Verizon Virtual Visits and the Virtual Doctor

Verizon Virtual doctorVerizon, an American based broadband and telecommunications giant made its existence felt in Telemedicine market by the introduction of a new mobile health platform called the Verizon Virtual Visits. The new platform helps anyone to access a doctor online through apps in their Smartphone, tablet and computer.

Imagine that you are suffering from cold or any other small ailment all of a sudden in the middle of the night and at home, without any hospital in the vicinity.

You need not worry about travelling to see a doctor if you have an app in your smartphone that helps you to connect with a doctor online using the Verizon Virtual Visits platform.

It may make you feel confident and happy even if you are alone at home in such a situation.

How does it help someone when they become suddenly ill?

The virtual visits technology make it easier for us to make high-quality video conferencing connecting hospitals, pharmacies and other health related organisations.

The patients have the option to connect online with a physician through video conferencing by using a secure app on their smart phone, or tablet or through a web portal.

Once the patient gets connected to the system, he or she has to provide the necessary identification details. Also, they have to reveal details about their payment methods.

After the steps of identification are successfully completed, the patient can have a consultation with your doctor through online chat.

After accessing the patients online, the doctor will give them the required prescription that can be sent electronically to a pharmacy of choice which is nearby.
If the condition of the patient seems to be deteriorating, the doctor can refer him or her for direct contact with a physician.

All the information transmitted during the virtual visits will be encrypted for security. Also, the report will be sent to the patient.

Please watch the video given below that briefly narrate how Verizon Virtual Visits work.

Video source: Verizon Enterprise

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