10 positive aspects of blogging that motivates you to blog


This post is for that millions of people who like to make money from their blogs. We knowthat not everyone can make money from their blogs. Many of them start a blog after reading blog posts or articles describing ‘How to make money’ from their blog or website.

I totally agree with the fact that you can earn an income from your blog and make it as a source of living. But, in reality it is not an easy thing in the starting stages. You may need the much-wanted patience and consistent effort to make it a success. I am pretty sure that most people fail at this stage. They lose patience as they are not getting the desired result in terms of income.

Are you facing such a hard situation at present? Do those who are close to you are making negative comments about you and your blog?

What can you do at this time? It is the time to find other sources of motivation to continue your blogging journey. I know you are not clear about the point I am talking.

Let me explain in detail. If you are frustrated and thinking of stop writing your blog as you feel it won’t take you anywhere, please start thinking about all the positive sides of it. Never allow any negative thoughts to wander in your mind. Forget about the monetary benefits for the time being. Keep your mind engaged with the all the positive aspects of blogging.

Here is the list of 10 positive aspects of blogging that will motivate you


 1.Networking with new friends

Think about the number of friends you made after you started your blog. You may have close friends from different parts of the globe now. Think of it as an achievement and thereby getting some more motivation.

2.Improve your writing skills

You might be thinking of stopping all your blogging related activities because you feel it unworthy of your efforts and time. Start seeing it from the positive side, imagine that you are going to stop an activity that helps you to improve your writing skills. So don’t stop blogging if you want to improve your skills in writing. Remember good writing skill is a must for any organization you may work in future.

3.Become a master in your subject

Are you thinking of stop writing your blog from today onwards? Remember you may be losing your chance to master a subject of your passion or choice. Blogging encourages you to research your topics to come up with new and better blog posts, eventually mastering the subject. So, think twice before you abandon your blog.


Are you running a photography blog? Please make sure you are not de-motivated by any distraction. Keep updating your photo blog, it will enhance your photographic skills. Alongside, you will be building a portfolio of your good work.



Video blogs or Vlogs are the recent trends due to the emergence of numerous number of social media sites where you can promote your work and get it viral on the internet. I suggest you not to get discouraged even when things are not working as expected. It may take little more time. Until you make success, keep yourself motivated thinking that you are improving your skills. Remember, you may not achieve success in a day. It may take its time to make it big.

6.Promote your business

Try to use your blog for promoting a business you are doing. You may not be fully involved in blogging. Still you can find some time to update your blog you are having on your business website.Think positively that your blog is helping you to make your business prosper.


When your blog niche is related to certain skills like photography, videography, painting or any such things, you are building a portfolio. You can be able to showcase your abilities for making further success in your field. So, remember you are trying to improve your portfolio while  engaging in  blogging activities.

8.Start a new career

Dream about a new and successful career. I am not exaggerating things. There is great chance that you may end up in a better job or career if you run your blog in a successful manner. So keep that in mind and motivate yourself.

9.Gain popularity and respect

Before you started blogging, you may not be a noticeable member in your office or college. Things might have changed now. More people are reading your blog and hence they may sometimes discuss it in your workplace. In the process, you may be gaining some popularity and respect. So  never let your mind think  about quitting your blog.


10.Blogging can be done from anywhere in the world

Blogging can be done sitting anywhere of your choice in the world provided you have an internet connection and laptop. This aspect of blogging makes me more attracted to blogging. Currently, I live in London. If I choose to go back to my home country at any time, there is no hindrance for continuing the same blog. Here you are getting the same income from your blog even after you shift to the new place. You may not get the same income from a job when you move out to another country because it may not be possible to get the similar kind of job in a different country.

I hope some of you got  inspiration to restart your blogging journey after reading this post. If you feel that you are motivated, please spare some time to write your views and opinions on the comments column so that I can come up with more ideas in my forthcoming posts.

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