40 must-follow top affiliate marketing blogs to learn affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing has evolved the face of blog monetization over the years. Since Amazon Associates came up first with the affiliate marketing programs, bloggers have diverted their attention towards it and got started with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a very rapid process to earn commissions in exchange for products sales and promotions. The commission is generated when a merchant places their product links or banners to your website and the visitor clicks on that link to purchase the product.Top Affiliate marketing blogsBesides, these there are a number of advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing. It might be a quick and easy process to earn money but that requires a huge blog traffic, or else the links won’t generate much money. You will be paid on every sale of the product, and if any visitor doesn’t click on the links, then your effort will go useless. So today I am taking about few of the top and powerful affiliate marketing blogs where the experts will direct you to the right process and techniques of affiliate marketing and guide you with how to make more money using such affiliate programs.


JohnChow.com is one of the top  affiliate marketing blogs that teaches you how to convert from a zero to thousand dollars per month. The site has more than 2, 00,000 active visitors and is run by John Chow, who is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur.


Affilorama is an affiliate marketing community and training blog that provides you the complete ‘how-to’s of affiliate marketing. The site is run by Mark Ling and Simon Slade, both affiliate marketers, and they offer you a number of affiliate tools and guides to increase your sales.


Sugarrae.com is an affiliate marketing consulting and SEO guide which has helped the top Fortune 500 companies with ensured results. The site is run by Rae Hoffman, who is a successful marketer herself for the last 14 years.


Geekcast.fm is a podcast blog that covers the important aspects of affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, videos, etc. You can learn the killer techniques of successful affiliate marketing from this blog.


Ian Fernando is an affiliate marketing expert and guru who provides the top notch tips and ways to survive in this industry. Being a starter, reading this blog would be quite beneficial to you and learn the Do’s and Don’ts of affiliate marketing.


Zac Johnson provides the most effective ways to generate money which are quite fascinating and worth trying. He is a successful affiliate marketer who has struggled hard to bloom in this industry and is considered as one of the top affiliate marketing experts.


Matthew Woodward offers the definitive tips and guides on affiliate marketing and SEO that will help take your blog to the next level. Matthew is a successful internet marketer whose blog has won several awards and helped people generate big money.


SmartPassiveIncome.com is an affiliate marketing blog by Pat Flynn, who provides the top-notch and proven strategies for running a successful online business. He teaches the ways to make a passive income by a number of manual efforts which can be learned from this blog.


AvantLink is a leading affiliate marketing platform for referrals who provide the effective tools to grow your business. They deliver the standard practices and solutions to help you generate more money.


Adam Riemer is an affiliate marketing expert and a speaker who has learned never to give up and has been published on numerous sites for his expertise in affiliate marketing. He teaches the several strategies of successful marketing that will generate passive income.

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This affiliate marketing blog is run by Geno Prussakov, who is an international speaker and award-winning affiliate blogger who runs several affiliate programs. He consults online about the right affiliate marketing tactics that will power up your blog income.


LukePeerFly.com provides a number of promotional methods and tools to generate blog income. The blog covers various aspects of affiliate marketing like setting up 7Search campaigns, case studies, PPV marketing strategies, Facebook marketing, and lots more.


Affiliate Summit is a site that covers the conferences and events organized by affiliate marketing merchants and networks and delivers the event contents. The site provides killer marketing strategies that will help grow your blog.


Shoemoney provides the ups and downs of affiliate marketing and is named as the best affiliate marketing blog in the industry. The blogs guide you on earning huge revenues and teaches the ups and downs of affiliate market.


Missyward.com is an affiliate marketing guide that also organizes conferences and tradeshows. The site delivers the correct marketing techniques to help you achieve your goals and generate lots of income.


CharlesNgo offers the right mobile marketing strategies and optimizing an affiliate marketing campaign to make your blog successful. The blog also provides the ways to analyse the right traffic sources and is considered as one of the best marketing guides.


Hubspot is a sales and marketing guide which has helped advertisers and referrals earn positive income. It provides a number of solutions on affiliate marketing doubts and confusions and is a great guide for the industry.


Tricia.me provides the best affiliate marketing practices with interactive sessions that get you to the heart of affiliate marketing. The site delivers the successful networking strategies in the industry to grow up and extend your online business.


