Atish Ranjan, the founder of, a unique personality from the Indian blogging arena.

As this is the first post in this blog in 2016, I am very much excited to be interviewing Atish Ranjan, one of the leading names in the Indian blogging scenario and the founder of Techtricksworld. As you all know, he is a very helpful and friendly person in the blogging world. Let’s see what he has to share with us. So, here it goes.

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Reji Stephenson: Before I start with the questions related to your niche, could you please introduce yourself to my blog readers in case a few of them may not know you?

Atish Ranjan:  Hello Reji, I would like to thank you for offering me an opportunity to introduce myself to your readers and also to share my ideas.

Hey folks, my name is Atish Ranjan, and I am a full-time blogger from India. I was born in a small town Sitamarhi, which comes under the Indian state, Bihar.

I have lived in my hometown till Matriculation, and after that, I moved to New Delhi (Capital City of India) for better education and opportunities. There I graduated in Computers. Then, I started working as SEO Executive in a private firm. I worked for five years in various firms and learned a lot about Internet Marketing and Online Business.

Reji Stephenson: Could you share your experience of getting into blogging for the first time?

Atish Ranjan:The experience of getting into the awesome world of blogging was more than amazing. It is the best thing happened in my life. When I was pursuing BCA, one of my friends introduced to his Friend, who was running a forum. He asked me to contribute to the forum, and I was in love with the Internet, so I have started answering to people’s questions in that forum. I was working passionately on that. Due to this reason, that owner of the forum promoted me as the moderator. I kept on working. I met Zainil in the same forum when he had asked a few questions.

Our ideas and thoughts were similar. Thus, we became friends. One day, he told me that if you want to share what you know, then it is better to publish on a blog rather than just posting in forums. There I got the idea and started a blog on Blogspot. Zainil offered me that he too wishes to work on the blog. That’s it; the blogging journey was started then late in 2010. Later, when we learned more about blogging and blogging platforms. We moved our blog to WordPress self-hosted platform with domain name

So, the experience was quite interesting, and when I have started, I didn’t have any vision for earning money because I never knew that it can actually earn me money as well. I just wanted to make the blog popular and known by millions of people.

Reji Stephenson: What are the strengths you have that you think really helped you in blogging?

Atish Ranjan:I believe in hard work, and that I have been doing since I have plunged into professional life. It greatly helped me not just in blogging but in an overall professional career as well.

Reji Stephenson: What is your greatest motivation at the moment in your blogging journey?

Atish Ranjan:Though, money was not a matter when I started blogging, but still getting Adsense approval was one of the biggest motivations in my blogging journey. And, the other motivation I got when my blog was started to rank on the first page for a number of keywords. Atish Ranjan interview2

Reji Stephenson: How many blogs do you own at the moment? Could you explain a bit about each of them for the information of my readers?

Atish Ranjan:I have many blogs, can’t tell you a fixed number. But, I mainly work on only, and this is my first blog, and main earning and motivation sources as well. On this, we share almost all the things that come under technology niche such as about gadgets, new techs, software reviews, etc. We do share SEO, blogging, and online money making tips as well. It is a multi-niche blog.

Reji Stephenson: What according to you is the best time management strategy?

Atish Ranjan:When I was doing the day job, the time management thing was indeed important. I mainly worked on my blog at night after returning from office. I always check my emails first, and then start doing the smaller tasks first, and once they are done, then move to the tasks that need more time.

Now, as I am working on my blogging venture for full time, and expanded my work, again I need time management. But, I don’t make strategies for this rather I do those tasks first that are urgent and less time-taking, and then the ones those are of low priority.

Reji Stephenson: Do you think providing some kind of service to clients will make anyone earn more income than advertising and affiliate marketing?

Which one you think is the best strategy that works well for a blogger?

Atish Ranjan:For bloggers, the best service they can offer is content writing, proofreading, and similar kind of services because not only they earn by doing these, but they improve their writing skills as well.  Considering more earning, bloggers can offer SEO and blog management services that can make them more money.

Writing is what I praise more because it offers immense benefits apart from monetary benefits.

Reji Stephenson: I know that you are a very ambitious person. So, where would you like to be in blogging five years from now and what are some of the strategies you may think is a must for blogging in the future because of the tough competition and huge increase in the number of bloggers worldwide?

Atish Ranjan:Being ambitious is important because if you don’t have an aim in your life, you won’t work hard to make that happen. I cannot say what I will be after five years, but one thing is sure that the situations will be better than what is now.

Keyword research and link building are the ways because without proper research you won’t know which keywords are profitable and how much competitive they are. Once you do proper research and link building, you would be able to rank many of your blog posts with good keywords.

Competition is on fire, and you must not miss these two things to stay in the competition.

Reji Stephenson: I believe doing too much of SEO in a blog may have the negative effect. So, what according to you is the best strategy we can use to improve the SEO of a blog?

Atish Ranjan:Excess of anything is bad!

SEO is important, and you must do this in a way that it doesn’t look unnatural. As long as you do things naturally, and offer good content for people, there won’t be any problem.

As I said in the last answer, keyword research and link building are very important but do these naturally.

Reji Stephenson: Which is the best social media strategy that worked well for you so far?

Atish Ranjan:To be honest, I don’t have a proper strategy, but I do share my posts on almost all social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tsu,, and a few others.

Reji Stephenson: Name some of the online communities that you are actively involved?

Atish Ranjan:I used to be active in Kingged but nowadays there is a lot of work pressure. Thus, I am not active in communities. However, I use Bizsugar, Inbound, and GrowthHackers as well.

Reji Stephenson: You seem to be a very reliable and trustworthy person. Does that help you a lot in retaining your readers?

Atish Ranjan:Yes, it does help when you are good to everybody. It really helps me in a big way but being good and helpful to everyone is not an easy task either. You have to be well prepared and learn many different things to be able to help.

Thank God, I have been able to help hundreds of people fixing their problems. I have been getting much love and support from them in return. That is the reason; I always suggest everyone helping the needy ones.

Reji Stephenson: What is the biggest difference in your life post-blogging?

Atish Ranjan:That’s a great question, and as far as I remember no one has asked this ever.

After I had started blogging, I started spending more time in learning and researching about various things on the Internet. I found myself more serious about my professional career.

Starting to blog was the turning point of my life. Before this, I was not so serious about life, about the profession or anything. But, once I plunged into it, I started a new journey. I have developed more confidence in me just because of blogging. It improved my life in many ways.

Thanks, Reji! Wish you good luck.

You are most welcome, Atish! Wish you a very prosperous 2016.


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