Five popular and free instant messaging apps

Instant messaging applications are now becoming the first choice for millions of people worldwide instead of the SMS text messaging service. In this article, I am sharing five instant messaging apps that I find useful for me in my daily life as a blogger.

1. Facebook Messenger

This app helps anyone to send messages to their friends who also have a Facebook account. I find this app useful to network with fellow bloggers and friends.

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I have been using Viber for a while now. The app is available for Android and i-phones and is one of the best for sending messages, as well as photos even to international destinations. The free HD video calls make it more attractive.

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3. Rounds

I came to notice this app recently when one of my cousins send an invitation to add me in his friend list. Since then I had been using this app to make video calls to India for free.

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4. Whatsapp

I know that most of those reading this post are fans of this app. I am pretty sure that some of you are even waking up in the morning reading Whatsapp messages from your close friends who may be thousands of miles away in a different country. Even though I have this app in my mobile, I don’t use it much like the other apps.

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5. Google Hangout

This app is handier for anyone as most of our friends, and loved ones have a Google account. Even though I have the Android version in my phone, I use the desktop version frequently to connect with others.

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