article, I am trying to cover income generating ideas for six different niches of blogging that include technical, travel, fashion, sports, photography and personal blog. The aim of this post is to give anyone (mostly for the newbie bloggers) an overall idea of the various ways by which they can generate income from a blog. Let me first start with the case of a technical blog.

1.How to make money from your technical blog.

 There are numerous methods by which you can make money from your technical blog.

> Have advertisements on your blog

Once your blog grow out into one having sufficient amount of traffic, you can try for contextual ads like Google Adsense in your blog. There are various other alternative platforms of ads are available like the Infolinks, Chitika, etc. You can also use Yahoo Publisher once your traffic on the blog is high enough for that.

Sign up here for  Google Adsense.

>Reviewing products on your niche

Product reviews are another source of income for your blog if you are interested in continuously reviewing different products on your blog. In the initial stages, you may just wonder what products to start with for the review. Don’t worry. Start with those products that you use in your daily life like your smartphone. Once your blog gain enough reputation, you can have the options to get products for review from websites that provide you the products for reviewing.

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>Use affiliate programs on your blog

Start using affiliate programs from Amazon and E-bay that will help you earn a sizable income if you can drive enough traffic to your blog and sell your products.

How to make money from your technical blog
Image source:stockimages/

>Be a blog consultant

When you reach a certain level in blogging after a period, you will gain more knowledge about the subject that you write. Once you prove that you are a master in the topics, it is the time to start thinking of making yourself available as a blog consultant.

You can avail the services of an excellent blog consultant here for making your blog a great success.

>Become a freelance writer/ghostwriter

You know that millions of websites are there on the internet. The owners or those who are running these websites need contents for their websites in various niches or topics. If you can find some time and have the talent to pen down quality articles, you can be a freelance writer or ghostwriter providing articles for them.

You can contact here a blogger who will do freelance as well as ghostwriting for you.

>Selling websites

There are a lot of web entrepreneurs who intentionally make websites to sell for a profit. This option is a better fit for technical bloggers than bloggers in any other niche. There are websites like that you can utilise for this purpose.

2.How to make money from your travel blog?

When I started blogging, I was just wondering how these travel bloggers make money from their blog? I was so curious to know how they met their travel expenses. Later when I got the opportunity to interact with more bloggers, I found out my answers for the sources from which a travel blogger can earn money.How to make money from your travel blog

Image Source:Graur Razvan ionut/

Most of the travel bloggers start writing about the local places first. Their blogs may not give the impression of a quality one in the beginning stages. When more and more contents are added to it, people and organizations related to travel may start noticing the site and hence more traffic to the blog. From this stage, a travel blogger can start thinking of seriously monetizing their blogs starting with advertisements like Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika and that similar kind.

Sign up for chitika ads here.

You may just wonder whether there is any more source to earn income from a travel blog.  Even I was thinking the same way like you when I landed in U.K for the first time and seeing a lot of travel blogs and fashion blogs on the internet. The curiosity why the people here are more interested in travel blogs made me have a small research on the topic. Also, I had interacted with many travel bloggers to have more money making ideas from their blog. So here are the few ways by which a travel blogger can earn money.

>Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are a source of income for most of the travel bloggers worldwide. Perhaps, some of you reading this post may not know much about sponsored posts. Hence, I am giving a small definition here for those who are new to the concept of sponsored post.

A sponsored blog post is a post written by you or by an advertiser for promoting a product or service and with the condition that you will get paid for publishing such post in your blog.

>Affiliate marketing

When you are doing affiliate marketing as a travel blogger, you may not be always selling a product but referring some service. For example, you may write a review about a good hotel that you stayed. Visitors to your blog may use the links in the blog to book the hotel and hence you may get a commission.

>Sell your products on the blog

After few of travel blogging, you can have travel related items that you can sell on your blog. For example, you can make e-books or CD’s describing tours to few particular destinations you travelled. It may serve as a source of information for the best and cheap airline details, better accommodation facilities and much more.

>Speaking at conferences

After you achieve great success as a travel blogger, you might get opportunities to speak at conferences. If you are a good public speaker, try to polish up your skills. You might even get a chance to appear as a television presenter for travel shows.

How to make money from travel blogImage Soure:Nualpradid/

>Mentoring and coaching

Like any other niches in blogging, new travel bloggers like to have mentors and coaches. If you are into blogging for at least six to seven months, you might know the importance of having a mentor to help you. Always keep that option in mind and work towards it when your blog reach to the next higher levels in terms of traffic and other rankings.

>Run a travel agency alongside your blog

You might have acquired vast knowledge and experience after travelling to numerous tourist destinations around the world. What else you need to run a travel agency alongside your blog to help your customers (your readers are now your customers) to plan their journeys in a better way.

>Freelance writing projects

While you are writing your blog, you may get chances to write for different projects like writing for a well-established travel magazine. It is not a bad idea spending time for writing one or two articles in a week for established publications.

>Create videos of your travel

It seems easy to create a How-to video for a technical blog if you have the presentation skills as well as good knowledge of the subject. But creating videos of a tourist destination can be done only when we are at that particular location. If you are a well-established travel blogger, it is not a bad idea to have a small film crew while travelling. Filming your journeys may be easier if you are doing travel blogging as a husband-wife pair. You cannot rule out the chances that your travel videos might be used in one of those reputed television travel shows.

3.How to make money from your fashion blog?

Fashion blogging is a big trend among teenagers especially in countries like U.S.A. A quick search on the internet will reveal you an idea about the large number of fashion blogs created by teenagers. Like travel blogging, you may not expect that a fashion blog can be used as a source of income. It may never give you the impression that someone can make money from it. Only when you are associated with blogging for a considerable amount of time, you will realize the true earning potential of a fashion blog.

How to make money from your fashion blogImage source: stockimages at


Advertisements are a common source of income for bloggers of any niche. The only difference is the type of advertisement that suits your niche. If you are a fashion blogger, the type of advertisement you can have on your blog should be related to fashion. An advertisement showing the latest tablets may look awkward in a fashion blog. Similarly, an advertisement showing latest trends in clothing will look awkward in a technical blog.

