Bone Conduction Headphones-Try it and feel the difference

Bone conduction headphone has become an essential gadget for the treatment of impaired hearing. But this technology is also used by the normal people to prevent their ear drums from getting affected by the direct sound effect which is caused by the normal earphones. Perhaps, most people wonder how anyone can hear with their bones and how it is connected to the ear drums.

Bone conduction headphone

The Technology

Mostly we hear sound through our eardrums, but this fact is also unknown to some people that the bones do the same for all. The bone conduction headphones are attached to the bones below the ears instead of blocking the ear hole and transmit audio through your bones directly to the inner ear (Cochlea). As a result, the vibrations are heard directly by the inner ear and that too by bypassing the eardrums. The bone conduction headphones protect the eardrums due to its sensitive nature that might get affected by loud music.  The bone conduction headphone is an alternative to the ear drum that decodes sound waves and transforms them into vibrations which are adapted by the Cochlea. It keeps away the ear drum from any involvement. The bone conduction earphones transmit high fidelity sound waves, and stereo quality music to soothe your inner ear.

Why is it used?

Bone conduction headphones are used for safer listening and give minimum stress to your ears. Compared to the conventional headphones, they are harmless and prevent your ears from getting affected by the loud sound. They are generally used by people with hearing aids but are also used by the normal people to prevent damage to their ears.

Where are the bone conduction headphones used?

The bone conduction headphones are used by a wide number of industries and people even who are or without any hearing loss. It includes the four major industries I am mentioning below, and they enjoyed the major benefits of using these headphones.

Hearing aid users

You must have seen people who have impaired hearing are offered a bone conduction device called Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA). Similarly, the bone conduction earphones carry the same technology as BAHA and so, they are considered as the safest and ultimate headphones for people with hearing loss. They find it comfortable and easier to hear the music and find them audible and soothing.

Military communication

The military men are the early users of bone conduction devices. Since it helped them to gain full awareness of ambient sounds and communication on the battlefield, they found it easier to transfer messages wirelessly and talk with the bone conduction technology. So the bone conduction headphones are very suitable for military persons because they are already used to the technology.


Since the bone conduction headphones do not cover any part of the ear, it helps sportspersons to identify the ambient sounds and provides comparable sound quality. Especially, athletes, swimmers, and cyclists use this technology to reward with both music and external sounds, e.g. beeps and horns and prevent safety while performing their activities.


Underwater performers like swimmers and scuba divers have used the bone conduction technology far back since 1996. Casio first used the Logosease device in scuba diving and popularised it, and since then the bone conduction devices have become popular in underwater sports. This device is an underwater transceiver that uses bone conduction technology combined with ultrasound at a range of 32 kHz to empower wireless communication till you are within that range.

Companies those manufacture Bone Conduction headphones


Aftershokz has introduced the world’s first Bluetooth bone conduction headphones at the International CES 2013 with PremiumPitch technology which has gained worldwide acclamation. The company has created diverse models of the headphones that include advanced technology and design with crystal clear audio quality. The headphones are sweat proof and let you hear sounds from the surroundings.

Models: Bluez 2, Gamez, Bluez 2S, Trekz Titanium and Trekz Titanium Mini

Price begins: $59.95


ABCO is a leading sports brand which has produced the Tech Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset. The headset transmits audio with the help of vibrations that reaches straight to the inner ear. The headset is waterproof and is designed for full safety. It delivers high clarity sound with superior audio quality and is built with a smart ergonomic design. The bone conduction headphone is meant for sports persons and swimmers who want to experience comfortable music during workouts.

Model: ABCO Tech Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset

Price: $79.99


Panasonic is one of the leading technology brands which have developed bone conduction headsets with innovative designs. The headphones are water resistant and work perfectly during workouts and water activities. They are sleekly designed and carries the perfect combination of looks and performance and delivers sound from your surroundings without missing the audio.

Models: Panasonic RP-HGS10-G Open-Ear Bone Conduction Headphones with Reflective Design, Panasonic RP-BTGS10-K Premium Bluetooth Wireless Water-Resistant Open-Ear Headphones, Open-Ear Bone Conduction Headphones with Reflective Design – RP-HGS10-W

Price begins: $17.90 (from Amazon)


Marsboy is another company which has developed innovative bone conduction headphones. It transmits sound waves via vibration that is delivered in the cochlea. The headphones will fit anyone and ensures comfort and ease during heavy workouts and activities. Marsboy bone conduction headphones are adjustable and are compatible with almost all Bluetooth enabled devices. It allows you to listen to the external sounds, as well as the audio sound with great clarity and quality.

Model: Marsboy Bone Conduction Wireless Sports Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Price: $66.99 (from Amazon)


The bone conduction earphones are far safer and provide enhanced music like the regular headphones do. They are mostly used to prevent your ear drums from getting affected by the loud music and delivers music indirectly without reaching the eardrums. So people from various fields prefer using these headphones and appreciates the bone conduction technology, which is missed by the current generation. So I would recommend you to try out the bone conduction earphones and feel the difference it makes.




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