Video Resume in Social media, a must for getting you the right career in the near future

Video Resume in Social media

Video resumes are taking the place of old resumes in paper. Gone are the importance of carrying resume in paper format. Nowadays, more and more people are relying on online resources for every aspect of their daily life.The number of people doing online shopping is increasing day by day as the number of blogs created every day from different nooks and corners of the world.

The easy access to the internet as well as the availability of mobile cameras led people to create more videos. Thanks to websites like the YouTube that made it possible for anyone to upload their videos on the internet. We all know that the Youtube videos play a significant role now in bringing traffic to websites and blogs. The blogging scenario is not complete without the YouTube videos.

In this article, I am not talking about YouTube videos. Here I am mentioning the new trend in job searching using online resources, the Videos resumes. Perhaps few among you reading this post may not be familiar with videos resumes or you may never think about the importance of it for enhancing your career prospects.For those who are new to this concept, I am giving a brief explanation of the video resume.

What is a Video resume or Video CV?

In simple terms, a video resume is nothing but a video taken and uploaded on the internet by a job seeker for exhibiting his suitability for a particular job or career.

I got the idea to write this post after I received a message from one of my close friends to share a video of him on my Facebook timeline. As he being a friend who is very much inspired of being a film actor, I thought the video must be something associated to the film industry. I linked that on my Facebook timeline after noticing it as his video CV.

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Where it can be used and what are the major benefits?

Unlike its paper counterpart, a video CV can be used to get your profile noticed by more people. It may look awkward if you share your CV in text format on a Social media platform like the Facebook. On the other hand, sharing a video of your brief profile will make a positive impact especially when getting noticed by others. Chances are more that you may be referred to the HR manager or recruiter through one of your friends.

You might be familiar with people losing their chances of getting hired for a job just because their social media presence highlighted few negative points. Then why can’t you use a Video CV on your professional social media account like the Linkedin?

We all know the importance of having an impressive profile in Linkedin, the largest professional network in the world. If you don’t have your video resume ready and uploaded in your Linkedin account, I would say that you are taking chances with your progress. I suggest you to have one uploaded as soon as possible to make a proactive approach in searching for a job or a career change.

Video resumes are getting popular among job seekers. The main advantage of using a video resume is its ability to convey a better idea about you to the recruiting personnel. It needs no mention that you have to the link your video CV in your hard copy. It will give the recruiter a brief idea on your personality and presentation skills.
Video resume and interview

When you have a Video CV, chances are there that the interviewer may reduce the number of questions in an interview for hiring you. He or she might have got an idea about your proficiency in the language from the Video CV. Probably, you may be even lucky enough to avoid a test for testing your English language skills especially when you apply as an overseas applicant for a job in an English speaking country.


If you are a job-seeker or looking for a career change, it will be better to have a Video CV ready to make your first impression that leads to the best impression.

If anyone is planning for uploading your Video CV after reading this post, please feel free to let me know that through the comments column. I would like to hear that this post has inspired some of you to be on with the creation of your Video CV.

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