>Sell your products

If you are running a fashion blog, I am sure that you will be updating it with the latest trends in clothing. Why don’t you start selling the trendy clothes? You can do that from your blog itself or choose to start an online shop separately using platforms like Shopify and give a link from your blog.

>Affiliate Programs

Using affiliate programs in the blog is one of the most common methods for generating income from your blog. If you can get big traffic to a blog with affiliate programs from Amazon and e-bay, there is the chance that you can earn a considerable amount of income from it.

>Blog Consultant

Millions of new blogs are created every single day. The amount of new blogs in the form of fashion blogs is increasing day by day due to the presence of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. The chances of getting you hired as a blog consultant more if you can make a success in promoting and projecting yourself as an authority in the field.

>Be an ambassador of certain products

As a fashion blogger, you will be writing reviews and opinions on various beauty products you use or wear. It therefore becomes easy for you to become an ambassador of such products, provided you have the necessary talents and skill to make it big.

>Actively involve in fashion shows

Do you think anyone can start a fashion blog and make it a success? I would say that the answer is a big ‘No’. A fashion or beauty blog is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to have some qualities in you that can make you a successful fashion blogger. Of course, you need to be a fashion model too. Your blog will let you brand yourself as a fashion model. This positive aspect from your blog will make your journey much easier for you to actively involving in fashion shows.

4.How to make money from your sports or games blog?

When the idea of writing a blog came up in mind for the first time, I was thinking of starting a blog on cricket. Born in a country where cricket is considered as a religion, it is not unusual that I planned to write a cricket blog. But later I decided not to proceed with that idea and instead started this blog.

How to make money from your sports blog

Image Source:stockimages /

Well! You might be wondering how you can make money by writing about sports or games. Trust me, we can make money from our Sports blog as well provided that you have a decent traffic to earn.

Here are some of the ways you can earn from a sports blog

>Advertising platforms like Google AdSense.

Whether you are writing about football or cricket, it is the traffic to your blog that is the key factor. A good blog with a decent level of traffic can earn income from its advertisements. So if you update its content with quality posts that attracts your followers regularly will do the trick of getting the income from advertisements.

Creative2-300X250 (3)


>Selling tickets for major sports events.

When you try to gather information from different sources for your blog, it makes you in touch with different authorities who shoulder the responsibility of organising a sporting events. It will lead you to get opportunities for selling tickets for the event. This income may be a meagre amount, but it may not be that bad if you can get that income every few months in a year. For example, you may get the opportunity to sell the season tickets for big football matches or cricket matches that are played every year as a tournament.

>Write sponsored posts

You can try using sponsored posts on your blog. Getting sponsored posts for a sports blog is not an easy thing. Still there are chances that you may get such posts when big events are taking place. There might be people and organisations approaching you to promote a product or service that is connected with the event.

>Start an event blog simultaneously to make some money online.

You may wonder how to make money from an event blog. Don’t worry. Here are few ways you can try.

How to make money from event blogging?

I never heard about event blogging and had any idea what it is until the day I read an article that explains what event blogging is all about. In case if there is anyone who is not familiar with an event blog, I am giving a small explanation to understand what event blogging is all about

A blog created keeping in mind an event that is going to happen soon like a world cup football or something similar is called an event blog.

An event blog can be run for few months until the event is over. For example, if a world cup football match starts next month, you can start a blog now until few weeks after the event finishes. The event blog will provide its readers with all the details of that particular event. The whole site can be used as an advertisement in various social media platforms to attract the attention of the crowd and sell tickets for the events. The events can be anything like a small musical concert or even a big event like a football or rugby world cup.

5.How to make money from your photography blog?

Most people start photo blogging as a hobby. They may just like to have their photos arranged in an online digital format. Even though they have a photo blog, many are not aware of the fact that their photo blog can be used to make money from different sources.

How to make money from your photograpy blog

Image source:khunaspix/

Here are some of the ways by which you can start earning from your photo blog.

>Selling your photos

You know that the millions of blogs out there on the internet need images for their articles. If you are into blogging for at least six months, you may be knowing the importance of images in your blog post. Even though images with the creative commons license are the first choice for most bloggers, there are website owners who buy images for their websites.

>Do graphic designing works for the clients

If you are a good photographer, chances are more that you may be a good photo editor and have some talent in graphic designing. Freelance Graphic designing is one way that you can choose to earn an income. Each and every new business on the internet is looking for logos to brand their business. If you can provide those clients or businesses with good quality logos at a reasonable price, there is a chance that you can make it as a source of income.

>Run a photography course

Are you a highly skilled photographer? Is it possible for you to provide your readers with all the tips and trips in photography? If you can do that, there is an option to give photography lessons in the form of various online courses.

>Sell e-books

Create and sell e-books explaining good photography skills and tips to enhance it. You may get a wide audience who like to know more about photography since it is a hobby for many people from various walks of life.

Also read:-26 Niche ideas for starting a blog.

6.How to make money from your personal blog?

Making money from your personal blog is not an easy thing. The main reason is the difficulty you may face in branding yourself. If you are a celebrity, it may become easy to brand yourself. But, of course, it is logical that anyone having a celebrity status may not go behind the money from blogging.

How to make money from diifferent niches of blogging

Image Source: Imagerymajestic /

Still there are examples we can site where people converted their personal blogs into money making is one among those top blogs that make huge money from blogging. Even though his blog cannot be considered a purely personal blog, it is interesting to note that the domain name is his name, and he includes a lot of his personal stories in it. You can read here some of the ways by which you can monetize your personal blog.


Using advertisement is one of the major sources of income for personal blogs. Still traffic is the main criteria that decides how much you can earn from a personal blog.

