How to make money online ?

make money online

I believe the question “How to make money online?” is one of the most searched questions so far on the internet search engines. Is my belief wrong? Do you also believe this?

We know the whole world is behind money. Some may need it for making their both ends meet. For some people, it may be a never ending process. But we can argue that it is a human tendency. Once we get something we want more. If we live in a small flat, we think of buying a big house. Once we have a big house, we may go after one more in another city or country.

People who are in need of money may make an attempt to find some ways to enhance their income or wealth. Can we call them greedy or avaricious? Can we blame them for inputting the question ‘ How to make money online ‘ in search engines like Google or yahoo?

We are living in a society where more and more people are trying to find online jobs and money making opportunities. Are we able to find a suitable solution for our search? What do you think?

It is a pity that most of the time people end up in some phishing websites. Here, we may be asked to pay a registration fee for doing something the site promises and soon realise that we have lost some money in the process. We come across various sites that may even prompt us to set up direct debits from our bank accounts to make payments for their services before they fully explain their terms and conditions. Do these sites help us to make or lose money online? Few people believe that they can become millionaires overnight. Perhaps, in this case we may call them greedy or avaricious.

Truly, one’s loss of money is another’s gain.




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