How much important is PayPal for a freelancer

When I first thought about publishing an article about the importance of having an account in PayPal, the first thing that came to my mind is “Why should I write about such a simple topic in my blog”? But, then my mind kept telling me to write about it. Do you know, why?


Believe me; I came across so many freelancers, especially writers who are still not using PayPal as a mode of sending or receiving payments for their work. Remember when someone is looking for a freelancer to do work for them, they also look for those things that make their job easier and more comfortable.

Perhaps, they may not have the time to go to a bank and make payment to a particular bank of your choice, or they may not even have the time to utilise any other mode of transaction. Therefore, there is a chance that you may lose some valuable job assignments that can fetch you some good payment if you do not have a Paypal account.

Trust me, a few years back when I was not familiar with sites like Upwork, Truelancer and the likes, I tried to contact some freelance writers and logo makers for a work assignment for one of my friend. I ended up having a conversation with few freelancers and agreed to give them the job for a reasonable cost. But, my friend was reluctant to use their services just because of the fact that they don’t have Paypal account.

If anyone reading this post are freelancers, please make sure that you have an account in Paypal so that your transactions will be secure and those who are assigning jobs for you will feel more secure with a PayPal transaction.

If you are in the digital arena, then you must have heard about PayPal. The American company, which is operating worldwide digital payments, is now one of the largest internet payment companies. PayPal is used by a large number of industries and persons as their primary media to transact funds. Although PayPal charges a nominal fee for every transaction, it provides the highest degree security and privacy of your operations. And this is why it is considered as the biggest medium to transact money.

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How PayPal works?

PayPal keeps you financially secure. It is widely used by eCommerce giants, like eBay, Amazon, etc., to allow users to make secure payments just with the click of a button. By clicking on the PayPal ‘Buy now’ button, you can make instant payments by sharing your financial details. But most of the time, the user remains concerned about the theft of his financial data if shared. So, PayPal prevents such thefts and provides extreme security to keep your financial data safe and secure.

You can simply log in using your PayPal account, and enter your associated card details to make the transaction.

Secondly, when anyone add funds to your PayPal account, then the amount is stored in it. So while using your PayPal account for making purchases, you can transact the money directly from your account, which is much easier and simpler. The money stored in your PayPal account can be manually/automatically transferred to your bank account. The bank account number and debit/credit card number should be associated with your PayPal account by clicking on the ‘Payment Methods’ tab.

Using PayPal is completely free of cost and signing up does not charge a single fee from you. Hence, you can fully rely on this service and use PayPal freely and conveniently for your business and personal use.

How to sign up with PayPal?

Signing up with PayPal is easy. Simply follow these steps to go ahead with PayPal:

  • Go to and click on Sign up
  • Select your account type- Individual or Business and click Continue
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    For Individual account

  • Enter information like your country, email, password, and re-enter password
  • Click Continue
  • Enter your name, DOB, address, state, PIN, and mobile number
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and click ‘Agree and Create Account.’

     For Business account

  • Choose Business type from the drop-down list
  • Enter your business name, address, city, state, PIN, primary currency, category, sub-category, registration date, and business URL
  • Enter your name, DOB, phone number, and PAN information
  • On the next page, enter email, password, security Q/A, fill the terms and conditions check box
  • Click ‘Agree and Continue.’

How is PayPal useful to Freelancers?

Most freelancers use PayPal to transact funds from international clients because PayPal is trustable. It gives you the convenience to transfer funds to your bank account based on your choice. PayPal is a one-stop solution for your payment needs. You can collect money from your clients and store them in a single account. PayPal is partnered with all the major freelancing platforms. They include, Upwork, Fiverr,, Envato, 99designs, etc. You get direct payments to your PayPal account from the overseas clients and also send payments by simply entering their PayPal email address and the amount.

PayPal for your Business

Similarly, PayPal works effectively for your business’ financial needs. The medium works best when you have lots of international customers or clients. You can accept any payment types and get paid faster and that too without any monthly fee. The transactions are covered by seller protection that protects you from false claims and chargebacks. It works with any business type or industry, and you can generate an easy invoice.

Best PayPal alternatives

After the success of PayPal, many digital payment companies have ascended to power up your business.


Payoneer is a globally recognised payment solution which works effectively for small, medium, and big sized businesses. You can transfer funds to your local bank account in your local currency. Payoneer can be used for a diverse range of industries, including for personal use, business, and freelancing job.


TransferWise is another PayPal alternative that transfer funds with the real exchange rate. It is perfect for independent people and small/medium scale businesses. TransferWise reflects your money within 24 hours, and the transactions are secured.


2CheckOut is a complete business solution, and processing of payments with this service is easy. The site supports payments from global customers. It protects your transactions from the biggest frauds and provides high-level security to your account.


Skrill is a PayPal alternative that lets you send and receive money conveniently. You can keep your cards and bank account details integrated with the service and Skrill securely stores them. Skrill provides extreme security to your financial details and transactions. Their anti-fraud team secures every transaction you make.


PayZa allows sending and receiving money within seconds. It protects and secures your information and accepts payments from more than 190 countries. Signing up is free with PayZa, and it does not cost any monthly or yearly fee.

Why use PayPal?

Because PayPal gives you the utmost convenience to transfer and receive funds, most businesses and individuals prefer using it. With PayPal, you can sell and shop items in/from eCommerce sites and reaches out to buyers from around the world. PayPal helps you grow your business with the easiest payment solution. With improved customer support, you will get premium assistance for any technical issue faced. PayPal aims at delivering the right financing experience which mostly lacks in the other payment systems.

Bottom line

If you are using PayPal for a long time, please share your experience with us using the comments column so that we can come up with more ideas for the forthcoming posts.

For your success.

Reji Stephenson





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