Why do people start blogging?

If you search the Internet, you will wonder with the number of posts people already published on the topic “How to start a blog?” I am not hiding the fact that I am also planning to post my own “How to start a blog?” post soon in this blog. I know the readers feel bored of at the sight of seeing the headline itself at times if they notice that the content in the post is similar to that one you already read in so many other blogs. We will discuss why there are so many such type of similar contents on the internet later as the topic I want to discuss here with you is not about “How to start a blog?” but for explaining “Why people take a decision to start a blog?”

Start blogging Reji StephensonPeople start blogging due to different reasons, and here I would like to point out some of the reasons, starting with my own experience of starting this blog. Many people start blogging very accidently while some others do start it because they might be connected to writing related activities right from a very young age.

In my case it all started once I joined a creative writing course with Writers Bureau, one of the leading providers of creative writing courses in the United Kingdom. Actually, I joined the creative writing course just to improve my skills in writing even though I was not a writer of any kind until that time. As part of the course, I had to write few articles that are to be published in an online or offline magazine and for that reason, I had the need to find a publisher by myself. After I had finished writing few such articles for the course, I started thinking of creating my own blog and publish the articles instead of looking for finding a publisher and that is how this blog was born. I started reading lot of blogs for about three weeks to get an overall idea to start a blog.

Why do people start a blog Reji Stephenson

While starting a blog for the first time, everyone makes a lot of mistakes. The biggest mistake I made on this blog is the domain name “Digital Dimensions” that may mislead readers to think of it as some website related to photography. In reality, I was actually planning to make this blog a combination of photography related contents as well as written contents related to blogging with the help of one more author who can handle all photography and video related content. As I was not able to find a suitable person, I left that idea but never changed the domain name to a different one, which is not entirely meaningful for the current contents of the blog.

When I started gathering information on how to start a blog for the first time, I was not even aware that people make money blogging. I came to know that many professional bloggers earn huge amount of money from blogging. I found the overall blogging stuff fascinating not only because of the fact that your blog can be monetized but also the reputation and friend circle you can gain from it. My network of friends started growing, and I am proud to note that I have a big list of friends from different corners of the globe that became possible only because I tried to find time for blogging even with a very hectic lifestyle. You might be knowing the real fact that it is really hard to find time for blogging if you have a full-time job, family, children and other commitments. But, thanks for blogging that made it possible to have a big list of friends.

Starting your blogging journey

I already discussed few of the things that motivated me and led me to start running this blog. Now, it is my turn to share some facts about blogging that may be the reason many people start blogging.

Before that let me answer you the first question that is mentioned in the starting of this article about similar contents like “How to start a blog?” on many of the blogs. Did you ever think why these bloggers are publishing the similar content? Do you think that they are copycats? Even though it appears to be having the similar type of content, these bloggers are never doing it purposely. I will explain that in a little more clear manner. Every single day, lakhs of new blogs are being created. Imagine that a thousand among such blogs are in the blogging niche where the blog author likes to give blogging tips and tutorials to the newbie bloggers. Obviously, those bloggers like to add every thing related to blogging and hence the necessity to add a post explaining “How to start a blog?” because anyone who is thinking of starting a blog will be eagerly searching for such a vital  information for them.

Why do people start blogging?

Generally, people start a blog due to any of the following two main reasons.

Start a blog Reji Stephenson

1.To make money online

It is getting really hard for people to find out a proper job even with proper qualifications and experience. The problems of unemployment exist anywhere in the world. This makes millions of people all over the world look for opportunities to make some income online. Many of them end up starting a blog thinking that they can make a living out of it. But, the saddest part is that only a small percentage of bloggers among them can make any success. Most of these blogs started in that way will end up nowhere and eventually they abandon it when they realize making money online is a difficult task.

2.To showcase a talent

Showcasing an existing talent is another motivating factor for some bloggers. You might have a talent in photography, and hence, you decide to have a photography blog. Some people have expert knowledge in a certain field, and they may be good at presenting it through videos. They may like to start a video blog. If you are curious about Video blogging, you can watch few wonderful Video blogs from one of my previous post titled “Top Must-Watch Vloggers From India” Then, some others have a talent in writing short stories, and they may opt to start a short-story blog to showcase their talent. So, the motivation to start a blog varies from person to person depending upon  their individual talents and abilities.

What made you starting a blog? Is it because someone told that you can make money online? You might have started a blog because you got the information that you can successfully run a business with the help of a blog

Is it just happened in your life very accidently similar to what happened in my case?

Maybe, you belong to the third category of bloggers where you already have a particular skill in some areas of your interest, and you may like to enhance it through your blog.

start a blogNow, it is your turn to let your fellow bloggers and other curious readers around the world to know about the reasons why you started a blog for the first time in your life. Please feel free to let us know about it using the comments column.






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