3 websites to download photos for your blog

Websites to download photos for your blog

We as a blogger know the importance of images while writing an article. As soon as we finish writing an article, we all go and search for an image that suits the nature of the article. When someone starts a blog for the first time, they may not have much idea on how to buy pictures they need to publish along with their post. Most of them are confused about the copyright rules. Even I was confused in the beginning. Most newbie bloggers are unaware of the copyright rules and regulations. If you ask any of your friends, they may give you a different opinion because they may not have a clear idea on those things.

In this article, I am sharing three websites that I used so far to download images for my blog and I believe it may be helpful for some new bloggers who are just in their beginning stage

1. Free Digital Photos

Free Digital Photos

This is a site where I used to download most of the images in my blog. In this site, the customers have the option to register for free to download pictures. A small image of the size (400 x 267) pixels can be downloaded for free while the customer must give credit to the owner when they publish that in a blog or website. If you buy the image by making the desired payment, there is no need to do the attribution for such an image. This site is also useful for photographers who want to sell their pictures.


2. Free Range Stock


This site allows you to download images for commercial and personal purposes. You need to do a simple free registration process to download images. If you use the downloaded image in your blog, you need to credit the name of the owner or photographers name and give a link to the page where the photo is listed on the website.
The site provides us with the option to edit the pictures before you download using the editing tool in the site. This editing option seems pretty good for bloggers looking for images for their blogs.


3. iStock Photos


This site provides royalty free images that can be used for businesses and individual for different projects. Similar to most other websites selling photographs, here when you download an image from iStock, you are purchasing a license to use it in your blogs or websites. You need to make sure about the terms and conditions on the license as it may be different for different type and size of pictures. Always make sure you are using the images according to the terms and conditions of your licence.

Unlike the other two sites, iStock has a collection of audio and video files that can be downloaded by making the corresponding payment. When you download an audio or video file, you’re purchasing a royalty-free licence that gives you the rights to use it in your blog.



Make sure that you read and understand all the terms and conditions of all the images you buy from any website in order to make sure that you are not violating any conditions on the copyright licence. Also, it will be useful if you keep a file with all the details of your purchase so that you can have the proof that you have the proper licence.

Your comments and suggestions about this post are most welcome so that I can come up with more ideas for my forthcoming posts and also add more websites to this list. I would like to let you know that I will update this list when I come across more such sites for downloading images.


Image Courtesy:Pixabay

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