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We all know that blogging is not just about writing articles, reviews or whatever. In fact, blogging is more of a networking. Without networking with fellow bloggers, it is not easy to make a success in blogging. For example, if you are involved in blogging for at least few months of time, you will definitely develop a network of friends. You will come in touch with fellow bloggers through their comments. Then the involvements in social media sites make it easier for you to do the rest of the networking with fellow bloggers.

Don’t think that I am trying to write a post on networking among bloggers. Here I am trying to list some of the bloggers that I came across after I started this blog. The list of bloggers that I am posting now is not based on any rating, rank or order. For the convenience, I am just following the alphabetical order of their names.

why are you writing a list like this?

If someone ask me the above question, my answer is “I could have never met or sometimes even heard of few of these people in my whole life without myself being a blogger”. You may come across people like Amit Agarwal, Neil Patel, John Chow as well as other bloggers with similar kind of reputation from sources like a popular magazine or TV show. But you may not be interested in whatever things they do in real life or virtual world if you are not a blogger by yourself.

It is a human tendency that like-minded people always like to interact with each other. For this reason, I am pretty sure that you will be interested in hearing about other bloggers as they are doing  something creative  similar to what you are trying to establish. Hence, here is the list of awesome people I came across while indulging in blogging related activities.

1.Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal

If you are new to blogging and from India, the first name you may come across from the blogging world will be Amit Agarwal. He is  an Engineering degree holder in computer science who quit his high profile job to become India’s first professional blogger. His blog ‘Digital Expressions’ can be listed as one among the best technical blogs in the world. Thanks for his technical expertise and awesome tips he shares through his truly valuable blog.

 2.Alice De Sturler


It is always great to see lawyers blogging because we are almost sure that the contents in their blog will contain something valuable to us. Alice is a lawyer who runs two impressive blogs named ‘Defrosting Cold Cases’ and ‘Your Blog Coach.’ ‘In the first blog, she showcases her ability as a crime blogger narrating instances of cold cases. The second blog gives us some valuable tips and inspiration for blogging together with contents related to crime fiction.

 3.Anna Cull

Anna Cull

When I was writing an article explaining the advantages of blogging, I came across this awesome blogger who is an artist. Actually I was trying to explain the importance of blog as a portfolio for an artist and hence  I used the link to her blog to explain the things in an easy way. You can access her blog here if you would like to  see her excellent artwork.

4.Ananya Kiran


Ananya KiranAnanya is an Engineer by education living in Seattle with her roots from India. She is a blogger and freelance writer who also like connecting with people, issues and ideas together to create new opportunities(as ‘about’ of her blog says). I first noticed her writings in a community of bloggers called the Indiblogger. She expresses herself unapologetically at ANANYA TALES! 

5. Beeb Ashcroft


Blogger-cum-journalist-Beeb-AshcroftShe is a London- born journalist and blogger now living in the North Oregon Coast, U.S.A. She has been blogging since 2008 added with her seventeen years of experience in journalism. I came to know about this friendly and supportive blogger through the website called the Bloggers London that she founded for connecting U.K based bloggers with brands.

 6.Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse

Even though I never had any interactions with this blogger from Australia, I am a great fan of his writing style. I spend a lot of time reading his articles as I find impressive and informative. The blog also provides us with the opportunity to search and apply for some writing related job. He also runs a blog on photography along with his ‘main blog‘.

7.Gaurab Mukherjee

Gaurab MukerjeeHis about column describes this engineer as a writer, blogger, avid reader, traveller and researcher. He has his own style of describing things around his life. I find this blogger and his blog interesting, so I believe some of you reading this blog may like it too.  His blog ‘Processing the life‘ will take you to a different reading experience.


8.Harsh Agrawal

Another young and big name in blogging from India. His blog ‘Shoutmeloud‘ has the power of a real shout around the blogging world. He usually writes very long  (at least 1500 words) blog posts and cover immense amount of valuable information. If you are looking for relevant, informative content on topics like WordPress, blogging or web-hosting, this blog is one of the best choices that I had come across ever.

9.Harleena Singh

In spite of being an established and reputed professional writer, she finds time to reply to his friends, followers and fans. She runs an online community along with her blog Aha-now. If you are a blogger, you may definitely know the importance of joining online communities that will improve the traffic, as well as other prospects of your blog. Joining online communities like the Aha-now blog community is a good move for any blogger, especially those who are naive.