>Sponsored posts

It is an unimaginable situation for newbie bloggers to get sponsored posts for their personal blogs. Trust me, it is hard getting those sponsored posts even, or bloggers involved in high earning niches of blogging. Still we can see that there are a lot of sponsored posts on those personal blogs where the bloggers were able to brand themselves as an authority in the field they are publishing posts. So, I can assure you that it is still not an unachievable target getting sponsored posts for your personal blog.

>Blog Consultant

Being a consultant is an option anyone in the field for a considerable amount of time. Even in your personal blog, there may be few topics that you cover regularly, and that may make some percentage of your readers approach you for help and mentoring.

>Review products and services

Even in your personal blog you have the freedom to choose any product or service to review. You may be able to review certain products that you use in your daily life. Also, it is possible to write your opinions about the places you visit. For example, you may write about the good services you received from a hotel that you might have visited recently. You might write a review about the latest film you watched or about a new car and the list goes endless.

You may also like this post:MAC versus PC or MAC and PC

You may be able to act as an agent for carrying out certain tasks that you include with your blogging activities. You may be able to act as a middleman for carrying out certain services. It is not a bad idea to become an agent who helps your readers to carry out services similar to few of those listed below.

# Act as a travel agent.

# Act as a recruitment personal.

# Provide freelance writers and ghost writers for others.

# provide logo design services.

# Provide web design services.

# Provide SEO services to clients.

>Affiliate Programs

I never say that affiliate marketing is an easy way of making money from your blog. But, I had come across a numerous number of personal blogs where the bloggers are making a sizable amount of money from it. Even after a few years of blogging, it is a common scenario that people who are not interested in making money but just write for their interest in writing start using affiliate programs in their blogs and earn money. So what are you waiting? Let’s have a go at affiliate marketing.


I would like to update this post with more ideas of making money from a blog. Please feel free to spare some time to have your valuable comments so that I can update this post with more ideas.








© The content is copyrighted to Reji Stephenson and may not be reproduced on other websites.


Fashion blogging, the new trend among females

(This post is a guest contribution from Shiwangi Srivastava, one of the leading female bloggers from India. Read more about her  and her blogs at the author bio below the post.)


Image courtesy of Akarakingdoms/

Where there is a fashion, there are women. Your femininity is at its best when you are connected with fashion. Fashion personifies the real you so you cannot escape from the fact that this is your true worth. In the hustle-bustle of various niche blogs, the popularity of fashion blogs are increasing day after day. Females of today cannot sit back and they want to add more feathers in their cap so they are heading to the fashion blogging to keep themselves occupied and at the same breath, they want to inhale the luxury of professional life as well.

If you analyze the trends in blogging globally, it can be seen that some niches have more priority over others in different countries. For example, bloggers in India seems to have more interest in creating a  technology oriented blog. It seems their first preference is technology when it comes to blogging. Similarly, fashion blogs are more popular in western countries and creating a fashion blog may soon become one of the biggest trends among females worldwide.

If anyone of you reading this post are not familiar with fashion blogging, here is a small explanation of the same.

What is a Fashion Blog?

Fashion blog is a platform where you cover not only trendy clothing’s and accessories from multiple apparel markets but also a girl’s personal styling updates like hair-do, foot care, skin care and much more. In other words, it can be considered as a head to toe makeup tips diary, especially for females.

To run a successful fashion blog is like running a business, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are multiple responsibilities you need to bear with great zeal and passion.

Fashion blogs are very helpful in shaping your life by creating awareness about building your ultimate personality that is not only skin-deep but also highlight your individuality in other aspects.

 What services a fashion blog can offer?FASHION BLOGGING THE NEW TREND

Image source:Sicha Pongjivanich /

Most of the fashion blogs mainly provide its followers with the following two services.

  • Some fashion blogs zero in on shopping advice, and it is almost like online fashion magazines, which is based on the promotion of the products.
  • There are some blogs, which highlight the fashion advice and answer queries related to that. These blogs focus mainly on the overall fashion related activities of women.

Why females are more interested in fashion blogging?

  • Females are crazy after fashion stuff and they want to explore all the available opportunities that they can achieve from their blog. Women are everywhere in every profession and making their marks but when they are in the fashion industry, it can be noticed that they are finding more satisfaction than what else they do.
  • There is an inborn trait in women to engage themselves in beauty related matters and ideas concerning how to enhance their beauty. So with little effort, they can be able to run a successful fashion blog.
  • They like doing it as a hobby as well as a career option.
  • This field is so trendy, and hence more number of young girls are heading over to the fashion blogging scenario to gain maximum visibility and branding.
  • Branding yourself is not easy but for the sake of getting into the limelight, females have a trend to get involved more towards fashion blogging rather than trying their hand at other niches. The recent developments and changes in social media also play a major part in promoting fashion blogs.

You must be wondering how branding and popularity can be possible. Please do check some of my tips below:

The best suited social media sites for fashion bloggers.FASHION BLOGGING A NEW TREND

Image source:Sicha Pongjivanich/

There are numerous sites in the pipeline to store your name and make your blog popular and successful. But the sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Plurk are some of the best for promoting your fashion blog. Your branding relies on your social engagement. Your popularity and your skill make you more reachable to your audience. Instagram is one of the best platforms for the exposure of fashion freak people and it may help you getting a wider audience.

Few striking points to build traffic via Instagram.

  • Spend quality time on the site to show your appearance.
  • Build your PR with your co-bloggers.
  • Publish your blog post more often.
  • Instagram can fetch huge readership.
  • To generate more traffic use the weapon of comments on other blogs.

Now the question arises after making efforts like social media engagement and branding. How can you generate income from your fashion blog? Please continue reading to have more ideas on it.

Few ways by which fashion bloggers can make money from their blog

The most challenging aspect for the blogger is to sustain the traffic and making money through it. However, there are specific and permanent ways from which fashion bloggers earn millions without fail.

