The positive side of social media

Positive Side of social media

What is social media to a common man? Many of them or at least some of them think of it as a waste of time. Few people think of it as a waste of money. If you look at its negative side, we can say that it is something that kills our precious time each and every day.

Yes, it has some destructive nature. We can see that the youth immersed in their smart phones sending messages and eagerly waiting to get their replies. It seems they forget to see what is going on at their immediate surroundings. Mostly they start their day texting “Good Morning” to their friends. They forget to say the same to their father, mother, husband, wife, partner or their friend who may be there at the same house or a room. This is the effect of social media and internet communication system.

Children are not completely affected by the social media, but they are also under the influence of the internet and Smartphone’s. They look like as if they are living in a world where they have to see the cartoon each and every second of their life. Something that occurs with a compulsive nature. This has become a big worry for most parents at this modern era.

This is only one side of the coin. If we look at the other side, we can see its mass global effect. It takes me to a fantasy world where social media rule the world. I believe social media is the technology of the future generations to come. Some people can see only the negative side of things. But why do you look at the negative side of everything? Lets us see the positive side of it.Digital Dimensions positive side of social mediaIt may not be too long that there will be some media similar to facebook, an altered version where we can store the details of every country in the world. All the nations in the world will be its members. It could be probably in the manner that if we go through the profile of a particular nation, we can see the details of each and every citizen of that country. In effect, it should contain the basic details of an individual like their date of birth, address etc. Even if every citizen of a country can check their details, they are not allowed to make any changes. The administrative power will be with some of the concerned authorities who manage the media.

Few decades back we never imagined of making an international call with a cheaper rate. Thanks to the technology behind Skype that made it possible for us to make international calls with a cheap rate or nearly free. Also, big thanks to social media like twitter and facebook that made the world looks so smaller. Even if it is in the midnight we are able to convey messages to someone sitting at the other end of the globe in no time as if he or she is our neighbor. Why can’t we see this positive side of social media and leave the negative side away?


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