Is digital marketing closing the doors of traditional marketing?

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Do you believe that the role of traditional marketing strategies will soon reach a minimal level in the total marketing scenario? We can’t predict exactly how long traditional marketing will survive in its minimal form. The rapid advancement in digital and internet technologies change the life style of human beings globally. Today we are able to see more people and share their thoughts online even if they live at the opposite sides of the globe. This effect of the internet technology leads to the advancement of digital marketing strategies.

At present we are living in a world where we totally or partially forget about the traditional marketing. Probably after few decades we may need to explain to the future generations about the traditional marketing that existed years back.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing involves advertising in newspaper, magazine, TV, radio and telephone books (or directory). Currently we see the traditional methods gradually vanishing from the scene mainly because of the internet media. We see that people read lesser number of magazines now. Radio is something that can be seen only as part of a car stereo. Telephone books don’t have the importance that it once had as we depend on mobile phones for most of the communications. But, the traditional activity like advertising in a newspaper or attending a networking event will have a place alongside the digital marketing for some more time.

Due to the emergence of digital technologies, marketing has become easier and affordable for any organisation. We can do our own advertisements or promotions by the click of a mouse.

Trends in Digital Marketing

Even a smaller business or service provider has a website online that tries to attract its customers. Bigger organizations use their website to attract traffic using Search Engine Optimisation Techniques. The emergence of Social networks like the Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc enhanced the importance of digital marketing process.

The emergence of Social news is another landmark in the new age of digital marketing. These are basically community based sites that rate and market news articles. Dig and reddit are few sites that work in that way.

SMS marketing with the use of microblogs is one of the latest trends that work very productively. Micro blogs can be considered as something between a blog and an SMS. Using this method we get new updates about a product or service when we follow a particular user profile. Using this technology SMS on a mass scale can be generated that will work as a significant marketing strategy. Social media sites also use this technology for posting updates on products and services when used for marketing.

E-mail marketing has been upgraded to a different level since the usage of RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds. The development of this technique helps to deliver updates directly to an users desktop or news reader hence avoiding a situation where thousands of e-mails are being sent to any particular user. This method of marketing helps to reduce the count of spam messages thereby uses only a few portion of the bandwidth.

Having a blog to promote the business is another way of marketing. Pay per click advertisement is another source of marketing. Google Ad words work in this manner.

Factors favouring digital marketing in place of the traditional marketing.

When the behaviour of consumer change, the marketing strategies also has to be changed in accordance with that. The numbers of people shopping online or approaching to get a service online are increasing on a day by day basis. So if the marketing strategies are not changed it may lead to falling behind other competitors in the field. In this modern age consumers are more likely to approach an online magazine or a newspaper than its hard copy. Instead of checking on books or periodicals, they rely more on Google search or other search engines hence making everything look more digital. As the trend of consumers change, definitely the marketing strategies also have to be changed. When consumers get product updates on their Smartphone, chances of relying on newspaper advertisements become less.

Traditional means of marketing are more expensive as the marketer may need to pay big amount of money for an advertisement in print media or television. Introducing the product and services using a website is far much cheaper than using the traditional media. Also, there is the advantage that the marketing of the business can be done by the owner of the business itself, thereby reducing the cost of depending on an organisation or recruiting employees to establish the task. Even a small scale business done by an individual can be easily promoted online.

Another important feature of digital marketing is the monitoring of real time results. The marketer is able to see the number of prospective visitors in the site. He can also be able to analyse better trading times and other related features.Reji Digital Marketing

The traditional marketing methods may expose the business to a particular area or region of a country while the scale of impact of digital marketing is too high in terms of exposure. The benefit of sending updates worldwide by a click on the mouse using social media and mobile technology platforms make digital marketing the number one choice for any type of business.

I would like to have suggestions and views on the prospects of digital marketing so that I can come up with more ideas in my forthcoming blogs.

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