  • The most reliable source of income is affiliate marketing of the products you review or also for the products; you link to the site. You will be paid per click, and it is easier to sell fashion related products online compared to another type of products. Hence, the earning potential will be more.
  • A blogger with huge readership and audience can make income through brand partnership.
  • You can be paid for writing advertorial for a long lasting partnership or ambassadorship.
  • If you brand your name or blog, sponsored reviews and advertisers will run after you.
  • You can also utilize the advertisements like the Google Adsense, Infolinks, and the likes.FASHION BLOGGING TO MAKE MONEY

Image credit: David Castillo Dominici /

If you are a newbie fashion blogger and not taken much effort to monetize your blog, please don’t be late. Try to properly utilize more  of your time and effort to grab a skyrocketing income from it.

You had already read a lot of valuable points about fashion blogging. What are you thinking now? I am sure that some of you are thinking of reading few fashion blogs now. Am I right? Perhaps you may be even thinking of starting your own fashion blog. If you are interested in starting one, it is good to do an intense research by going through the pages of  few fashion blogs and have more ideas.

Here is a list of few successful blogs that you can refer if you are new to fashion blogging. Remember these blogs are just randomly selected and not in any particular order.


The striking balances between your passion and profession can limitless your option for being successful. If females are turning their head for fashion blog around the world, then they are going right. I must say all cannot get success in it but with a burning desire to excel, nothing can stop you to achieve your goals provided you have certain level of talents and qualities to run a fashion blog. I can’t conclude now before saying that “Fashion is one avenue where the fantasy can become a reality.”

Author Bio:

Shivangi Srivastava Blogger Delhi

Shiwangi Srivastava is  one of the top rated female bloggers from India. She likes to write not only about technology related subjects but also women  oriented topics and family issues in her blogs. Her blogs can be accessed here at and





© The content is copyrighted to Reji Stephenson and may not be reproduced on other websites.

P V Ariel, A blogger without a blog

Did you ever see any comments on your blog posts from people who are non-bloggers? It is very rare to see comments from people who are not bloggers unless if you write about some political issues or matters affecting a particular section of people in the society. Whatever is the topic of discussion, only people who have an interest in the topic will write a comment and try to interact. Here I am introducing a blogger who, used to make comments on the blogs of others, even before he started his own blog.It shows the interest and enthusiasm of that person who is none other than Philip Verghese Ariel, who needs no introduction to most of my readers. Still I need to introduce this gentleman blogger to people who are not familiar with him. Here are the details of the discussion I had with him.

Reji: Can you introduce yourself to my blog readers in case a few of them may not be familiar with you?


P VAriel: Oh sure! My original name is Philip Verghese, but, commonly known among friends as, Ariel, ‘Phil’ or ‘P V’. Born and brought up in Kerala, a southern state in India. Now settled in Telangana yet another southern state in India. A freelance writer and an editor of a bi-monthly magazine called “Confident Living,” married and having two grown up sons. Wife also is a working woman. I manage few blogs in English and Malayalam (my native language).

Reji: I was a bit confused about your last name “Ariel” I understand that it’s your NonDe Plume! Is there any reason to select this name as your pen name?

P V Ariel:Yes, this is yet another apt question to answer! Yes, there is a big story behind this, and I would like to invite you to read that story in one of my blogger pages here: The Story Behind My Pen Name ‘Ariel.’

Reji: Many of the bloggers including myself do not have a background in writing. But you had been into writing before you started your blog. Could you please explain how much that motivated or encouraged you in blogging?

P V Ariel: Yes, I have been in the writing arena from a very young age. In fact, this passion developed in me at a very young age, if my memory does not go wrong, when I was studying in the 5th or 6th standard I used to jot down poems and snippets on notebooks and read it loudly in my home. I faced a lot of opposition from my family members for this act. To tell you the truth that does not end there and I secretly developed that and started writing different notes in the notebooks. That is a big story, and you can read a part of that at this link here.

Yes, as I said I had the passion for writing and I developed it in different ways. Of course, sad to say, all these are not in the English language instead it was all in Malayalam.

In short, this passion urged me to enter slowly into English language and started writing poems and letters to different publications. After reaching Secunderabad from my native place and the stay with my elder sister’s family was a new turn in my writing journey. My Sister’s encouragement helped me a lot to turn into the field of journalism and I completed my degree and joined for the Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and that paved way to enter into the field of English writing and later to the English blogging. Yes, those writing experiences in Malayalam motivated me to write in English and thus started writing on the blog pages.

Reji: Running more than one blog is a time-consuming process. Still, how do you manage to blog in two different languages at the same time? Could you explain a little bit about that?

P V Ariel: Yes, as we (bloggers) all know Blogging is a tedious and time-consuming job. One need to put a lot of efforts into it. Otherwise, one cannot succeed in this field. As I said earlier my English writing started with writing letters to different blog posts, I mean as we call it here “blog comments.”

Blog commenting

Image courtesy of Gualberto107/

My comments on different blog pages attracted many people, and some of them started asking me about my blog page, and to their surprise I said I do not have one! And that prompted me to start one and I started thinking of creating one and with the help and advice of one of my colleagues and few friends I started one. Initially, I started writing small posts and later developed in an extended scale. My first blog page’s name too is Philipscom and that was with Google’s Blogspot pages. Yes, writing or managing a blog is a time-consuming process, and then managing different one is still more a difficult task. But to tell you the truth in the initial stage of these processes I burned lots of midnight oil that is it! Hope you got some idea! Since blogging is a  part- time job, and I have an 8 hour a day full-time job. After coming from the office most of my time I used to spend on these activities like interacting with readers via mail, chat and over the phone. This increased on a large scale and more readers started dropping in. Interacting with them too was a difficult one and still in the wee hours of the night I managed to do all these. And the process still continues, and it slightly got affected my health too! So these days I reduced my time spending using the system for writing pages or related activities of blogging.

Reji: Writing in your own language or writing in English, what make you more satisfied?

