Fashion blogging, the new trend among females

(This post is a guest contribution from Shiwangi Srivastava, one of the leading female bloggers from India. Read more about her  and her blogs at the author bio below the post.)

lady-951069_1280 (2)Where there is a fashion, there are women. Your femininity is at its best when you are connected with fashion. Fashion personifies the real you so you cannot escape from the fact that this is your true worth. In the hustle-bustle of various niche blogs, the popularity of fashion blogs are increasing day after day. Females of today cannot sit back and they want to add more feathers in their cap so they are heading to the fashion blogging to keep themselves occupied and at the same breath, they want to inhale the luxury of professional life as well.

If you analyze the trends in blogging globally, it can be seen that some niches have more priority over others in different countries. For example, bloggers in India seems to have more interest in creating a  technology oriented blog. It seems their first preference is technology when it comes to blogging. Similarly, fashion blogs are more popular in western countries and creating a fashion blog may soon become one of the biggest trends among females worldwide.

If anyone of you reading this post are not familiar with fashion blogging, here is a small explanation of the same.

What is a Fashion Blog?

Fashion blog is a platform where you cover not only trendy clothing’s and accessories from multiple apparel markets but also a girl’s personal styling updates like hair-do, foot care, skin care and much more. In other words, it can be considered as a head to toe makeup tips diary, especially for females.

To run a successful fashion blog is like running a business, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are multiple responsibilities you need to bear with great zeal and passion.

Fashion blogs are very helpful in shaping your life by creating awareness about building your ultimate personality that is not only skin-deep but also highlight your individuality in other aspects.

 What services a fashion blog can offer?


Most of the fashion blogs mainly provide its followers with the following two services.

  • Some fashion blogs zero in on shopping advice, and it is almost like online fashion magazines, which is based on the promotion of the products.
  • There are some blogs, which highlight the fashion advice and answer queries related to that. These blogs focus mainly on the overall fashion related activities of women.

Why females are more interested in fashion blogging?

  • Females are crazy after fashion stuff and they want to explore all the available opportunities that they can achieve from their blog. Women are everywhere in every profession and making their marks but when they are in the fashion industry, it can be noticed that they are finding more satisfaction than what else they do.
  • There is an inborn trait in women to engage themselves in beauty related matters and ideas concerning how to enhance their beauty. So with little effort, they can be able to run a successful fashion blog.
  • They like doing it as a hobby as well as a career option.
  • This field is so trendy, and hence more number of young girls are heading over to the fashion blogging scenario to gain maximum visibility and branding.
  • Branding yourself is not easy but for the sake of getting into the limelight, females have a trend to get involved more towards fashion blogging rather than trying their hand at other niches. The recent developments and changes in social media also play a major part in promoting fashion blogs.

You must be wondering how branding and popularity can be possible. Please do check some of my tips below:

The best suited social media sites for fashion bloggers.


There are numerous sites in the pipeline to store your name and make your blog popular and successful. But the sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Plurk are some of the best for promoting your fashion blog. Your branding relies on your social engagement. Your popularity and your skill make you more reachable to your audience. Instagram is one of the best platforms for the exposure of fashion freak people and it may help you getting a wider audience.

Few striking points to build traffic via Instagram.

  • Spend quality time on the site to show your appearance.
  • Build your PR with your co-bloggers.
  • Publish your blog post more often.
  • Instagram can fetch huge readership.
  • To generate more traffic use the weapon of comments on other blogs.

Now the question arises after making efforts like social media engagement and branding. How can you generate income from your fashion blog? Please continue reading to have more ideas on it.

Few ways by which fashion bloggers can make money from their blog

The most challenging aspect for the blogger is to sustain the traffic and making money through it. However, there are specific and permanent ways from which fashion bloggers earn millions without fail.

  • The most reliable source of income is affiliate marketing of the products you review or also for the products; you link to the site. You will be paid per click, and it is easier to sell fashion related products online compared to another type of products. Hence, the earning potential will be more.
  • A blogger with huge readership and audience can make income through brand partnership.
  • You can be paid for writing advertorial for a long lasting partnership or ambassadorship.
  • If you brand your name or blog, sponsored reviews and advertisers will run after you.
  • You can also utilize the advertisements like the Google Adsense, Infolinks, and the likes.

If you are a newbie fashion blogger and not taken much effort to monetize your blog, please don’t be late. Try to properly utilize more  of your time and effort to grab a skyrocketing income from it.


You had already read a lot of valuable points about fashion blogging. What are you thinking now? I am sure that some of you are thinking of reading few fashion blogs now. Am I right? Perhaps you may be even thinking of starting your own fashion blog. If you are interested in starting one, it is good to do an intense research by going through the pages of  few fashion blogs and have more ideas.

Here is a list of few successful blogs that you can refer if you are new to fashion blogging. Remember these blogs are just randomly selected and not in any particular order.


The striking balances between your passion and profession can limitless your option for being successful. If females are turning their head for fashion blog around the world, then they are going right. I must say all cannot get success in it but with a burning desire to excel, nothing can stop you to achieve your goals provided you have certain level of talents and qualities to run a fashion blog. I can’t conclude now before saying that “Fashion is one avenue where the fantasy can become a reality.”

Author Bio:

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Shiwangi Srivastava is  one of the top rated female bloggers from India. She likes to write not only about technology related subjects but also women  oriented topics and family issues in her blogs. Her blogs can be accessed here at and




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