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You might wonder why I am writing a post on software testing on this blog. At least a few number of people might think how a post related to software testing is relevant in this blog. Before I answer that question, let me explain a little bit about software testing, in case if there is anyone who doesn’t know much about it.

What is software testing?

According to the Wikipedia definitions, which states ‘Software Testing’ is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test. Software testing can also provide an objective, independent view of the software to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks of software implementation. Test techniques include, but are not limited to, the process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding software bugs (errors or other defects).

In simple terms, software testing can be explained as a process by which we can test whether the software is working properly or not. In other words, it is the process of identifying bugs or errors in a software product or project.

What are the qualifications and skills you need to have to become a testing professional?

In most cases, companies hiring employees for their testing projects look of candidates with qualifications in engineering, computer science or similar qualifications.

While hiring the candidates, recruiters may look for people with the following skill sets as a software tester

1.Good communication skills

The recruiters look for people with good written and oral communication skills. If you are a blogger, it is understood that you have a certain level of writing skills. Good oral communication skill is a must in this job especially if you want to get promoted to higher levels.

2.Technical skills

You should have the basic computer skills like MS Office, Outlook, OpenOffice, etc. It is good if you have a certain level of proficiency in few programming languages as well as testing tools like QTP, Loadrunner, etc. I know some of you don’t have those skills. Don’t worry too much. These skills can be developed by proper training.

3.Willingness to learn and make suggestions about a product.

If you would like to enter into this profession and make a successful career out of it, you should be willing to learn new things. As a good tester, you need to learn about the products and services in order to give proper suggestions for improvement.

4.Good Analytical skills

There is no need to say that you should have good analytical skills. If you are there to suggest corrections and improvements for a product, it is understood that you must have good analytical skills.

Now let me come back to the question, ‘Why I am writing this post about software testing in this blog?’ My aim is to help you start a career in software testing even if you don’t have any science or technical qualifications mentioned above.

Most companies hire people who have an engineering or computer science qualifications for this job. That does not mean that this job can be done only by people with similar kind of qualifications. Even if you don’t have those qualifications or technical background, you can still be able to enter this prospective profession with the help of training courses and certifications that make you equipped to apply for entry-level positions in this career.

Perhaps, you have a degree in a finance or commerce and think that you are unable to try for the job of a software tester. You may not be trying even though you are competent enough with all the other skill sets mentioned above. If someone among you reading this post think that I am talking about you, then don’t be late to take a decision that may change your career as a whole.

Here, I am talking about courses that may help you to get hired as a software tester even without having an engineering or computer science degree. I know many people are busy with our daily life. Even if you are a young person with fewer responsibilities in life, sometimes it may be hard to find time to go to an institute to study a course. If you are facing a similar situation, I suggest you to make use of online courses.

Testing4success is a Vancouver-based organization that provides software testing services to various clients all over the world. Also, they provide online courses for software testing starting with the basic or foundation courses that can be done by anyone without any previous experience or knowledge in the subject. As the courses are online, it provides you the opportunity to do it from different parts of the world.

These course will guide you to pass certifications like ISTQB that helps you to get hired as a tester especially if you are seeking jobs in countries like U.K and U.S. If you feel that this is a career option that suits your interests and abilities, please have a go through the courses available from Testing4success and make a decision about your future career prospects.

e-Learning Courses for Software Testers – Click Here

If you have any further queries related to software testing as a career, please feel free to let me know that through the comments column. I will be more than happy to assist you with your queries. Have a great day.

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