P V Ariel: Of course I was more satisfied with my writing in Malayalam, since that is my native language, and I am more accustomed to it and my major writings are in that language and that really gives me more satisfaction. But at the same time there is an equally clear picture on the other side of the coin. Yes, these days, after creating my pages with a new domain in WordPress, the wonderful responses, love and encouragements I receive from the English writing/speaking friends that really give me a bit more higher satisfaction. In short, both give me satisfaction! And, in fact, I am in a dilemma to give a specific answer to this question! Which is on the high side? LOL

Reji: Do you have any tips for newbie bloggers for time management, especially when you are blogging in two languages?

P V Ariel: Time Management! Oh! My… This is really a difficult question to answer, since I did not follow any time management in this regard LOL, but still I work mainly on a priority basis of which is more essential to do or finish, accordingly I do or manage both pages.

Reji: Can you name five bloggers and their blogs that influenced you and the reasons why they are so important?

Ariel: Reji, it is again a difficult question to answer, since there are a good number of people to name who influenced me in my blogging journey. Since that will be a long list, and I prefer not to use this space for that. Not only that, by chance if I missed any name worth mentioning, that will be again an irreparable mistake I make! So Reji, I would like to skip this question.

Reji: Do you have any blogging mentor who actually helped you in your blogging journey so far? Is there anyone to support you with the technical issues?

P V Ariel: Yes, I have a few of them in this category. Before mentioning their name, I need to mention a few words about my beginning of this journey where I received lots of help in blogging. As I mentioned elsewhere, my blogging journey began with Google’s Knol pages, where I got a number of friends they are very helpful, and I learned a lot from them. Among them a few names if I do not mention I will not show justice to this question as well as to those dear ones.

Yes, when I think of my English writing, especially blogging the very first name comes to my mind is Dr. Johnson C. Philip a Knol author, a scientist and a Christian Apologist who helped me in different ways to start a blog. He manages a good number of blog and web pages. He writes in English and Hindi languages on various subjects like science, religion, etc. He is one of the well-known numismatists in India and writes about it in his web pages. Next comes is Prof. K V S S N Narayana Rao, yet another Knol Author and a prolific blogger who still writes on different educational and social subjects through his Blogspot blogs. Then comes, Peter Bhaskerville an Australian entrepreneur educationalist and a blogger who writes about Coffee and various other educational subjects. His Quora answers are well received. Next is Gust MEES, a gentleman from Luxembourg who writes on Education and different other niches. Mohrum Kalifa a blogger who writes in English and Arabic language, then is Jagdeesh Mohan Kumar (Jag) an SEO expert who handles various SEO related subjects in his blog pages. You can read some of the related articles I Co-authored with these famous personalities in my Knol pages which is now migrated to pages. Last but not the least is my friend Faisal Babu a Malayalam Blogger from Kunfuda (KSA) who helped me a lot in my Malayalam blog writing.

Next in line comes is my real mentor or tutor on the technical side of blogging, Bro. Rejoy Poulose, commonly known as Rejoy Poomala, an Engineer, who works in a famous broadcasting company in Kerala. He is a web designer and a WordPress expert and runs several blogs and web pages. In fact, my present web page is the brainchild of Rejoy. After developing this new page and domain, I got connected with more people and among them many are still helping me in developing my blogging arena. I do not know what to call them mentors, supporters, councilors or whatever… but I prefer to call them my fellow beloved bloggers! Thank you very much to all. Hey Reji as I feared at the beginning of this question’s answer, I think it is a bit longer one!


Image courtesy of khunaspix/

Reji: If given a choice, do you like to be known as a writer or blogger? Please tell me the reasons behind your favorite choice?

P V Ariel: Yes, if given a chance I would always like to be known as a writer, of course the reason behind this choice is that, since my school college days I used to read a lot of writing (poems, stories, and other articles) of famous Malayalam authors, and by reading through their write-ups I always had an inner feeling or let me put this way, “A Secret Desire” to become a writer. Yes, that feeling or desire always led me in my life, that one day I will be a well-known writer. Though the dream is yet not fulfilled! But I could very well say that I could reach up to a certain level.

Of course, those days there was no such things like blog, blogging or blogger. But at the present scenario, to be known as a blogger is yet preferable since, each and every writer has a blog page. And in the process the writer will be known again as a blogger too! LOL

Reji: You seem to be a very trustworthy person. Does that help you a lot in retaining your readers?

P V Ariel: Yes, indeed with full confidence I can say that I am a trustworthy person! I firmly believe that there is no need to add the word “it seems” in between that question! LOL

Yes, through our activities online, we can definitely reveal our identity in a measure. That in returns brings a lot of accolades to you and your page. I personally experienced it, and a large number of people contact me regularly via mail and phone calls, and I share what all I learned through this journey of blogging. And from their testimonies and appreciation I can very well say that the same attitude helped me a lot in bagging those accolades. You can read a post about it that explains what others say about Philipscom.

Reji: Could you please explain any tactics that helped you much for reader engagement?

P V Ariel: Building a strong relationship with the fellow bloggers can fetch a lot of mileage in our blogging journey. That is what I experienced and learned through blogging. Our comments on fellow bloggers’ pages surely will help in building a relationship. We need to be more careful while dropping comments, a solid, apt and constructive comment will get noticed by the very author of the page as well as others. That will surely fetch a reply from the writer and will pave the way to make a good relationship with that person or the owner of the blog. Whenever I talk about blog comments, I repeatedly say one thing that I would like to point out in this answer too!

“Yes, Comments can play a vital role in various aspects of blogging! Concentrate on and drop valuable and interactive and constructive comments to the fellow blogger’s pages, I am sure this tactic will help to get more reader engagement.”

Of course I found many people just drop one line or one word comments just to get backlinks to their pages, this attitude will not help any longer, such comments can easily be recognized by others and eventually that goes to the drain!

Reji:Could you explain the best traffic generating strategy using social media which works better for you?

