Four Important reasons why a blog is important for promoting a business

Four important reasons why a blog is important for your business

When the concept of a blog first emerged into the scenario by the middle of the nineties, it was mainly a platform for recording opinions and views on varied topics. The different development stages of internet and mobile technologies changed the concepts of a blog. Now we can see the concept of multi- authored blogs (MABS) where there will be a group of expert writers running a blog and the content may be edited specialist group of editors. The mass scale usage of social media sites and mobile messaging services lead to the importance of microblogging techniques.

Blogging has become an important platform for marketing globally for both the big fortune companies as well as small scale businesses. The presence of social media platforms made a significant change in the role of blogging techniques for promotion of a business.

Here are the four important reasons why a blog is important for promoting a business

1. Blogging is a less expensive process of marketing

The cost of running a blog is less compared to other means of marketing like advertising in the media where we have to pay a huge amount as fee. This cost effectiveness is the most important factor that makes a blog one of the most important tools for marketing.

2. A blog is easy to manage as a marketing tool

The process of running a blog is not a very complex process. For small scale businesses, you can run the blog all by yourself if you have all the basic knowledge and the ability to create and update contents on a regular basis. The bigger organisations have the option to hire few employees for running a blog which is not an expensive or complicated process.

3. Sharing genuine knowledge about a product or a service

Advertisements on television as well on print media have the power to attract people towards a particular product or a service even if they are not up to the desired quality. Promoting a brand using celebrities in sports or film industry in their advertisements will make a huge impact on the public.

Product review is an important part of online marketing. For example, if someone like to buy a new car or want to change his mobile phone handset, he or she may search the internet for product reviews. Product reviews will give genuine information about a product or service as they are actually the views and opinion of people who have already purchased and used the product. Hence product reviews cannot mislead a new buyer.

4. A Blog will enhance your chances of attracting more prospective customers

When blogs are updated regularly with quality contents, people develop the tendency to visit the site more often to gather more information about a product or service. This may lead to the increase in traffic to that particular website that eventually help to increasing the number of prospective customers.

I would like to have your suggestions and views on the prospects of blogging as a marketing tool so that I can come up with more ideas in my forthcoming blogs.

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