18 must-have free iPhone apps (2014)

We all know that lakhs of apps are available in the app store. Even if the list is really long, you use the paid apps only if you need to do some tasks that are useful for you in one way or the other. I recently used an iPad app called Tabtor Math, that assist my child learning mathematics. I purchased the app as I find it very useful for my children. What if there is another app that works the similar way and is free? Definitely, you and me will go for the free app even if it may not be matching the other ones standard to an extent.

Here in this article I am trying to share as much as free apps as possible by updating new free apps whenever I come across a new app and start using it. I believe you may be interested to come back to the same post again to see if there is any new update.

1. YouTube

Most people like to watch their favourite videos in YouTube and hence like to have its app in their iPhone. This app seems to be very interesting for bloggers, especially technical bloggers and video bloggers as they are interested in watching as well as creating YouTube videos.

2. Skype

The skype has become a part of day-to-day life for millions of people worldwide. The advantage of using skype for free long distance calls make it more popular. The iPhone app for skype makes it more user friendly for us.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

This app will be useful for anyone who is interested in taking photographs using their iPhones. This app makes the editing job feel easier before sending the photo to someone as message or e-mail.

4. Facebook



Could you imagine a day without using Facebook? There are quite a large number of people worldwide who can’t even think of a day without Facebook. Perhaps it may be true for you and me as well. For those people, this app is a must-have one.

5. Facebook Messenger


6. Twitter


Who does n’t like to read tweets while travelling? This app will be of great help for those trying to promote a business, website or blog through twitter.

7. Gmail


8. Tube Map London

Tube Map London
This app is a must-have for all those who live in London. Even if you are planning a trip to London, it will be beneficial to plan your trip once you are inside the city.

9. Dictionary.com-Dictionary and Thesaurus

By downloading this app, you will get more comfortable access for searching the meanings, synonyms and antonyms of any word you may like to know.

10. National Rail Enquiries

National Rail
If you are travelling anywhere in the United Kingdom, this is one of the must have in your mobile. This app helps you to plan your journey in advance with the option to search the availability of trains for your to and fro journeys

11. Google Plus


12. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer
This app is for those who are interested in watching live TV broadcast. The favourites section in the app allows you to choose your favourite shows.

13. Skyscanner

We are all eager to find out the cheapest air ticket for any flight. An app that does this job for free is good news for anyone planning a journey. This awesome easy to use app help us to search for the most reasonable deal for air tickets from anywhere in the world for to and fro journeys. The search result will be displayed in accordance with the increase in price or by the date of the journey. This app will lead us to the airline website or to an online travel agents website for making the booking. Currently, this app seems to be one among the best of this kind as its current users include nearly thirty million people worldwide. The app is available for Android, Blackberry and Windows phone.

14. Hailo

The Hailo app will help you to hire a licensed taxi from any location where you are situated. When you tap on the option to contact the taxi, it will provide you with an estimated time of arrival of your taxi as well as the driver and vehicle details. As soon as you finish the journey, you can have your payments through your debit or credit card. Currently, this app is available only for few cities around the world.

Please make sure that you contact your mobile phone provider to know whether any cheap options are available if you are using your connection outside of your own country in order to avoid any unnecessary bills.

15. Airbnb

photo (1)
This app helps you to contact with the owners of a large variety of accommodation facilities available from almost anywhere in the world. You can go for the better deal of your choice as you are dealing directly with the owners. You can have a small single room to a fully furnished house. The app includes a collection of photos as well as a map to locate a suitable place for your stay. You can be able to send a message to the owners to confirm all the details before you make a booking. Android users can also use this app.

16.Yahoo Weather

Yahoo weather
This is a truly awesome app that let you know the weather forecast for the week ahead with details including maps of those places searched for in the app.

17. Waze


This is an excellent navigation app that helps you reach your destination safely with good quality maps and voice instructions.


This app will be your most favourite choice if you are using WordPress platform for a blog.
Note: I will keep updating this list whenever I come across a new app and use it in my phone. Thank you and have a nice day.photo

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