Apple fans and iWatch

iWatch and apple phones

If you have a smart phone, why you need a smart watch? This was the first confusion some people had in mind when smart watches were first introduced. Now we all know that a smart watch’s main advantage is the way it can provide us information on all the notifications on your smartphone.

Most smart watches use Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone hence they work with your smart phone giving you information if there is an update or even when you miss a call. The level of notification a Smartwatch can provide is one criterion that makes a smartphone feel better than another one or brand.

Wearing a smart watch may let you feel more comfortable, if you forget your mobile phone in your car or bag. You don’t need to look for it as you can have an idea of what is going on in your mobile phone.

A smart watch will make your busy day easier as you don’t need to check your mobile many times a day irrespective of the of the place whether it is in your pocket or bag or somewhere else.

Rumours are there that the iPhone compatible Apple iWatch may be available in the market by October or November 2014. I know most of us are a fan of Apple products including myself and many of those are interested in having an iWatch

There are quite a few numbers of brands available for smart watches and we know the best of them like the Samsung Gear Live, Motorola’s Moto 360, LG G Watch, Pebble, Sony Smartwatch 2, etc. Among these, Moto 360 is considered to be a competitor for the iWatch at present.

The expected price of the iWatch may be somewhere in the range between £146 to £175 pounds($250 to $300). This price is a rough estimate. It may vary according to the features of the Smartphone.

According to some rumours, it is announced that there are three different variations of iWatch with two different screen size are expected and possibly it might be round-faced smart watch somewhat like Moto 360.

The operating system iOS8 used in iWatch is expected to support a lot of health related applications.The iWatch is expected to beam messages and Siri to your wrists. Probably most Apple fans are eagerly waiting to have an iWatch  as soon as possible and me too.

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