Science fiction becoming a reality


Science fiction becoming a reality

Science fiction stories are fascinating for anyone from small children to adults. It is always interesting to see Robots operating themselves as the main character in a movie or short story or a cartoon. Have you ever dreamt of these things happening in real life? Robots have always been a subject of great interest to writers of science fiction.

This has been one of the areas where scientists and engineers have been working for decades. We see the developments in computer technology leading to a situation where we tend to neglect the usage of books and paper for recording and storing data. Now the majority of paperwork worldwide are done on computers thereby reducing the use of books and papers by substituting them with digital storage devices. Similarly we may soon start utilising robots for carrying out all the works done by human beings.

The day is not too far when we may substitute an android (or a robot with a human appearance) executing human tasks in day-to-day life. The successful usage of robots in daily life is not the only thing we can imagine about the future. Robots can be utilised to execute loads of tasks that are impossible to be done by humans. For example, humans cannot work in extreme weather conditions while a robot can be substituted for doing research on another planet where the temperature may be unbearable for a human.

Please feel free to watch the video below to see the latest edition of Asimo and find out how it can be utilised for executing various human tasks.

It seems that the era of robots working in every sphere of our lives is not for away. Perhaps it may not come as a surprise or unusual to see robots in great numbers in another planet undertaking some tasks for humans in the near future. Kudos to Japanese technology and Honda.


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