Affiliatetip.com is an affiliate marketing blog by Shawn Collins, who is also the co-founder of Affiliate Summit. Affiliatetip delivers the latest news in the affiliate marketing industry to keep readers up to date about what’s new in the industry.


ExtraMoneyAnswer.com provides ideas on how to get started with affiliate marketing and lead in the industry. This blog is also run by Shawn Collins, who has been leading in the affiliate marketing industry since 1997.Top Affiliate marketing blogsMust-read article:-How to make  money from different niches of blogging


FinchSells.com is a complete guide to affiliate marketing that tells you about the current marketing trends and strategies and how to overcome the downfalls. It tells you about the affiliate marketing resources and how to generate more leads with advertising campaigns.


ClickNewz is another affiliate marketing blog by Lynn Terry, who is known as a Super Affiliate and have wide knowledge in the industry. The blog shares news on the latest digital meeting trends and strategies, as well as case studies.


Vinnyohare.com delivers information about how to make online income with affiliate marketing and build quality websites. The blog also provides knowledge on email marketing, social media marketing, and traffic building.


DaveSalois.com can be partly called as an affiliate marketing blog as the blog provides a mixed set of articles. You can find some helpful articles on affiliate marketing on this site which would be beneficial for beginners.


Pacedm is a marketing journal and web magazine that talks about the various aspects of affiliate and digital marketing. You can find the marketing analysis and get some ideas on affiliate marketing which would be useful to you.


Ratracegrad is a blog by Jennifer Bland, who is an affiliate marketing expert and has been running in this industry. Jennifer writes about her experiences and ups and downs in this industry and shares various tips to make your blog stand in this long run.


This blog writes about affiliate stuff, case studies and experiences on affiliate and digital marketing. WhatdoesJoethink.com is a good blog for bloggers to learn the core of affiliate marketing and it helps them understand the program much better.


Workinmypajamas.com is an affiliate marketing journal that helps you earn money online with the latest affiliate marketing trends and strategies. You can read about the author, Kim Rowley’s experience in this field and help build your blog.


Mrgreen.am is considered as one of the best affiliate and internet marketing blog that delivers the latest news and ideas from the industry. The blog provides news about marketing case studies and provides tips to help you monetize your blog.


Affiliatexfiles.com is a complete affiliate marketing guide that delivers you the current trends, news, tips and strategies on affiliate marketing. You can also find some case studies which would help you understand the core functionality of the program.

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Shareasale is a popular affiliate marketing program and a useful blog for merchants and referrers, which would help you in learning the right tactics of the program. It shows you how to display the right advertisement in the right blog and drive traffic to it.


Avantlink is an affiliate marketing blog and program that speaks about its features and provides tips to referrers and merchants. The blog guides you to lead on the right affiliate marketing path and help you study the program better.


Eric Nagel is a popular affiliate marketer and programmer who writes about the current trends and factors of affiliate marketing. He is an experienced marketer who has won several awards and also speaks at Affiliate Summit events.

34.High Paying Affiliate Programs

This blog is a complete affiliate marketing guide and provides you all the tools to build an effective marketing strategy. The blog reviews about the major affiliate marketing programs and is a great guide for users.


Scaafpc.com provides affiliate marketing services to advertisers and referrers who are looking for maximum profit in their businesses. The blog also provides helpful tips and ideas to build a better program and earn positively.


Affiliatemarketingplan.com is a complete affiliate resource and guide for advertisers and referrers. The blog states about the money earning strategies and tips to help you understand the core ideas of the program.


Affposts.com provides the latest affiliate marketing news from all relevant sources that helps you find the trends from a single place. It can be called as an affiliate marketing feed which is very useful for referrers.

38.Rakuten Marketing Blog

Rakuten Marketing is an affiliate marketing program that teaches you about the best practices and strategies of marketing. The blog helps you build a network and earn huge revenues with the right marketing techniques.

39.Clickbank Blog

Clickbank is another affiliate marketing program that tells about their current programs and the tactics to earn good money with them. The blog is very helpful for merchants as well as referrers to understand each other better.

40.CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is a popular affiliate marketing program that states their current programs and trends and helps referrers earn great money online. CJ Affiliate also helps advertisers build their brand and generate more revenues with influential advertising.


Hope you enjoyed the reading the post. Please do let us know if you think there are few more blogs to be added in this list so that we will soon update the post.



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