P V Ariel: The social media button placed on our pages can easily do the trick. Though I have accounts on many social sites, I mainly concentrate on the major ones like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tsu, LinkedIn, Digg, and a few others. Apart from this my major traffic source is from different community forums the major ones I am involved in,  is  and AhaNOW/

Commenting on fellow bloggers’ pages and interacting with them through comments can play a vital role in this aspect. Here is a connected post that I wrote about traffic generating strategy,  9 Tips to Get Traffic into your Blog Pages.

Reji:Do you have any instances of meeting any celebrity or important person either online or in real life, because of the reason that you are a blogger?

P V Ariel: Meeting a celebrity in real life never happened so far! But meeting many such wonderful people online happened numerous times and is still happening! Though there were many chances (fellow bloggers’ personal requests and invitations) to meet wonderful bloggers in bloggers meet and other forums meet, so far I could not make it, sad to say due to various reasons I could not fulfill it so far. Reji, I remember that you  wrote a wonderful post about meeting people through blogging.

Reji: What would you prioritize? Readers? Content? SEO? Traffic?

P V Ariel; Reji, this is indeed a wonderful question! Nice that you asked! Yes, all these are equally important to a blogger, but no doubt, I give priority to my readers. All others will be secondary! The reason is that my readers are the backbone of my blogs or writings! If I do not care about them, what is the use in concentrating on SEO, Content or whatever! LOL

Reji:Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years from now as a Pro-blogger?

P V Ariel:Reji, this is really yet another difficult question to answer! In fact, I don’t believe in destiny, I mean fortune or luck; I even prefer to avoid those words in my general vocabulary, so I cannot predict where I will be in five years! This does not mean that I am a pessimist; instead I am an optimist, I always believe something good will happen today or tomorrow or some other day!

Oh, My… A Pro Blogger! Oh NO! To reach that level I believe or let me put it this way, or use the words of our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He said, and I quote: “Miles to go before I sleep” let me add one more line to it! Yes, “Many more sleepless nights need to add to it to reach that level or to procure that title! LOL

Anyways, my aim too is to move or to achieve that level at a stipulated time! And I strive to reach that goal, but I leave the rest to the God Almighty!

Reji: One last question, Could you share five factors that motivate you as a blogger so that it may become an inspiration for other bloggers as well?

P V Ariel:Motivation is the key word here!

Yes, with a good intention if we move forward, we will be a success in all that we do.
Some of the bloggers and their activities if we carefully watch, we get enough motivation to go forward.

Coming to the point, to the newbie bloggers, my sincere advice is to read more and read more about your selected subject, only by reading or studying other fellow authors’ write-ups, one can develop a stand in writing, of course this does not mean that one must copy exactly as what others do. Instead, it may come out as a unique one! Nurture it in your own style and develop it and write more and more, that is: Read, Read, Read and Read… unless and until a blogger become a reader he cannot survive in this field. Read and get more knowledge especially from the fellow bloggers’ write-ups. That will undoubtedly increase our knowledge and simultaneously leads to sharing it with your readers. Read a relevant article (A Guest Post) written by the famous SEO Expert and Blogger Atish Ranjan: Why Should Bloggers Read A Lot?

Yes, since I always like to share my blessings (knowledge) with my fellow beings I will always utilize such opportunities coming on my way to help others with my accrued knowledge. I firmly believe that unless and until you share the accumulated knowledge, it gets stagnated and becomes useless. Instead, if we share it, that will surely increase! Or we can get more knowledge on the said subject. In fact, when I say about this I am again reminded of my beloved mother who left behind this character for us to follow. You can read a memoir about my mother here.

Before closing this note, I would like to add one quote which I often use while in conversation or writing. It is a quote by one of the Founding Fathers’ of America, Benjamin Franklin. He said and I quote: “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

Yes, let others say that there was a man who lived among us who shared what all knowledge he accrued to the benefit of his fellow beings! Let us make note of this and live or spend our time for others and for their benefits! That will surely be a great thing we can do while we live on this earth!

P V Ariel: Thanks Reji for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful blog page, and I am indeed honored by offering this opportunity to share my experiences with your beloved readers.


Reji: Actually I am the one who should thank you for sharing your valuable experience with my readers. It is a great pleasure and honour that you have devoted your valuable time with us.

You can read more about this gentleman here: Philip Verghese “Ariel” The Knol Author

You can also read here a similar post about me that is posted by Ariel in his blog.


You can reach Philip through his social networks using the links below.


Google Plus




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Continue reading P V Ariel, A blogger without a blog

Few important steps to become famous in blogging

How to become famous in bloggingImage courtesy of iosphere/

People write blogs for many reasons. Many like to showcase their writing skills or other skills like photography. Few of them like to have their poetry skills seen by more audience. Many newbie bloggers think that they will become a famous blogger soon.

Whenever there is a discussion about blogging, it will end up in money making opportunities as well. Hence, we can’t avoid mentioning about those who started blogging to make money online.

Even if there are hundreds of reasons why someone start a blog, no one will start a blog to become famous. But in their long run as a blogger, some of them attain the status of celebrities and become famous. I am not saying that all the bloggers are famous. I will say that only a selected number of bloggers will attain the status of a real celebrity.

Here, I am not talking about those who are already a celebrity and running a blog of their own. You cannot say that they are famous because they are bloggers. Having a blog may make them attain more respect and admiration from their fans.

Tips to become a famous blogger who make money onlineImage courtesy of iosphere/

We know that Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachan and American actress and singer Gwyneth Paltrow have their blogs that they update regularly. Their fans are eager to see about the new updates that give them information regarding a new film or program.

I know you are not a celebrity. Am I right? You are an ordinary person like me who also writes a blog. Let’s see the situation from an ordinary bloggers point of view. In this context, I am using the word ‘ordinary blogger’ to represent someone like me who is a blogger and not a celebrity.

Imagine you are not a blogger and never tried to be one. Even if we are a blogger or not, we will read a lot on the internet like the news articles and so on.  My question here is ‘Do you check who is the author of an article you might come across the internet while searching for some information?’

