`Mac versus PC’ or `Mac and PC’

‘Mac versus PC’ or `Mac and PC’

Reji Mac versus PC

A lot of discussions and debates were done on this topic for nearly more than a decade now and people still carry on with their arguments on the subject. I believe it is not a topic for argument. When you like to choose a computer or any other product, you need to analyse the nature of tasks that you may need to do with that particular product. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you need to buy a computer according to your designing needs. Similarly, if you are doing business, you may need another set of specification. In this article, I am just trying to point out the advantages and disadvantages of using a Windows or Mac computer.

The Prospects of using a PC

1. The cost of the hardware components in a PC is less compared to the costly components in a Mac that makes it easy for you to maintain your PC when you repair the PC or if you like to change some hardware in it for upgrading.
2. More than 50,000 applications are available for download from the Microsoft Windows store. This is almost more than double the amount of the total number of applications available in the apple store for Mac users.
3. Windows operating system support the upgrading of hardware according to certain specifications you may prefer. The upgrading of hardware according to your needs or specifications is nearly an impossible task in the case of the apple computers. The availability of a large variety of components on a cheaper price than the components in a Mac makes it easier for you to change the components the way you need it.
4. PC is the most sought after choice for games lovers since a large number of games that are popular worldwide is accessible only to PC users. You are not able to connect to the Xbox 360 using a Mac.
5. It is possible to run the oldest DOS based programmes in a PC while those programs cannot be run on a Mac machine.
6. It is possible to assemble a PC while such a task is almost an impossible task with Mac systems.
7. The computers that use Windows operating system are manufactured with the provision to connect to a Television while Mac systems cannot be connected to a television without buying an adaptor.
8.The popularity of Windows is more which is evident from the fact that nearly more than ninety percentage of businesses use windows Pc for their routine activities.
9.A great variety in selection is available if you decide to choose a PC as there are various number of manufacturers who make desktop computers as well as laptops which use Windows. The list of manufacturers includes HP, Dell, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Compaq, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, etc.
10. Windows based Pc’s are cheaper in price than the Mac that make it more affordable for anyone to buy.

The Consequences of using a PC

1. One of the main complaint users have is the speed of the operating system which is slower than Mac.
2. Windows based computers are more prone to the attacks of security threats. Since windows based computers are the most widely used one globally, there are more viruses and threats that are specially built by hackers to attack the system.
3. You need to regularly update system drivers and security patches in Windows computer.
4. PC’s are less reliable than Mac’s. You may need to re-install the software if you move a program file or folder in the hard drive. So Windows based systems are more prone to system crashes than Mac.
5. Mac enthusiasts may argue that the PC’s are less stable than the Mac’s. Majority of the software components in Windows are linked with each other whereas the software programs in a Mac separate itself from each other depending upon the nature of the application. This is one of the reasons why the users feel less stability while using Pc’s.

Mac versus PC

The Prospects of using a Mac

1. The speed of the operating system is one important factor that makes apple fans more enthusiastic about the Mac system.
2. More efficient and better quality components are used in a Mac computer.
3. You may not need to worry about the security of data contained in your Mac as security issues related to hacking and virus is less compared to PC. The less number of Mac users worldwide might be one reason why hackers are not attempting to write programs to steal data from a Mac.
4. The Mac is more user friendly compared to Windows PC. You may feel that it is not easy to use when you first start using it. Then you realise the applications are more user friendly than the Windows when you get accustomed to it.
5. Different varieties of applications are available for video editing, photo editing and music. The iLife, a suite of software can give you an awesome experience of editing your photos, videos or music files according to your creative imaginations. This makes the overall multimedia effect of Mac an awesome experience to most users especially creative artists.
6. The quality of the appearance of any printed material created using a Mac system is superior to that of any print made from windows.
7. It is possible for you to install windows in a Mac computer while the reverse process is nearly impossible. There are programs like Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion and VirtualBox which help us to run Windows in a Mac computer.
8. Macs are considered to be more stable than the Windows PC as the programs are not connected to each other as in Windows software components. Most Mac programs separate itself from one another and from the operating system itself.
9. Mac’s are more reliable than PC’s. Even if you move a file or folder on the hard disk of a Mac, the possibility of a system crash is less compared to PC’s.
10. The availability of video chatting facilities with amazing picture quality is another feature of Mac. It makes is so easier and simple to connect with your friends and relatives worldwide.

The Consequences of using a Mac

1. The cost of hardware components is high so it is not that easy to replace any hardware component. Also assembling of a Mac computer all by ourselves seems to be an impossible task.
2. There are only about 14,000 apps that are available in Mac App store, which is a very small number compared to the huge number of applications available with the Windows.
3. Apple computers come with few basic models like the MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini and Mac Pro. This is comparatively a very less quantity compared to the vast varieties and models of PC manufactured by different companies.
4. Upgrading hardware is probably impossible in apple laptops and desktops
5. Mac systems are not that affordable compared to PC. You may get an above average PC for your family or office use from established manufacturers like HP, Dell or Lenovo around the range or £350 while you may have to spend at least a minimum of £500 to buy a Mac.


Based on my experience of using both Mac and Windows, I believe it is a matter of personal choice according to your needs to choose which one is best for your specific requirements. Nowadays, there are a group of users who use both Mac and PC and they like to choose one of it depending on the type of job they do. Some of them like to use both the operating systems on the same computer. So it is not a question of `Mac versus PC’. It is really `Mac and PC’.


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