How to motivate yourself when you are new or a part-time blogger

How to motivate yourself when you are new or a part-time blogger

Even though I am a blogger of only two months, I think it is possible for me to give some guidelines to new bloggers. I believe only a new blogger can understand the feelings of another one.

A new blogger may always have the fear of their writing being published. They may usually think that their quality of writing may be below the expected standard. This may be true or may not be true. Perhaps, it may be a baseless fear.

Recently I had a discussion with a journalist friend of mine who writes for a reputed newspaper. He advised me about the importance of writing regularly by devoting myself to the task at least one hour each day. According to him a writer needs to practise his skills regularly like someone who practise his piano lessons every day. A piano student has to practise daily so that he may not lose touch.

Similarly, a writer, however busy he is, has to set aside at least ten minutes daily to write something as a practice. This will help him maintain the flow in writing and also help to sharpen his imagination.

If you want to be a good writer, you need to have vast knowledge that can be acquired only through voracious reading. By reading alone, you cannot become a good writer. Reading and writing regularly should go hand in hand.

If you spend your whole life reading but if you do not practice writing or never attempted, your chances of unveiling your potential or the chances of becoming a writer is remote.

Why are some people part time bloggers? Most of them say they have another day job. Yes, I know it is hard to find time to write when you have a day job and have a family with small children. Students who are bloggers say they have very little time to write. These situations are more than enough for anyone to lose confidence and stop

I understand that if a new or part-time blogger follow the few suggestions below, they could be able to overcome the fears of failure, manage your time and become successful in blogging.

1. Make it a habit that you write something every day for at least half an hour to prevent your skills from diminishing. If you choose a particular topic for your daily writing practice, you may have the advantage of having publishing it on completion after a few days.

2. Even after a hectic day at the office or college, you may find yourselves in front of the television, at least for an hour daily. You may utilise this one hour for your writing if you are desperately in want of time. So the excuse of not having time even to become a part-time blogger is ruled out.

3. Try to concentrate on the quality of content rather than quantity. You may lose your readership if the qualities of your contents are not satisfactory. So do not worry too much about quantity now. Remember the importance of quality in content.

4. Emphasise on reading books to improve your grammar and language style. This applies particularly to those who are non-native speakers of English. Even if you are a busy office goer or a student, you may find time for leisure activities in the week-end. You should try to snatch some time from your leisure activities for grammar and language improvement. By doing so, you cannot complain of not having enough time. Most people tend to ignore or put off these for another time. Do not forget the importance of grammar in any form of your writing.

5. Do not worry too much about monetizing your blog. Concentrate more on writing contents that are good enough to gain readership. Once you have sufficient traffic or readership on your blog, you can start thinking of monetizing your blog.

If any new blogger feels that he has been motivated by this post, please let me know in your comments.

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