Will the Outernet replaces Internet soon?

OUTERNETBy the middle of the nineties, Internet became popular in all parts of the world. Then we saw the advancement of internet technology through the development of different media by which the internet is transmitted. During the later stages of development, we see the emergence of fibre optic cables that helped us to get high speed internet connections.

The introduction of wireless broadband and the vast increase in the use of wireless enabled devices like the Smartphone’s and the tablets made the internet available to more and more people.

When internet was made available to the public for the first time, it was a topic of discussion among the general as well as the tech-savvy people. Those discussions were mainly about the revolutions in communication that the internet could provide in the future.

With the concept of developing the technology called the Outer net, it seems we are moving towards a world where the present importance of the internet will be replaced by the outernet.

An organisation based in US called Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) is conducting research on a project called the Outernet. The technology works with the principle of satellites sending Wi-Fi signals to users around the network.

Once the project becomes successful, the company could be able to fix satellites on the Earth’s orbit which are capable of sending Wi-Fi signals to Wi-Fi enabled devices including personal computers, Smartphone’s and tablet computers.

As part of the research, they are planning to launch small satellites called the cubesats on the orbit of the earth. This should be accompanied by a network of ground stations for sending data or information to these satellites.

Once the research comes out successful it is believed that the technology can be used to broadcast internet globally with the help of Data Casting Technology that sends data over wide radio waves.

For sharing information between its users on the network, User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Multitasking Technology will be used.

The company plans to implement the technology by 2015. It seems that it is not an impossible task from the technical point of view. As part of the research process, the technology needs to be tested on the International Space Station with permission from NASA before they can implement it.

Hopefully the world will see a new revolution in communication technology through the introduction of outernet by the middle of 2015.


Image Source:Pixabay

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