Is iPad Air the best choice for any blogger?


I do not have the habit of writing any user reviews, be it that of automobiles or electronic gadgets. Though an enthusiast of apple products, I must confess that I am completely fascinated by the latest iPad Air. This gadget is amazing with its excellent picture quality.

Basic Structure of iPad Air:

The lightweight design combined with a high quality in display make it attractive for any customer.. Probably, this seems to be the best iPad compared to the previous versions. iPad Air is lighter than the iPad 4 while the size of the screen is the same. Even though it is slightly smaller in width and depth than iPad 4, the height remains almost the same.

Processor and operating system used:

The processor used here is the A7 chip with 64-bit architecture and M7 motion coprocessor which is the same processor used in iPad Mini with Retina display.

iPad Air comes with ios7 operating system which makes the gadget truly user friendly as ios7 is made with features that help the users feel easy to use any application running on it.

Cameras used in iPad Air:

The front side of the iPad Air consists of Face time camera that is 1.2 Megapixels similar to that of iPhone 5s. So Face time application in iPad Air and iPhone 5s looks quite similar.

Ipad 4 and iPad Air uses the same 5- Mega Pixel camera as the rear side camera.


Basic Applications in the iPad Air:

With the iPad Air, you have the option to use Pages word processing app, the numbers spreadsheet app and the keynote presentation app which is part of the iWorks Productivity suite. These apps are used t o create and edit documents. Also, there is an option for saving these files in the iCloud.

With the iPad Air we have applications like iPhoto for uploading and editing photos, iMovie for creating and editing movies and Garageband for music. These three applications are included in the iLife suite.

Battery life:

iPad Air comes with a battery life of up to ten hours which is the same as in  iPad 4 and iPad Mini with Retina display.

The specifications of an iPad Air can be summarised as follows:

1. Weight: 469 grams for Wi-Fi model and 478 grams 4G model
2. Dimensions: 240mm (H) x169.5mm (W) x7.5mm (D)
3. Size of the Screen: 9.7 inch
4. The iPad Air comes with a storage capacity of 16, 32, 64 and 128GB respectively.
5. Processor used: Apple A7
6. Camera (Front): FaceTime HD Camera, 1.2MP photos and 1080p HD video.
7. Camera (Rear): iSight Camera, 5MP photos, f/2.4 aperture.
8. Power: Lightning to usb cable with a power adaptor.
9. Battery life: Up to 10 hours.

Is iPad Air good for bloggers?


The 9.7 inch display in an iPad Air makes a huge difference to the way it can be utilised. The bigger display screen here is an advantage for users who like to do any work that is more creative in nature. For those involved in creative writing,blogging,photo blogging, graphic designing and other related areas , this gadget is of great help.

All the other models of iPad seem to be a bit smaller for doing any creative work. Any smaller size display screen has its own limitation if you try to use it as a replacement for your laptop. You may not be able to prepare a document properly or may take too much time to complete it. In all other iPads, the display screen is small which makes it difficult to edit a photo the way you want it at times. Even though, previous models like the iPad 4 have a 9.7 inch display, they do not have advanced A7 processors. So iPad Air seems to be a better solution for those who may need to do some creative work rather than just browsing the internet or flipping the pages of Flickr or Facebook.


If you are a blogger or any other person who does any creative work on your laptop or computer, please keep in mind my views when you intend to buy a new iPad. If you find my views are helpful, please let me know through your comments.

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