6 Must-have free android apps for a blogger

Nearly two months from now I changed my contract with ‘Apple’ and switched over to Samsung Galaxy S5, hence started using android apps. In this article, I am sharing six android apps that I find useful for blogging. I am sure that I can write a list of more than twenty apps in this category. But I believe that even if you download more apps in your mobile, you may be using only a few of them for any kind of task.So here is the list of six must-have apps assuming that you already have apps like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. in your mobile.



This app was referred to me by one of my journalist friends. Even though I don’t do much blogging related tasks in my mobile, this app seems to a perfect fit for those who are in need of doing some writing assignments in their mobile phones especially when there is no access to any other gadget of your choice.This app helps you to write a
note or an article and save, make audio files and also to take photos. What more you need to write an appealing article? Since Evernote syncs the contents among all other devices you use, make sure you download Evernote on your desktop or laptop so that you can access the same documents anywhere with your username and password. I would say ‘Evernote’ is a perfect fit for journalists, writers and travel bloggers.

2.Google docs

Screenshot_2014-12-03-15-48-29 Screenshot_2014-12-03-15-49-18

To be frank, I started using google docs accidently when the Microsoft word on my computer was not working for few days as I lost the product key to reinstall it. To my surprise I find it really awesome to use google docs to write my articles. Even now, I am using google docs to carry out most of my writing tasks related to blogging.

3.Google Drive



Using this app in your mobile makes it easier to access your documents time and again to make changes or for proofreading. You may feel it more worthy when you need to access your images for editing. When you access your google drive, you can also access your google docs and vice versa as both use the same google account.

4.Photo Editor

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As a blogger, I am sure that you take a lot of pictures on your mobile or on your camera. You will definitely need to edit your images before uploading it in your blog post. Why can’t you spend some time for editing your pictures while you travel on a bus or train? It may save some of your precious time. So don’t think twice about installing your photo editor app now.



Interviewing people is a must for running a successful blog. It is always better to have a separate application ready in your mobile to record interviews. Tape-a-talk will do that job efficiently for you.



This is an app every other friend in your circle has in their mobile.From a blogger’s point of view, it is a must for networking with fellow bloggers. You cannot take chances of missing an interview or getting hired for a job because someone may not be able to contact you as there is no skype on your mobile.

Why can’t you download skype and add my skype id reji.stephenson1 now if you are interested in contacting me for sharing your views regarding this post and blog. Thank you very much for spending your time with Digital Dimensions.

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