Passion for blogging

Passion for blogging

Millions of blogs are created every day. But how many of them survive in the long run?  Most of them who start blogging quit the same after creating a profile without even publishing a post.They may just try and see  how WordPress works.While some others write one or two posts and then they may  even fail to retrieve their password from oblivion. Some percentage  of the people are behind money motives. They think that blogging is an easy way to make money online. These people who are expecting money in quick time will soon abandon blogging when they realize that it is not an easy task as they felt once.

If you are blogging for at least three months, you might have heard that you should have a passion for blogging to make it a successful business.Every veteran in this field advises you  ” You should have a passion for the subject you write.” I cannot fully consume the idea behind the statement in its full entirety. Here, I am not saying that you should not need any passion for writing about a subject but suggest  you that you should first create passion for your own writing.Once you have that passion for writing, your passion about a particular topic will definitely motivate  you to write about it.

When you develop a passion for your writing, you will automatically start  liking to write about your passionate subjects. If someone is  passionate about fashion, there is more chance that they may try their luck by starting a fashion blog. For example, one of my passionate subject is cricket.  I am really passionate about the game of cricket since I was born and brought up in a country, where cricket is considered as something equivalent to a religion.

Even though, cricket is one of my passionate subject, I never like to start a blog on cricket just for  the reason that I may get only readership from few number of cricket playing nations. Do you like to run a blog with less readership? Still the passion on the subject is tempting me  to start a blog on cricket in the form of an event blog during the next cricket world cup in 2015.

Passion to blog

What if you are passionate about a topic but does not have a passion for writing? If you are that kind of a person, then you may never be interested in blogging. I have few friends who are really passionate about gadgets but not in writing. They may have the most updated knowledge on the topic, but they are never going to express that in the form of a blog post or an article in a magazine as they are not passionate about writing.

We all know how  the concept of writing has changed with the emergence of internet and blogging. More and more people are trying to express their views and ideas on the internet in the form of a blog or an article on a website. Only a  few of these people belong to the category of established writers or journalists who can boast of a successful career in writing.  So if you don’t have much  experience in writing and still running a blog, it is time for you to check whether you are really passionate about your writing. If not you are still not late to start working on it.

Developing  passion for writing is  not  a process that can be learned in a few days time. Learning the task of writing is a never-ending process. You may be able to strive towards perfection.  The more you practice, the more you gain. The best way to develop your passion for writing is voracious reading. Read as much as you can and practice writing as much as possible. If you have an innate talent for writing, output will be much greater. I believe there is no other shortcut other than this to become a successful and passionate writer. Please let me know your opinions on this topic in the comments column so that I can come up with more ideas in future.

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