I don’t think you will do that. If you are not a blogger yourself, you may not be much interested to know about the author of that particular content you just read online.  I never used to do that before the days when I started to write a blog. Only if you are a blogger or a writer, you will have that curiosity to know about the author behind a topic that you read online.

Top tips to become famous by blogging and make money onlineImage courtesy of iosphere /

So I would say that updating your blog with useful and quality articles alone will never make you a famous blogger. Definitely, you will become known among your fellow bloggers and in the circle of online communities where you are interacting with a large number of bloggers. But, that alone make you a famous person or celebrity to a wider audience.

Then what else more you need to do to become a famous blogger? Before I answer that question, let me go through some of my friend’s opinion about starting a blog.

I asked many of my friends to start a blog. I thought that if any of my friends develop an interest in blogging, it could be more beneficial for me. The real fact is that most of them or all of them have some negative things to say about blogging. It seems that they have more misconceptions than the actual facts. 

Here are some of the opinions I got from different people including some close friends about starting a blog.


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  1. Blogs are like personal diaries, and it doesn’t contain useful content to read.
  2. I am not interested in writing.
  3. I am not good in writing.
  4. I can’t write.
  5. Where is the time to write anything after my work and other household chores?
  6. Making money from blogging is not easy.
  7. Make money from blogging is a misconception.
  8. Few people might have got money from blogging, but that doesn’t mean everyone can do the same.
  9. These bloggers are lying that they are getting thousands of dollars from blogging.
  10. Don’t do it. It is a waste of time. If you are looking for money, do some offline business that is more reliable.
  11. I am not good at computers and technology.
  12. I am not good in web designing.

Seriously, these are the answers I heard from many people and they all like to say a big ‘No’ to blogging as a career or  a hobby. I believe you might have heard similar views from few of your friends too. If these are the misconceptions about blogging, it is sure that no one will try to become famous by starting a blog. Because they believe that it is a crap thing to do in life. So they don’t believe in any positive aspects of blogging or they never properly understand the advantages of having a blog.

Then, who has the chance to become famous by blogging? Now let me answer that question here.

Few important things you have to do to make yourself a famous blogger

Remember that I am not talking about becoming a popular a blogger in one particular country where you live. You may be a popular blogger in your country of origin or active in some of the online communities and forums. Still you need to do put more effort if you want to become more famous in the eyes of a global audience. I am not trying to degrade anyone by arguing that being famous in your country does not make you famous with respect to a worldwide audience. Here, I am attempting to inspire you to take your blog to the next level to become more popular.

So here are the few things that may lead you to become a famous blogger if you keep consistently working on your blog. Even though I am not a great blogger myself, I am compiling the list based on my little blogging experience and analysis of the trends in blogging.

1.Do something unique that make you entirely different from other bloggers.


You need to do something unique compared to all others in the field. One of the major complaints about blogging is the presence of the similar type of contents or ideas all over the internet in the form of blogs. So you should look for something different from others. For example, I can share you a simple experience of posting personal photos in Facebook. I never like the idea of sharing personal photos in Facebook. Even if I post some pictures occasionally, the comments and likes I used to get from my friends was minuscule. But the attention I got for a cartoon picture of myself drawn by my little daughter when she was just four years old was entirely different. I got the most number of comments and Facebook likes for the picture. Hence, I would suggest that if you would like to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, you need to find something unique and more attention seeking. Remember you are not the only blogger, there are million others. So try something extra which is unique.

2.Provide high-quality services to your clients

When you start a blog, the number of visitors you have will be less. Even though the readers are very less, make sure that you provide some quality service to anyone who approach you for any help. The traffic to your blog may not be the same after few months or years. You may have double the number of visitors than before. If you provide your readers with high-quality service, you can achieve a considerable amount of increase in the number of clients who approach for a service. The word will spread, and hence more number of people and even organisations may start contacting you for your service.  Here is your best chance to show your presence and abilities and make a reputation. You may be providing your clients with web designing or any other service. Try to do your best and brand yourself as a master.

Remember the journey of Neil Patel.He is the best example for a blogger who became famous by giving valuable service to his clients including many corporate giants.

3.Make more money online

People will become famous automatically when they become wealthy. No one recognizes you or care about you if you don’t have enough cash. But having money will give you fame and reputation. The same applies to people from every walk of life. Those who make more money from their blogs have the greater chance of being famous. Bloggers like John Chow from became popular and get noticed when they started to earn huge income from their blogs. Eventually, they began to appear in TV interviews and also featured in leading newspaper columns. So I suggest you not to make any delay in putting more and more effort to make more money online.

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4.Promote your blog properly

You are providing valuable and unique contents in your blog. You may be providing good service to all your clients. Still you need to promote your blog as much as possible. Even though your contents and quality of service you provide from the blog is great, make sure that you are following the best blog promotion activities. If your blog promotion is not up to the mark, the blog may not be noticed by more people around the world. Try to be part of more online communities and actively engage yourself in reading others blog and start commenting on it.  I know the time available for you is the biggest hindrance that make you less active in communities and forums. Even I find it hard for finding enough time to make an active involvement in online communities. You may not do many promotional activities for your blog and still enjoy the privileges of being a blogger. But remember that it will only make you a blogger but not a famous blogger like Neil Patel or John Chow.

5.Promote yourself

Self-promotion has its good and bad effects. It may affect you and your blog in a positive or negative way. Too much of self-promotion will make a negative impact for your blog. It may reduce the professional image of your blog especially if you have a technology blog. Still people may like to know more about the author of a blog. This curiosity of readers makes them interested in reading some personal matters and opinions from you. Here you have to find out the exact limit where you can go with your personal promotion that may be different from blog to blog depending upon the niche. Still there are so many instances where personal blogs made people famous. It is not a bad idea to have a separate personal blog for yourself along with a professional blog to promote yourself. You will have the freedom to write anything and everything under the sun in your personal blog. Also, that same blog can be used to promote your professional blogs through links and promotional posts.

