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 It is a common trend that when people get attracted to a specific brand or product, they make it a habit of using the same on most occasions as if they forget about similar products from other brand. Some people may prefer using a particular brand of car because they may be a fan of that brand like some of us who are fans of apple products.

If you analyse the behaviour of people in cyberspace, you can see that the people tend to show a similar type of behaviour. If they want to see a video, millions of people’s first choice is the You Tube. They may not even think of another website because they are so used to that site or it has become a routine habit for them.

Even though there are a large number of instructional video sites are available, my first choice for watching any type of video including instructional ones is the You Tube. It may be your automatic choice as well.

In this article, I am sharing a website that I find very useful for anyone looking for a tutorial or how-to videos. If you are a blogger you know the importance of tutorials and how-to videos especially if you are running a technical blog or a food blog. A technical blog may not be complete if there is no tutorial videos in it, similarly no one can run a food blog successfully without using how-to videos.

Howcast contains a huge collection of superior quality videos of different topics including technology, style, fitness, parenting, video games, arts and much more. The category wise selection list available on Howcast makes it more user-friendly for us to go through a topic of your interest or choice.

The collection of videos available here are really helpful for anyone looking update their knowledge on a chosen subject. If you are a blogger, definitely you need to update your knowledge on your chosen niche. I believe you might get interested in these videos once if you go through this site. You can click the link below to have a look at the website.



New-York based Howcast runs a program called Emerging Film Makers (EFP) that helps students, young graduates, as well as newbie filmmakers, to upload their own videos with a condition that they allow only those videos that are shot at their own studios. They will pay them $50 per once accepted video. Also, based on the views generated by the video, they will get a share of the advertising revenue. Although the remuneration appears to be a meagre amount, aspiring filmmakers and video bloggers have a chance to enhance their career prospects and skills.

Free apps for Howcast are available for iPhones, iPads as well as for android phones.

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