Nine steps to avoid blogging addiction from your life

Blogging addiction

A lot has been written about blogging addiction. There is a percentage of people existing in the blogosphere whom we may call as blog addicts. It may seem strange to some people because they considered blogging only as a hobby so far. But if you are deeply interested and get involved in blogging, chances are there that you might get addicted to it.

Do you feel like getting addicted to blogging?

We come across people who are addicted to Social Media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Some of you may be experiencing the same problem while engaging in blogging activities. When you start a blog, you will undoubtedly involve yourself with different social media sites. Definitely, Social media have its addiction effects and you may not be a different person in such a situation.

After starting this blog which is my first one, I see myself indulging in things like those I list below.

1.I am checking the status of the blog frequently starting as a first thing that I do in the morning. Later I do the same so many times in a day that appears to be taking so much of my precious time. Do you do the same?

2.Others are thinking that I am chatting online with my friends for long hours. This may happen to you also.Do your loved ones believe that you are not interacting much with them like you did before?

Blogging and addiction

3.Thinking about post ideas in awkward situations like driving your car or crossing the road.

4.Did you lose your interest in watching movies and favourite TV shows that once you gave much importance? Maybe your answer is “No” but my response is “Yes.” I just wonder if there are someone who has the same feeling.

5.My reading habit is confined to a particular area and that too only those matters related to blogging.

6.Do you think you are spending less time with your family members and children? I have a similar feeling and I believe some of you have the same.

7.Are you interacting more with the virtual friends that you met after starting your blog? I have a feeling that I am communicating less with my real friends that I had even before I begun to run a blog.

8.I am trying to see the status of my blog or reading a blog post while I am having dinner with my family. They feel like I am neglecting them.

I believe some of you reading this post may also be going through similar situations like me. If you follow the nine steps given below, you may find it fruitful for you.

Nine steps to avoid blogging addiction

  1. Try to have best time-management skills for all your daily activities so that you should not neglect any other important things due to your blogging activities.
  2. Set out a regular time table for at least one full week to follow.
  3. Finding some time for doing  exercises is a must for any blogger as he or she may get health issues due to lack of proper exercise.
  4. Make a firm decision that you check your blog status only three to four times a day.
  5. Occasionally try to meet or telephone those friends of you who are not bloggers. This makes them feel that they are not neglected by you.

Addicted to blogging

6.Do your most important things first. For example, if you are a student, try to do anything important related to your studies and then carry out your blogging tasks. Similarly, make sure that you never forget doing important things like paying your utility bills or other such stuff like that when you get too much involved with blogging.

7.Take one day off from all your blogging activities. Forget about it entirely so that you live in the real world not the virtual world you created through blogging or social media activities. Normally I do that on Sundays.

8.Don’t neglect your morning newspaper reading habit. If you don’t get time, try to have a quick glance at the headlines at least once.

9.Try to have your lunch or dinner properly with your family and children by switching off your gadgets on such occasions.

Bottom line

Every one of us are different and our blogging habits or style may be different. If you had experienced or currently experiencing anything similar to blogging addiction and taken any steps to avoid it, I would like to hear from you. Please try to share your experience here in the comments column so that it will benefit all of us to get better time management ideas for running our blogs.




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