Blogging For Business

(This post “Blogging for Business” is a guest contribution by Emi Koulev. Read more about her in the Author bio below the post.)

 What is the purpose of blogging?

Today it’s incredibly easy to create a blog as we have all the tools in the tip of our fingers.There are two main reasons to set up and maintain a blog.

Blogging for business

1. Blogging for fun.

You can have a blog just for fun so you can share your passion with the world. No matter what you are passionate about, I can assure you there are other people somewhere out there that share the love for the same passion as you.
You can create a blog about fishing, painting, gardening or hiking, as long as you like the subject the sky is the limit.

2. Blogging for business.

As a business owner, having an online presence gives you the opportunity to become influential very quickly. Share your knowledge and expertise and expand your audience.


Blogging For Business

Close 40% of US companies use blogs for marketing purposes.

B2B companies that blog gets 67% more leads on monthly basis than those who don’t.

B2C companies that blog gets 88% more
leads/month than those who don’t.

If we look at the facts, it’s clear that blogging is a crucial piece of the inbound marketing methodology. Your marketing results will be determined by the optimization & the monetization of your blog.

Blogging research; About 75% of the clients say that blogs affect their purchasing decisions.

Companies that blog have 55% more visitors.

Blogging is a marketing asset related to attracting qualified prospects and potential clients.

Blogging for business

The Benefits of Blogging For Business

•A blog will give you instant authority, which brings trust in your visitors and builds a relationship. That’s how you build a community and loyal clientele.

•Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Field by providing quality information regularly.

•As you building your blog you are building a healthy relationship with all your visitors.

•There are different strategies that you can apply to create extra income streams from your blog. No matter what your product or service is, you always can find a product to compliment what you have to offer.

•Take control of your online identity. If your goal is to build a sustainable business, use your blog to introduce yourself and the nature of your business.

•Take your time and write your “About” page. Be authentic and include your profile picture. Remember this is your ‘Online Business Card.’

•You have a place where you can create a vault of content and control it, that will pull visitors to your website and turn them into clients.

•Your blog is your real estate that allows you to place a call to action and build a very targeted email list.

One or Multiple Blogs

Always start with one blog and as you grow your audience, you can consider segmentation.

Best practices are to integrate your efforts. Managing a blog, creating content, and sending traffic on a regular basis, it’s a hard work and time consuming.

Concentrate on minimizing your work and maximizing your profits.

•Study and get to know your target market.

•Use proper keywords to separate your content.

•Stay relevant with your content to the needs to your perfect client.

If you are targeting audience with different needs, makes sense to separate them and create a different blog.

For instance, if you have a business in the Baby niche and at the same time, you are offering a fishing & hunting products you’ll want to separate them.

How Often To Blog?

You can blog once a day, once a week, two times a week or once a month. The key to successful blogging is the consistency. The more content you put out there, the more visitors you will attract.

Here are two questions to help you decide how often you need to blog:

  1. How often you want to stand in front of your audience?
  2. What is sustainable for you?

Consistency is important so go with whatever you feel like it won’t burn you out and you can maintain it for the long term.

Optimize Your Blog Post.

When it comes to optimizing your blog post, there are two factors to take into consideration that will impact your business results.

1. The quality of your content from lead generation stands point.

2. A keyword rich content from an SEO perspective.

Promote Your Blog.

Promote your blog

It’s easy to send people to your blog when you have quality content. You have confidence, and that gives you authority.

Using Social Media is an excellent, very efficient and free way to promote your blog. As soon as you publish your blog post you are ready to share with all your Social Media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, G+


Blogging is a lot of work and without measuring your results, you’ll be wasting time and money.

Knowing the numbers of your quality visitors and where are they coming from will increase your results and you’ll be able to improve your conversions.

As always thank you for visiting, I appreciate you! Give me your thoughts in the comments below. If you think this could be helpful for someone, please share.

Till Next Time,

Take Care & Stay Cool!

Emi Koulev

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Emi koulev


Author Bio: Emi Koulev Wife & mom of two beautiful boys is a blogger based in Canada.CEO of, where she  blogs about Online Home Business Branding & Marketing. She also run  cake decorating classes through another blog

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