Fitbit Flex Activity And Sleep Wrist Band For Activity Tracking


Activity trackers are becoming more and more popular nowadays. In this post, I am sharing my experience using one of the Fitbit product, the Fitbit Flex Activity and Sleep Wrist Band-Black.

Product Details

Unlike the other versions of fitness trackers, this one looks elegant as it is small enough to give the look of a typical wristband when you wear on your hand. The product comes in three colours black, slate and pink, and I prefer the black one because it may suit better for anyone who wear it irrespective of their gender or skin colour. It helps you to monitor your fitness with respect to your daily activities, as well as sleep patterns.


How to use it?

Once you buy the product, follow the steps to register with so that you can access your dashboard online for monitoring your activities. Alternatively, you can use their free app for registering.

Once  your registration is over, all you need to do is to charge the battery of the tracker by placing it in the charger until the indication shows that it is fully charged.  Insert the tracker inside the band before wearing it. While you keep wearing the wristband, it records all your activities as it syncs with your account.

The tracker syncs with your iPhone, Android and Windows phones wirelessly using the dongle provided along with it.The Flex syncs with your account when it is in a distance of about twenty feet from the wireless  dongle provided.It also syncs with your smartphone if it supports Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0).


The synchronized data you get in your dashboard provide you the details of an activity tracking chart. In simple terms, it records the number of steps you made in a day and the corresponding distance you covered. Hence calculating the amount of calories that you used for all your activities.

When you log into your account, you have the options to enter the details of the food you have taken in a day. This makes it easier to analyse your fitness level in regard to the amount of food intake and make changes accordingly. The overall information from the chart makes you plan your next course of action towards reaching any particular fitness target.

Food log

Activity measurements while you sleep.

Do you know whether you slept well yesterday? How many time do you wake up in between? Don’t worry about those things when you wear the Flex. Your fitness tracker will take that burden from you and give you a detailed pattern of your sleep pattern that make it easier to plan your routine in accordance with a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep pattern

Why may it be useful for you?

It may be of much interest to those who are the fitness freak. When you can monitor your performance in a chart format, it makes it easier to make any changes in your activities, as well as your food habits.

Those who are beauty conscious and looking for weight loss or weight gain, it will help you alter your activities in order to move towards your pre-set target for weight loss or weight gain.

Fitbit Dashboard

Another important feature that I like about it is its light weight and water resistant material that make us wear it even when we walk in the rain or  taking a shower.

Good to note that the tracker battery last for about five days once we charge it. That sounds good too as most of us are too busy due to our hectic schedules in life.

Disadvantages compared to other similar products

One minor complaint from few of its users is the unlocking of band from our hand without we unstrapping it. Also, it is costlier when compared to other similar products.


Your health is more important than anything else. Having a fitness tracker of your own may make you more curious about your health and beauty. Are you a fitness freak? Do you worry about your figure? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to those questions, then this fitness activity tracking  product seems to be a good choice.

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