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Instant video chat applications play an important role in today’s communication between people for both personal and business purposes. Who doesn’t like to connect with their friends and loved ones for free provided they have a smartphone and a number of video chat apps available?


When we talk about video chatting, the first app that comes to our mind is the Skype, which is more popular worldwide. Tel Aviv-based Video Chat Company ‘Rounds’ is another in the field which boasts of having 25 million registered users worldwide. Interesting features like sharing the experience of watching YouTube videos among multiple friends, as well as playing games, lead to add more people as its users in the recent months.

Reliable sources from Rounds revealed that they are releasing their cross-platform instant group video chat platform available for its users from today (31-03-2015).Hence, the 12 participant at a time HD video chat for is available for the Android users too.

The most important part of the app is its feature that help us to invite anyone from our Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, email and contact list. A special invite code does this purpose for us when it bypass the social network.

Also, you can create groups for any occasion while chatting. When you are on the chat, it is possible to create groups with an unlimited number of people. Then with the help of a “Ping” group video calls can be made, from those who are the first twelve participants.


Sources from ‘Rounds’ reveal that they obtained $12 million funding recently for developing their business. The funding was headed by Sequoia Capital (the sole investor of Whatsapp) and also included communication giants that include Samsung Ventures, Verizon Ventures and Skype’s first board member Tim Draper.

Thanks to those funding that made the path easier in building a platform for combining fun and entertainment into chat conversations with the people whom you are close.

While the calls are being made worldwide, the users play games, share photos, watch YouTube videos, take snapshots and many more with the apps localized in over twenty-five languages, is changing the face of instant communication.

According to the opinion of Dany Fishel, the founder and CEO of Rounds, they have received a great feedback from its ios users. The group video chat sessions are being interpreted by the users in various ways like the Twitter follower parties, family reunions, college students watching football games together and much more.

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From my personal experience, I can say that the app works great even if the person at the other end is using a 3G connection.

If the app seems to be awesome, why are you waiting now?

If you are a blogger, Why can’t you think of making a video call with 12 of your favourite bloggers in your online community?

You can download the Rounds app for free on the Appstore or GooglePlay now.

Do you still like to know more about it before you download?


Visit Rounds website here.


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