10.Harshda Mangal

Harshda Mangal is an awesome blogger who is a law student from the capital city of India and runs a humour blog. Creating humour in your writing is not an easy task  and Harshda does that well through her blog Creatigentt. She can bring out laughter from the dead. According to her “anything around us can make us laugh, what is required is the right amount of tickle. She is the first blogger to like the about column in my blog and also the first blogger friend in Facebook.

11.John Chow

This amazing person runs a blog called the Johnchow.com where he gives valuable information regarding making money online. He does that by explaining how he make money online. It is not surprising that this Dotcom Moghuls blog is having more than 200000 active daily visitors and readers. Truly, I am a fan of this man as he is not only a blogger but also an impressive speaker and entrepreneur. I am quite sure that if you go through his blog once, you will definitely like this person. Don’t forget to go through few of the videos in his blog where he try to provide us with valuable information for any blogger to follow.

12.Jane Sheeba

Jane Sheeba

A Ph.D. holder in Medical Physics from Lancaster University, U.K., She is an immensely gifted, talented and hardworking writer and blogger. Her different blogs proved that she has the potential to write about various number topics ranging from healthcare to technology. One of her main blog called ‘The Problogging Success‘ is a great source of valuable tips and information for those who are dreaming to make any achievements through blogging. She is one among the leading female bloggers from India.

13.Marion Ueckermann

Marion UkkermanMarion Ueckermann is a novelist and blogger. Her first novel ‘Helsinki Sunrise’ was released on August 22, 2014 through White Rose Publishing, a Pelican Group imprint. Her second novelette in this series, Oslo Overtures, will be released soon in 2015. She is currently working on more inspirational romances, some of which are under consideration. One of her blog ‘Foreign Affaire’ showcases an author and a book for a month, covering character interviews, location of the story and author interviews that have a foreign flair to them. More details can be accessed from her website marionueckermann.com


14.Muralee Mukundan

Muralee MukundanAfter I had started this blog, I was actually curious to find out whether there are any bloggers of Indian origin blogging from London. Even though I was able to find out a few from the entire U.K., I find it strange that there are only very few Indian bloggers in London. (If there are more, please let me know about you in the comments column). Muralee Mukundan, a magician cum blogger, is one among those people that I find in London who blog about anything he see and hear in London in a humorous way through his blog called ‘Bhilathipattanam‘. The blog is written in an Indian language called Malayalam. For those   who know the language, it is a must read, especially if you live in and around London.


15.Margaret Rose Stringer

Margaret Rose Stringer

She is one of the frequent commenters of my blog posts. Her comments are always a source of inspiration for me to write more. Her blog, Margaretrosestringer.com is a fascinating read for anyone who follow it.

16.Mi Muba

Although I never had many interactions with this blogger, his blog posts are really informative for anyone aiming to start a career in blogging. His blog ‘Be a money blogger’ will definitely provide you with more knowledge about blogging that may motivate you to involve more in blogging related things. If you never read his blog, I suggest you to go through it once today and let’s see the importance of it.

17.Neil Patel

A London-born entrepreneur, blogger and analytics expert. He currently lives in Seattle, U.S.A. Few sentences are not enough to describe this great internet marketer. U.S. President Obama honoured him as one of the top hundred entrepreneurs among  people who are less than 30.His blog Quicksprout.com is a must read for anyone interested in content marketing related topics.Definitely we need to have one lengthy blog post to describe this young achiever.

18.Neel Kanth


This blogger from India who writes about various topics through his blog Uppermost.me.He received award for excellence twice from a freelance journalist association in India.The style of writing he follows allow him to write about any subject under the sun.

19.Prakash K.R.

Prakash K R

One of the guest bloggers in this blog Mr.Prakash K.R was a friend of mine from India while I was in Bangalore during the year 2004. I lost touch with this friend after I relocated to London. Thanks to the networking opportunities of blogging, I met this friend again through a web portal called Indiblogger which is actually a community of bloggers from India.



20.Richa Badola

Richa BadolaThis blogger from India is the first to write a guest post on my blog. She is a teacher by profession and had published a collection of poems in the form of a book called ‘The Vagrant’ published @smashwords.com and her blog can be accessed from the link given below.



 Bottom Line

Blogging and networking with fellow bloggers is a never ending process so I hope this blog post may become a never ending post as I am planning to keep updating the number of bloggers in this list time and again. If anyone reading this post feel that you are not mentioned in this post, please note that you will get added soon when I get enough time to do so.

Your comments and suggestions on this post are most welcome. Please remember the value of comments in building relationship with a fellow blogger. Blog commenting not only add value to a blog post but also lead to better networking with fellow bloggers.

Hope you enjoyed the post and thank you very much for spending your precious time with Digital Dimensions.

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