Niume and social networking for bloggers.

(This is a guest contribution by Priyanka Bowmick. Read more about her in the author bio)

Niume and bloggers

Socializing has become a significant activity for most people, and if you are a Blogger, then it’s of utmost importance to stay connected to your readers and co-bloggers. And this is why the social networks are built in order to make this task more convenient. Being a blogger, I faced a lot of problems in finding clients and traffic until the time I came across Niume. Now you might be wondering what Niume is and how it helps you socialize. Then let’s talk about it.

What is Niume?

Niume is a social network for like-minded people who share the same interest from different blogospheres. It is a collaborative blogging platform where you will come across bloggers with various interests. Whether you are a food blogger or running a technology blog or even a travel one, you will find people of relevant interests in Niume.

Niume lets you read blogs and articles of your interest, and this helps you learn a number of  innovative things about writing. Even the expert bloggers prefer joining this platform to read the latest information and to stay connected with new people.

Niume was founded by Francesco Facca and Dani Gennaoui  with the aim to connect people to their relevant choices and interests and help them discover people from similar fields. The original concept of Niume occurred in the year 2012 when these two mathematics graduates from Kings College London were discussing over the drawbacks of the already established social networks.  Dani Gennaoui, one of the co-founders  was so frustrated over the other social media platforms that he was bound to build their own one. Unlike the other social networks, Niume begins with a ‘following’ option so that people can choose their interest and follow them rather than following the entire sphere. And this is what makes Niume a more interesting place for bloggers.

Special features of Niume

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Niume consists of a number of fresh features and options like:

    Choose the spheres of your interest.

    Read contents from the topic of your interest.

    Switch between personal and trending topics in the newsfeed.

    Comment and Like on blog posts.

    Private messaging.

    Share posts on Facebook and Twitter.

    Write blog posts.

    Get notifications.

    Invite friends from Facebook, Gmail and Outlook.

    Create your profile and add a profile picture.

    Follow people and get followers.

    Search for posts, spheres and users.

How Niume works?

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Niume is a flexible social networking site that lets you choose your own interests rather than pushing updates from all topics. It has an enhanced newsfeed that displays the post topics and images, and you can scroll downwards to read additional posts.

To start accessing Niume, simply enter your full name, email address and password and get started. You’ll be sent an activation link to your registered email id, simply click on that link and get Niume activated. After the activation process, you can choose your spheres of interest, where you need to choose minimum five spheres, and you will be navigated to your news feed. Your news feed will display items and contents only from the spheres you are interested. You will find a number of blog posts by different authors where you can like and comment.

Niume lets you create your own profile with a short bio and photograph that will be publicly displayed. You can start following people after that and find their posts in your newsfeed. As anyone follows you, you will get an instant notification and meanwhile, you can follow them back for generosity.

If you are looking for a particular user, then you can use Niume’s search tool to find them by name. You can search for a sphere or post by entering the title or keywords.


Niume is popular mainly because of its spheres. Spheres, in other terms topics or interests, are reserved so that users can choose from their interest and access topics only from what they saved. Niume consists of a range of spheres such as Animals, Architecture & Design, Art, Animals, Business and Finance, Culture, Fashion, Good, Games, Humour, Lifestyle, Interesting, Literature, Movies & Series, Music, News, Photography, Science, Sports, Technology and Travel. So you can choose any out of them and get relevant contents on your news feed.

Niume and bloggers last

Content Submission

One of the best features of Niume is that it lets users post contents and articles. Niume’s content submission has a number of guidelines that should be accurately followed before you post it. Your post should be relevant to the sphere in order to prevent misguiding the readers. Inserting media or image is compulsory because images capture the attention of the reader and hence, develop an interest in the topic.

Articles posted in Niume should not contain any promotional material. If there is any such content, it might get rejected. Blog posts should not be of commercial nature and exclude offensive and derogatory content.

Since Niume is a platform for bloggers, the contents should be of natural flow and should not include any commercial material, and that is where socializing in Niume makes the difference.

Why Niume?

As I said, Niume does not push off topic content to your timeline, and that’s what keeps it interesting and motivating. Unlike the other networks, Niume avoids delivering anything that includes non-beneficial contents and does not benefit the reader. Hence, most bloggers prefer using this instead of staying active on the other sites.


So whether you are a professional blogger or a newbie I highly recommend you to join Niume. You can start using Niume from and get started with your favourite spheres. Since Niume was launched, it has rapidly grown and reached more than 200,000 visitors and aiming forward to deliver a much better experience. That’s why you can rely on this network and give blogging a new phase so that you can improve by reading the regular contents from writers and bloggers.

Author Bio: 

Priyanka bowmick Niume and bloggers

Priyanka Bowmick is an enthusiastic blogger and   freelance web content writer who writes on various blogs as well as on her own blog,  She  is gifted with the talent to write poetry  and creating contents on a diverse range of topics.


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