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Inspirational bloggers

When anyone starts blogging for the first time in their life, it is natural that they get interested in reading blogs from different niches. They may go through lot of blogs of different niches ranging from food to technology. I used to read quite an enormous number of blogs from different niches during the months when I first started getting attracted to the concept of blogging.

In this article, I am mentioning about three of my favorite bloggers and their blogs. I suggest you to go through these blogs as they will undoubtedly provide you with valuable tips on topics related to blogging. I am pretty sure that these bloggers will definitely motivate you to be more serious about blogging.

1. John Chow

I came across his profile only after about three to four months of blogging. After I had gone through his blogs, I find them really interesting and encouraging for any newbie blogger. He started his blog named as his personal one and later became one of the top successful blogs in terms of income and popularity. The most important thing I noticed in him as a person is his down to earth character that I realized when he replied for an email query that I had sent to him few weeks back. Being one of the top earning and popular blogger in the world, I expected a delayed reply or no reply from him for my e-mail. Read his blog and go through his profile, I am sure; you will definitely become a fan of him.

2. Neil Patel

Age does not matter; one of the great examples is Neil Patel. He is the only one and only Indian origin American, born in London and a highly successful entrepreneur.This young guy is an absolutely talented personal who blogs about SEO, Blogging tips, social media tips and marketing tips through his blog named Quick Sprout. You can imagine his potential as an expert when you notice that this man was hired by top most companies like HP, Microsoft, Amazon, etc., for his advice on growing the traffic to their websites.

3. Darren Rowse

This is another famous blogger from Australia, who can provide you with valuable tips on blogging as well as ideas on making money online. His important blogs include Problogger, Digital-Photography-School and TwiTip. Even a quick glance on his site, Problogger, will give you an idea on the excellent source of information regarding all the aspects of blogging.

I would suggest you to read and follow these blogs especially if you would like to get more and more valuable tips on SEO, Blogging and Social media. Please feel free to spend some time to have your opinion on these bloggers and their blogs on the comments column after going through their respective blogs.

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