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Blogging has achieved a grander level in our country today, and so numerous Indians are taking up this industry to build their career independently. You will find a number of Blogging niche blogs on the web which are ruling the internet and has become a great medium to obtain coaching in blogging. These blogs are the one-stop platforms where you can learn the A-Z of blogging and take guidance on any relevant topic. Hence, I am mentioning the best Blogging niche blogs from India where you can learn and take your heads high.Top blogging niche blogs to follow from is one of the renowned blogs in the country by Harsh Agarwal that provides the most practical blogging tips that earns you bucks. The blog provides the most advanced and working methods to drive traffic to your blog and monetize it, so that rely on a life that is based on blogging. also offers online marketing and startup tips for entrepreneurs to build a better brand recognition. (Alexa: 1,840) is the child blog of Jitendra Vaswani, who is one of the most popular Digital Marketing experts in the country. Bloggersideas started off in 2012, and it aims to guide bloggers with Internet Marketing strategies and SEO tactics to understand their concepts properly. It also provides a number of blogging tips and ways to increase your blog traffic. You will find interviews with pro bloggers and entrepreneurs and learn about how they made a living with blogging. (Alexa: 4,865)

Ankit Singla shares numerous blogging tips and tricks from his own experience in this blog, and you can find the best blogging strategies here that ensure 100% results. You will obtain guidance from a number of subjects like improving blog’s search engine rankings, affiliate marketing guides, keyword research tools to enhance your blog SEO, and lots more. BloggerTipsTricks was started in 2013 with an aim to provide the complete tutorial to newbie bloggers. It has also built an active community for bloggers so that they can learn to blog productively. (Alexa:12,422)

Blogging niche by Kulwant Nagi gradually aims to help fresh bloggers learn the various aspects of blogging. The site originated in 2012 that provides guides and tutorials on SEO, social media, WordPress, money making and blogging. BloggingCage intends to guide you through the various ways to gain traffic in your blog and establish it the right way. You can also find a number of interviews from the popular bloggers in the country who share their success stories and motivate you with great tips. (Alexa: 14,302) is all about making money with blogging where Anil Agarwal shares proven tips on affiliate marketing and blogging. provides content on marketing strategies that brings huge revenues with blog monetization. Bloggers who want to learn the actual process to earn money from their blogs should read this blog to get the right techniques of affiliate marketing because money making with a blog is not that easy. (Alexa: 17,477) is one of the most popular blogs in India that covers various subjects like WordPress, Blogging, Social media, and the Internet. The blog is owned by Pradeep Kumar, and you will find a number of proficient authors writing in it. HBB gives you an idea about the blogging methods and the right way to market it in social media. It also puts the effective ways to drive traffic from various sources which would help any newbie blogger gain profit with their blogs. (Alexa:25,515)

follow blogging niche is a blog that covers various topics like money earning online, SEO, and Blogging. The blog is owned by Iftekhar Ahmed, who is an SEO Analyst, and he writes on helpful topics like boosting blog traffic with simple techniques, the effective ways to run social media campaigns, effective content marketing, WordPress guides, and lots more. aims to guide bloggers with the simplest tools and methods so that they can earn huge with their blog and gain profit. (Alexa: 26,296)

Occam’s razor

Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik provides the core of web analysis and tips on content marketing strategies and measurements. He writes about making a profit in business with various web tools and skills to improve in the blogging sector with different tactics. (Alexa: 27,090) focuses on SEO tips and the advanced methods to drive huge traffic to your blog. The blog guides you on making money with your blog with the efficient methods and Google Adsense tips to increase your revenues. The site is owned by Jyoti Chauhan, who reviews various productivity tools and mentions the best ones to monetize your site. You will find a number of software reviews in that help you blog efficiently. (Alexa:30,285)

Blogging focuses on SEO based topics that help to place your blog on the top pages in search engines. It explains the various Google algorithms and the strategies to boost website authority. also mentions about the keyword research tools at hat efficiently helps you research on the top ranked keywords to earn huge. The blog is run by Satish Kumar, who is a Professional SEO Consultant and expert. (Alexa: 31,971) by Atish Ranjan is another great blog to obtain some working tips for successfully running your blog. The site deals with blog monetization methods and the effective SEO strategies and tools to bring your blog to the top. You will also find the best ways to promote your blog in social media to drive additional traffic from third-party sources. TTW also mentions about the best software and their reviews so that you can choose the best for your blog’s improvement. (Alexa: 33.328) by Bishal Biswas provides tips on blogging and defines the best money earning techniques with sponsored posts and Google AdSense. The blog also provides direction with the best SEO tactics to bring your blog to the top and puts the explanation on Google Algorithms to make you understand Google strategies much better. (Alexa:47,279)

blog is another great blog that provides guidance on internet marketing, blogging tools, and technology. Jaspal Singh owns this site, and he acquired skills on designing and coding, and now he is a full-time blogger. The blog focuses on the key factors related to blogging and guides with the best tools to bring productive results from your blog. also focuses on the best social media tools and tactics to drive extra traffic to your blog. (Alexa: 49,517) guides you with the long term blogging rules and mentions the best ways to effectively and successfully run your blog. The site is owned by Akshay Hallur, who create contents 24 x 7 to help bloggers achieve success with their blogs. GBT aims to help bloggers who are clueless of the right ways to run their blog steadily and looking for the right guide. (Alexa: 53,814) tells about online affiliate money making, SEO tactics and blogging tips so that new bloggers can rise in their journey. The site is managed by Rakesh Kumar, who is a WordPress theme developer, and he guides with his own experience. helps readers learn about WordPress and various online tools which are related to blogging. (Alexa:57,305)

Jane Sheeba’s blog provides the top ways to make your business run successfully and achieve productivity with smart work. She illustrates the best blogging techniques that ensure greater traffic and output and help you learn the professional methods to blog. leads to success in blogging and offers free eBooks to develop your blogging skills. (Alexa: 81,713)

Thus, you can see how Indians have developed so much with blogging and hence, today they are guiding the new ones to step ahead of it. If you know any other blog which puts the complete Blogging guide, then do let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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