15 Best Job Search Websites on the Internet

There is a huge amount of work that the job seekers have to do in order to find a job of their dream. From creating a perfect resume and to writing the correct cover letter, to succeeding the interview to finding the best-fit job for you.

To find the best job, you need to browse through a large number of job listings at an even larger number of job search websites. Since there is a huge chunk of job searching websites, it can be difficult to know which the best are for you. To clear this confusion, read on and get familiar with some of the best job search websites online.

Best Job Search Websites

Today, I am publishing a comprehensive list of 15 best websites that you can use for searching your dream job.


When it comes to the best tools for finding a job, it is almost impossible to match LinkedIn for it. The first place you should check LinkedIn for your job, LinkedIn has been ranked globally 11 on Alexa, and a rank of & in the U.S. You can also use this site to find the best jobs by extending your network. In addition to all this, you can follow companies and people in your dream company, join groups and participate in interesting conversations. Lastly, you can also showcase your portfolio on your profile which makes it easier for employers to review your work and contact you.


One of the most visited sites on the internet, Indeed has more than 140 million visitors every month. Indeed is a job site aggregator which behaves like a search engine for jobs and consolidates all job listings in one place. It showcases job listings from many websites which include job boards, company career sites, associations, newspaper classified and many more online sources. You can widen or narrow your search until it fits perfectly for your need. Additionally, users can upload their resumes and share a link to it with the employers personally.

Career Builder

Career Builder is one of the biggest job boards which operate in 23 countries in addition to the US. With more than 24 million visitors every month, this job searching website features resume posting, job search, career advice, and other resources. It has also partnered with many news media all around the world and collects job listings to prove you with both national and local job listings. You can also use their advanced search option to contract your search by degree, type of employment, salary and date posted. Lastly, you can also create job alerts so that jobs meeting your criteria are emailed to you.


Job.com is a large website which provides you with job postings, weekly job alerts, resume builder and advice for searching a job. You can also upload your resumes on their website for employers and hiring managers to view and contact you directly if you fit their criteria. This website does not charge you for posting your resume, searching and applying for a job. Lastly, you can also receive free industry trade magazines, search the latest online degree programs and have access to the latest job market information.

The Ladders

The Ladders is a professional-level job search who are experts in career management. The focus of this website is on job openings for professionals and upper-level executives. This website is perfect for you if you are aiming for the management suite. It offers you the advice, tools, and expertise to make you a stronger candidate and move up in your career. Having reviewed over more than 1.5 million resumes, Ladder has also published many blogs and articles on career-related subjects.


Glassdoor is more of a website that provides insights into a company rather than a job listing website. However, they do list some of the jobs on their website. Glassdoor mainly provides information to you about a company’s work conditions, salaries, benefits, negatives and interview processes. Other than this, you can also review the interview questions, and for all job titles, you can compare the local salary with the national average. Additionally, it also allows the employers to find job seekers and then market their companies to them. Glassdoor has an Alexa rank of 137 among the citizens of US.


Monster is one of the oldest and most visited websites present on the web currently. Apart from providing a job searching feature, it also allows you to upload your resume, gives career advice, and provides salary information and company profiles. It also has a networking board and a search alert service for you to get alerted via emails on your job preferences.

Simply Hired

This job searching website has more than nine million jobs displayed, and the number is growing every day. You can search jobs in all categories possible from entry-level work to even health care and high tech jobs. To make things easier, it lets you save your job searches for future reference and also sends you email alerts. Other than this, you can look at their charts with show geographic trends, occupation trends, and industry trends. Lastly, using this website, you can sort your searches according to companies that accept eco-friendly practices, high rate of diversity and many other varied criteria.


If you are looking for a job in the tech industry, then Dice is the website you should register on. It has a huge database of the jobs currently available in the information technology industry. In addition to this, it also has a huge range of articles which provide advice and tips on how you can land your dream job in the information technology field. Ranked 901 on Alexa by the US audience, you can filter your search on Dice by location, job titles, type of employment, skills or even by some specific company.


Do you want to build a career helping others? Then Idealist is your perfect website. The jobs listed on idealist are from non-profit organizations where you can find jobs, internships as well as volunteer opportunities. You can filter your search by keywords, type of job, location or areas of interest. They also post articles about the types of jobs and also send a daily email regarding the opportunities that suit your location and interest. By being a registered user, you are also given the opportunity to increase your networking by contacting employers in your field of interest.


LinkUp is a unique job search engine where they post jobs directly from the company’s websites around the country. They monitor the websites of small, medium and large companies and update their website when the company’s website is updated with current openings.

Since they do an in-depth monitoring and provide jobs straight from the website, you are sure to know that there are no spams or junks and the jobs are available with the company. You can filter your search by keywords, title, city, state, company name or even zip code. In advanced search options, you can also filter by the length of the time the job has been listed.

Tweet My Jobs

One of the newest sites, Tweet my jobs has taken advantage of the power of social media. They have combined the most viral and powerful Twitter platform with the job seeking community to make it one of the most powerful recruiting tools for you and the employers. However, you will have to register with Twitter to get access to their job listings. This is because they provide only the Twitter users with instant job listings that have been derived from the Tweet My Jobs channel. So, it is good to register with Twitter and access the vacant positions at top companies through this website.


Having an Alexa Rank of 1,241, Snagajob has more than 80 million registered job seekers and more than 300,00 employer locations. This website is mainly for you if you do not like the traditional nine to five jobs. If you are looking for more part-time or flexible jobs, then Snagajob is just the right fit for you.

It offers you a wide range of career opportunities and jobs across all industries from retail to hospitality, healthcare and much more. They focus mainly on building quality and instant connections so you can find jobs in just minutes using their website. You are sure to find a fulfilling job where you can maximize your potential. To bring you an up-to-date job listing, Snagajob has partnered with companies like AMF, Red Lobster and 7 Eleven.

Talent Zoo

Talent Zoo is the perfect website for you if you are looking for jobs in advertising, designs, marketing, creative pursuits and web related positions. Having more than 87,000 jobs listed on their website, it is the best and most user-friendly website for you. You also get an option to filter your job search by the name of the job, the dates the jobs were posted on the website, location of the job and also by your preferred company name.

Media Bistro

Media bistro stands true to its tagline of “the pulse of media” by having a job board for you if you are looking for an opportunity in the media industry. This website has a lot to offer if you are looking for jobs from editors to communication, coordinators, and social media positions. In addition to all this, they also host events like conferences, trade shows, cocktail parties, boot camps and online events. These events are hosted so that you have an opportunity to increase your networking. Some of the top companies featured on their website are UNICEF, Amazon and much more.

Finding The Right Job Site For You

With this list of top 15 job search websites, you can land your dream job. If you do not like all, then you can pick the best out of them and register on their website. Upload your resume and start searching and filtering your job preference. Optimize your job search better and have a better hand at finding the next best opportunity and landing your dream job. So wait no more and register on these websites. Good Luck!

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