How to make money from your smart phone photos


The vast majority of people who use smart phones have the habit of taking photographs. Some of them are interested in photography while most of them just do it because they have a smart phone handy where ever they go. It does not matter whether you are interested in photography or not but if you are able to manage a desired level of quality in your photos; you may be able to sell it using the app ‘Foap’ and make some money online. I recently came across with this app and uploaded few photos for sale.

Foap 1

If you are interested, you can also try this app. This free app allows you to upload your photos from your smart phone. Each of your photos will be reviewed by a group of people in the community and then selected for commercial sale with respect to the rating for the quality of the images. A buyer has to spend $10 for the license of your picture so that you get $5 from each photo they buy.

The amount you earn increases with respect to the number of times you are able to it sell to different customers.

London morning

Since I live in London city, I believe capturing any interesting images of the city may make some extra money for me. Hope it may work for some of you as well. Good luck with your photos.

Flowers london
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