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Nola Arney

With the increasing rise of mobile internet usage, online businesses have started investing into their design so as to keep up with the competition. The need for websites to run properly on smartphones and tablets plays a crucial role in displaying your business coherently in any of the gadgets. Having a mobile-friendly website is becoming essential to deliver users a smooth and seamless browsing experience. This blog post has been written with the intent of imparting knowledge on how responsive design can take your business to great heights. I have focused on all those aspects in detail for you to have a look.

So, let’s start with the introduction of Responsive design-

Responsive Web Design- What is all in the name?

Designed with just one set of coding, RWD runs flexibly from desktop to mobile, tablets and smartphones. The concept of Responsive Web Design is fairly straightforward and aims at designing a website that responds to the needs of every single user, based on the device being used. It involves a complete blend of versatile layouts, CSS media queries, and grids to be able to accommodate for scripting abilities and resolution needs of every portable device used for accessing it. All the page elements in a responsive design are sized by proportion, as opposed to their pixels.

How a Responsive Design Optimises User Experience?

Responsive websites, at times, weigh a lot because they bring in traffic from both mobile and the web. It might lead to slow loading times. In order to fix the situation, the responsive design focuses straight on the content-first approach of your site. The mobile-first approach demands website owners to keep only those elements which are mainly responsible for conveying the message of the website. By displaying only, the required elements, you can avoid bogging down the site and customise user experience on factors like device and Operating System being used.

Is Responsive Web Design An Investment for SEO?

RWD has a single URL both for desktop and mobile users making it easy for search engines to crawl URL and content easily. A website, designed only for desktop, will have a negative impact on your conversions as it will not be able to compete with the websites that are mobile-friendly. On the other hand, responsive design ensures you have a larger audience increasing your chances of conversion.

Website owners who design a separate mobile version of a website replicate the original content from the original version of a website to the mobile version. It ultimately leads to duplicity in content and decreases the authenticity of a site on search engines. However, a responsively designed mobile site enables developing unique content and removes the challenges of duplicate content.

Does a Mobile Friendly Website Address Issues of High Bounce Rates?

A higher bounce rate results in lower rankings. A responsive web design is meant to deliver the same content found on desktop site to mobile and tablets that make it easy to navigate and read. With such a large percentage of traffic coming from mobile devices, it becomes necessary to ensure that users are easily able to read and interact with your content. Keeping them on your website will help in maintaining a lower bounce rate.

How Responsive Web Design Improves Sales and Revenue?

In order to earn sales and revenue, a website must aim to receive more traffic and leads. By creating multiple versions of a web page, you can ensure a greater user experience. A more consistent experience further leads to direct sales.

Responsive Design- Helps in Maintaining Your Unique Identity

Many site owners are still not pondering over the changing requirements and therefore if your website is responsive, chances are you will grow a step ahead of your competitors.

Having a responsive website can do the wonders for your business by acting as a great online marketing tool to maximise website’s usability, traffic, and performance. At the same time, it eliminates the need for managing separate mobile and desktop version. The mobile web is speeding up aggressively, and businesses should rather consider being economical in their approach to include responsiveness as a feature to design innovative websites that deliver an enjoyable user experience. So, if you aim to achieve a close connection with your global audience, Responsive design is one of the best options you should consider.

Save Time, Cost and Money With A Responsive Web Design

A well-designed responsive site saves you from the hassle of managing and maintaining a large site. Having a responsive design offers you ways to manage less content. In addition, it becomes quite easy to optimise a single admin interface with the proper use of workflow tools which manages not only site content but also the template design used for various devices.

Similarly, having a single responsive design costs you comparatively lesser. Maintaining a single website is much easier and, of course, faster. Responsive Web Design is cost-effective because it manages, supports and upgrades in a single place. It saves developers from the stress of developing a separate site for mobile and web. The beauty of having a responsive website is that you need only a single set of code for your website to implement any changes or functionality for both desktop and mobile version.

How Is The Future Of Responsive Websites?

Having a mobile website is no longer about incorporating an appealing feature to your website, but it has certainly become the most immediate need that influences the growth of your business. To summarise content, web functionality, URL structure, load time, all in one needs to be equally important for a website to evolve continually and implement technologically updated changes. Considering all these factors, responsive web design has to win out. The coding techniques along with mobile strategy should be considered equally important. As we continue to move further, the future of mobile communication will continue to evolve. A great and successful business can only be achieved by implementing the right mobile strategies. Believe it or not, a right mobile strategy is surely going to be one of the best investments for the success of your business.

Author Bio-

Nola Arney


Nola Arney is a senior web developer at HTMLPanda, who is holding many years of experience in web designing and development. She is knowledgeable enough on the different aspects of Responsive web design and its related topics. She is also passionate about writing blogs on her domain. All her recent written blogs and posts are well-researched,knowledgeable, visionary, and meant to acquire readers’ attention.


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