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These are few steps that may make you a famous blogger if you take it seriously and do your persistent hard work. There is no shortcut to significant success in blogging. Please spare a little time in the comments column for adding any more steps that can make a blogger more famous and popular. I would like to hear more ideas on this topic from other fellow bloggers. Thank you for your precious time with





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40 Interview questions to ask when you interview a blogger

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Interviewing other bloggers in your blog will let your readers have a bit of variety as they get to know more about other bloggers and their profile. It may not sound good if you ask the similar question to all the bloggers you interview in your blog. For example, you can’t ask the same questions that you asked a technical blogger to a fashion blogger. However, here is a list of 40 questions that may give you an idea of framing questions for interviewing a blogger. You can make slight changes on these questions depending upon the niche and profile of a blogger that you interview.

1. Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?
2. Describe how did you first get into blogging?
3. Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?
4. How would you describe your blogging style?
6. What type of networking do you think is better to enhance your traffic to the blog?
7. What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to his readers?
8. What would be your ideal working environment?
9. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?
10. What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?
11. How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?
12. What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?
13. Tell me about your proudest achievement?
14. Who has impacted you most in blogging and how?
15. What is your greatest achievement outside of blogging?
16. How do you think I rate your blog as an interviewer?
17. What do you do in your spare time?
18. Where would you like to be in blogging five years from now?
19. What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?
20. Can you name some of your favourite bloggers and explain why they are your favourites?
21. What inspired you to start your blog?
22. How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up
and running?
23. Can you tell me about few sources from where you get products for review on your site?
24. What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?
25. In the future where do you hope your blog will take you?
26. Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your blogging journey?
27. Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?
28. What is the biggest difference in your life post-blogging?
29. Did you have any professional help or did you created the blog yourself?
30. How active are you on a weekly basis? How often do you communicate with your followers?
31. How much time do you spend blogging?
32. What do you think is the best social media strategy for getting more visitors to a blog?
33. Would you encourage other people to make their blog?
34. Is blogging your profession or just a hobby?
35.A lot of people think that blogging is an easy way to make money online. Do you have some tips for those people who are interested in making money from the blog?

Make suitable questions keeping in mind the niche of the interviewee. For example, if the interviewee is a fashion blogger, the following questions can be used.

36. Who was your first style icon?
37. Who takes the majority of your photos?
38. What would you say that is the biggest challenge about fashion blogging?
39. How would you describe your personal style and is there a person who is a fashion inspiration to you?
40. What would you say that is the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger? (Invitations to fashion events, interaction with people, gifts, etc.)


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Software testing as a career option for non-science graduates


You might wonder why I am writing a post on software testing on this blog. At least a few number of people might think how a post related to software testing is relevant in this blog. Before I answer that question, let me explain a little bit about software testing, in case if there is anyone who doesn’t know much about it.

What is software testing?

According to the Wikipedia definitions, which states ‘Software Testing’ is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test. Software testing can also provide an objective, independent view of the software to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks of software implementation. Test techniques include, but are not limited to, the process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding software bugs (errors or other defects).

In simple terms, software testing can be explained as a process by which we can test whether the software is working properly or not. In other words, it is the process of identifying bugs or errors in a software product or project.

What are the qualifications and skills you need to have to become a testing professional?

In most cases, companies hiring employees for their testing projects look of candidates with qualifications in engineering, computer science or similar qualifications.

While hiring the candidates, recruiters may look for people with the following skill sets as a software tester


1.Good communication skills

The recruiters look for people with good written and oral communication skills. If you are a blogger, it is understood that you have a certain level of writing skills. Good oral communication skill is a must in this job especially if you want to get promoted to higher levels.

2.Technical skills

You should have the basic computer skills like MS Office, Outlook, OpenOffice, etc. It is good if you have a certain level of proficiency in few programming languages as well as testing tools like QTP, Loadrunner, etc. I know some of you don’t have those skills. Don’t worry too much. These skills can be developed by proper training.

3.Willingness to learn and make suggestions about a product.

If you would like to enter into this profession and make a successful career out of it, you should be willing to learn new things. As a good tester, you need to learn about the products and services in order to give proper suggestions for improvement.

4.Good Analytical skills

There is no need to say that you should have good analytical skills. If you are there to suggest corrections and improvements for a product, it is understood that you must have good analytical skills.

Now let me come back to the question, ‘Why I am writing this post about software testing in this blog?’ My aim is to help you start a career in software testing even if you don’t have any science or technical qualifications mentioned above.

Most companies hire people who have an engineering or computer science qualifications for this job. That does not mean that this job can be done only by people with similar kind of qualifications. Even if you don’t have those qualifications or technical background, you can still be able to enter this prospective profession with the help of training courses and certifications that make you equipped to apply for entry-level positions in this career.

Perhaps, you have a degree in a finance or commerce and think that you are unable to try for the job of a software tester. You may not be trying even though you are competent enough with all the other skill sets mentioned above. If someone among you reading this post think that I am talking about you, then don’t be late to take a decision that may change your career as a whole.

Here, I am talking about courses that may help you to get hired as a software tester even without having an engineering or computer science degree. I know many people are busy with our daily life. Even if you are a young person with fewer responsibilities in life, sometimes it may be hard to find time to go to an institute to study a course. If you are facing a similar situation, I suggest you to make use of online courses.

Testing4success is a Vancouver-based organization that provides software testing services to various clients all over the world. Also, they provide online courses for software testing starting with the basic or foundation courses that can be done by anyone without any previous experience or knowledge in the subject. As the courses are online, it provides you the opportunity to do it from different parts of the world.

These course will guide you to pass certifications like ISTQB that helps you to get hired as a tester especially if you are seeking jobs in countries like U.K and U.S. If you feel that this is a career option that suits your interests and abilities, please have a go through the courses available from Testing4success and make a decision about your future career prospects.

e-Learning Courses for Software Testers – Click Here

If you have any further queries related to software testing as a career, please feel free to let me know that through the comments column. I will be more than happy to assist you with your queries. Have a great day.

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