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Power Affiliate Club - Members Helping Members

Successful blogging is always a group activity where we involve in blogging communities, the most recent one I joined is the PAC or Power Affiliate Club. You may never make any success in your online business or blogging without the help of others. Here networking with other bloggers and readers plays a big role in promoting your blog or business. Nobody will realize this fact during the initial stages of their blogging journey. But, in a matter of time they all realize it if they are serious about blogging and soon start joining communities.

If you are into blogging for at least a year, you might be familiar with few communities that promote bloggers and their blogs. Probably, you may be very much active in some communities. Some of you might have left some communities due to lack of time to involve with more communities. I never say any of the blogging community is bad or good as anyone can learn at least few new lessons such online communities.

You may get more traffic from one community. Another community may help you acquire more technical skills with the support of its members. Some other communities may help you getting more products for review in your blog. Now, let’s see what PAC can offer you.

What makes PAC different from other communities?

Power affiliate club review

The most important thing that the PAC is different from other communities is the provision to add your affiliate links to it. Perhaps you may be struggling to get some sales from your affiliate links on your blog. You may be trying different affiliate links in your blog and yet not able to make many sales from it. PAC finds a solution for this by helping each other and buying affiliate products from its members, thereby getting some commission to the members involved. The idea sounds great to me, and I hope that you are also thinking the same way.

Who are the main people behind the community?   

Lesly Federici, an RN turned internet marketing expert runs this wonderful community with the help and support given by Mona Ellithorpe. Mona Ellithorpe is a published author as well as a blogger and marketer. You can go through their blogs on the links given below to know more about them and their work.

Visit Lesly Federici’s blog here, Lesly Federici.

Visit Monna Ellithorpe’s blog here, Monna Ellithorpe.

There is also a panel of expert bloggers that include Donna Merrill, Barry Evans, Joan Harrington and few others. (Pardon me if I am missing any important names here)

What are the benefits you gain by joining PAC?

The members of this community are so approachable for any help and will help you in one way or the other to promote you and your online business.

There are always contests going on in the community like the top author, top member, top commentator and so on. The winners of these contests are promoted by adding their links on the home page of the website so that more members will start commenting and interacting in those blogs of the winners.

Also, the link to our Facebook Fan page will be added to the community website so that there are more interactions in that too from the members.

The home page of the website provides us with a blog rotator. Every time we click on the blog rotator, a new blog will appear so that we can choose some interesting blogs of our choice to read and give your insights on the posts if you like.

Power affiliate club review- blog rotator

I was introduced to this wonderful community by one of my blogging friend and multilingual blogger cum freelance writer from India Mr. Philip Verghese Ariel whom we affectionately call Brother Phil when he invited me from the Facebook Fan page of PAC  and his suggestions seems working well for me.

Options for membership in PAC

There is a free membership as well as paid membership option available for bloggers who to join this community.

The basic (or free membership) option allows you to have the following main benefits.

  1. Two affiliate links can be submitted.
  2. Facebook community activities that increase your activities in your Facebook Fan page too.
  3. Shopping from PAC
  4. Become a top member commentator thereby gain more exposure to your blog.

The paid membership (PAC member) can avail you the following main benefits plus those mentioned in the free membership.You have to pay $3.95 per month for this option.

  1. You can submit an unlimited number of affiliate links from your account.
  2. You can become a PAC expert author if you are capable of creating valuable content.
  3. Access to affiliate school.
  4. Participate in the top author-commentator contest.
  5. Author Spotlight and promotion.
  6. You may get the opportunity to create and teach a workshop.

Visit PAC Facebook Group here, PAC Group.

Visit PAC Facebook Fan page here, Facebook Fan Page.

Visit PAC blog here, PAC Blogger Community.

Please don’t forget to add your valuable comments if you liked the post and decided to join PAC after reading this post. Also, if you find the community useful, please come back and comment about that again.

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