Nine signs that your child may get addicted to the iPad

iPAd addiction RejiIt is a typical scenario everywhere in the world that children are using technology even before they can talk. I personally feel really happy about the way my two year old daughter started using the iPad and I find out that she is really good in using that. Recently I was surprised to hear about technology addiction among children and the way it may affect them. The features of gadgets like their light weight and easy portability together with twenty-four hours internet connection encourage children to use it for longer hours that make them addicted to it. A formal discussion with one of my friends, who is a physician, made me realise the ill effects of technology addiction and how radiation from gadgets affect children’s health.

In this article, I am trying to share some signs that my children had shown after started using the iPad. So here are the nine signs that might be the symbols of becoming an addict.

1. Loss of interest in academic activities. Most of the time they may show the least interest in carrying out their assignments given to them from school.

2. They may ask you to give the iPhone or iPad in the morning or even at midnight.

3. They may start playing games or watch cartoon in iPad immediately after they are back from school.

4. They may get angry at you if you don’t download more games at regular intervals. My five year old daughter used to be furious at her mom asking for her password to download more games.

5. They may start to sleep very late at night. No need to say that they sleep only after they finish seeing their most interesting cartoons.

6. They may not show interest in playing physical games including outdoor ones. My five year old daughter who used to play football with me for at least half an hour every day stopped that in order to play games or watch cartoon in the iPad.

7. They may show less interest in playing with dolls as well as with any other kind of toys.

8. Their nature of socialising with others may change if they on their way to be an addict to technology. Mostly they may prefer to spend their time in their room with their iPad or iPhone rather than involving socially.

9. When a child’s demand for the iPad is rejected, it may become angry and frustrated. The child may get restless and cry loudly and sometimes without stopping, till we are compelled to hand the device to it. My younger daughter aged two used to show the above signs.

If any of these signs are observed in your child, it is time for you to take adequate precautions to control them to use it in a proper way, to prevent addiction. Technology used in the right way will enhance your children’s mental ability and technical skills. On the other hand if it is not properly used, it may lead to disaster.




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