How to post to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously

How to post to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously

Even though applications like the Hootsuite are available to share your contents in various social networking sites, many of us may not be interested in using such applications. Perhaps you may be using only few social media sites; hence, the need of applications like Hootsuite may not be an absolute necessity. Most of us use only Facebook and Twitter as these are the two most popular social media sites at present. In this article, I am trying to share the step-by-step method that helps you to post your content simultaneously on Twitter and Facebook.

Step 1


On Twitter, go to settings on the top right hand side and click “Edit Profile.”


Step 2

Scroll down the profile page where you can see the option “Connect to Facebook.” Click on this option to continue.


Step 3

After you click on the “Connect to Facebook option, you get a screen asking for some of your Facebook account details.

Click “O.K.” if you agree with it.

Step 4

After the above step, Twitter ask your permission to post to Facebook. Click “Allow” here.

Step 5

Click “O.K.” on the next page asking your permission to post to Facebook.


Step 6

In this page, you have the following three options to choose.
1. Post retweets to Facebook.
2. Post to Facebook profile.
3. Allow posting to one of the pages.
Here, choose the right option for you.


Now if you tweet anything, it appears on your Facebook account. See my tweet “Welcome to Digital Dimensions ” on the screen shot of my Facebook profile below.


Note: You have the option to disconnect the link at any time by clicking on the option “Disconnect it” at any time, or you can do that by simply unchecking the options.

If you do not like to post anything to your personal profile and like to publish on your Facebook page, you should continue the following steps.

From Step 6, Choose the option “Allow” posting to one of your pages


Click O.K. on the next page to continue.


In the next page, check the option “Post to my Facebook page.” and choose the pages of your choice if you have more than one.

Here, in my case, I choose my Facebook page Digital Dimensions. Now if you send a test tweet, you can see it on your page.


On the other hand, if you would like to post your Facebook status updates to Twitter, you should continue the following steps.

Go to the page Here, enter your Facebook username and password and continue to the page similar to one shown in figure.


Here, you have the options to either link to your profile or page to Twitter. Click on whichever option you like.

On the next page, you see the option to authorize Facebook to use your Twitter account.


Once you enter your Twitter username and password, you have the following page where you can choose the options to link to Twitter. Click “Save”after choosing your option.


Note: If you like to unlink from Twitter, you can do that anytime by using the unlink button.

Also, you can be able to choose what type of content you may like to share by checking or unchecking the desired choice.

Similarly, you can also opt to choose your Facebook page instead of your personal profile to link with Twitter.


Your comments and suggestions of this post are most welcome. Thank you Digital Dimenisons.

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