Goodbye to Orkut


A few weeks back, I was trying to write an article on the number of social networking sites that I had used so far. The first such site that came to my mind was Orkut. I began to write about it describing the features as well as giving details about its creator, etc. Then I saved the file, thinking of completing it later.

After a few days, I read from a newspaper that Orkut was going to be closed by Google.

Out of curiosity I tried to log into the account by guessing my password. I had not been logging into Orkut for a long time and hence I had forgotten the password.

It dawned on me that I had stopped using Orkut since the day I opened my account in Facebook. Orkut was the first social networking site that I used to interact with my friends.

I flipped through the pages of my Orkut profile. It made me a little sad to see some photographs of my late father, holding my little daughter in his hands.


Ten years back, it was really an exciting experience that we could interact with our friends and relatives on the other side of the globe via messages and photographs.

Since the introduction of Facebook and Twitter, many people have stopped using Orkut. But I know that many of you will have pleasant and unpleasant memories if you go through your Orkut profile once again.

I used the Google Takeout Service to back up some of my profile data’s in Orkut. This is a good option for anyone who likes to preserve some of their data and photos in Orkut.

We all know that Google intends to close Orkut once and for all on September 30th, 2014. I am sure that Orkut will remain in the mind of few people at least from India and Brazil with its good memories.


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