How to make your online marketing more effective?

Online marketing

In the present marketing scenario, any business in its smallest form or as a corporate has its online presence made in the form of a website, social media advertisements or a blog. If you want to make your online marketing work better, you should change the marketing strategies according to the change in trends of behaviour of the customer.

What are the current trends of behaviour of a customer?

People are more interested in doing online shopping than going out to a store or a shop. More and more people like to do their shopping online rather than going out to a store. They use Google or other search engines before they buy a product or service they need. Obviously when your site is rated high on a search engine, customers have the tendency to go through it for more information and later buy the product. Also don’t forget the fact that the price of the product also plays an important role.

Social media plays a leading role in promoting products and services. Many people are developing a tendency to have an opinion from their social media friends before buying a product. They may send photos of a particular product to a friend to have their opinions and suggestions. They do read a lot of online reviews about a product they are intending to purchase, thus the possibility of getting information from a sales consultant of a store is not always necessary.

Now, we live in a world where smart phones and tablets are more popular. The importance of a Desktop or a laptop is slowly vanishing due to the emergence of more portable and handy devices. Anybody can approach internet connection at any time of the day using their smart phone or a tablet. This leads to the popularity and more usage of mobile applications like the ShopSavvy or Barcode Scanner which they use to find the places where their products can be purchased for a cheaper price. Even when the customer is in a store, he or she may be searching the product details on the internet using a smart phone or a tablet.

Your marketing plans will become more effective than others if you keep in mind the behaviour of a customer while you plan your online marketing strategy.

Here are some useful tips you can follow to make your online marketing more effective.

Online marketing
1. Make sure that you are using proper Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tactics. If your search engine optimisation and search engine marketing strategies are not good enough, you may get less prospective customers to your site as the traffic becomes low.

2. Always keep an eye on the prices offered by your competitors so that you may make changes in your price for attracting a customer.

3. Make sure that your website is properly optimized for using in a mobile or a smart phone. If not try to make changes in your website to do so.

4. Make hundred percent sure that your digital advertisements are clearly visible on the mobile devices.

5. Try to make use of some SMS marketing strategies to send the product updates as it will reach more customers within a quick time.

6. Make sure that your e-mail marketing strategies are more organised by sending follow up e-mails to customers to know whether they are satisfied with the product or a service. A good follow up e-mail will help us to retain an existing customer.

7. Starting a blog is an effective way of marketing your product or a service. A blog can help the customer to have a product review.


Whatever online methods you use for marketing, make sure that all the strategies are properly optimized so that anyone using the latest version of a smartphone or any portable device like an iPad will become a prospective buyer.

I would like to have your suggestions and views on this subject so that I can come up with more ideas in my forthcoming blogs.

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