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Any business would like to have their name and other details get listed in a business directory. Nowadays, online business directories play a major role in promoting a business either online or offline.

According to Wikipedia definitions, a business directory can be explained as follows.

“A business directory is a website or printed listing of information which lists all businesses with some category. Businesses can be categorized by business, location, activity or size. Business may be compiled either manually or through an automated online search software.”

The digital counter-part of a business directory is called as an Online business directory. Traditional paper directories lost all the importance with the advancement in internet-related technology. The new generation of young people are not even familiar with traditional business directories which were once part of every household. The concept of using a traditional business directory is not even in their dreams as the majority of them have smart phones and other such gadgets that will help them access a business directory or similar service online. Traditional business directories like phone books are still available but lost all its importance due to the easy access to online directories using gadgets.


Even with the vast usage of internet media, many people are still not utilising the benefits of using an online business directory. You should continue reading this post till the end if you would like to know more about the advantages of getting your business listed in an online business directory.

Why businesses should make use of online business directories?

If you are not marketing your business online, there is more chance that one of your competitor with more online presence may attract your possible customer. Gone are the days where your friends and connections find out customers for your business. Nowadays, you should make use of the online media to make a good impact for promoting your business. You must have a properly optimized website and good social media presence. Not to forget the importance of an app for your business in this mobile phone dominated world. Also, here comes the importance of online business directories.

Yes, you read right. It is online business directory. But, I know some of you reading this blog post are unaware of the concept of online business directory. At least, a little percentage of the traditional business owners are still unaware about the need of an online presence for their business.

Now let me share with you the details of one of the online business directories,, that I came across in order to get a better understanding on how to increase the visibility of a business with the help of an online business directory.

Local business directory Chennai

Before I move on to the review of, I would like to let you know that Chennai is a city where I used to live for few years before I moved to the United Kingdom.  Perhaps, few readers who are not reading this post may not have any idea about Chennai. If there is someone reading this post who are not familiar with the city of Chennai, I would like to let them know that Chennai is one of the big metropolitan cities in India.

Let me come back to what we have to discuss about the online business directory, “”. is a business directory for businesses in Chennai.The brain behind Chennai Biz Book is Impower Solutions Private Limited, a leading Web design company in Chennai. It is estimated that thousands of businesses join the directory every single day on an average.

How can you promote your business using the directory?

This user-friendly website allows its users to add their businesses in the directory by using the “Add Listing” tab in the directory.Adding your business never appears to the user as a complex process.The site allows business owners to choose any plan from three options as follows:



3.Premium Plus

The free option provides the businesses, the options to list their addresses and description. The analytics tool in Chennaibizbook will let you know how your business is performing. Also, you are provided with the options to make queries about the business.

Online Business Directory appIf you are using the paid plans, you will have access to more features. For example, if you are using the plan “Premium”, you will have the option to add up to five images and a video about your business.

If you are using the plan, “Premium Plus”, you will have more options like adding up to eight images and two videos.

Overall features of

Verified Certificate

The directory issues a verification certificate make sure that the businesses are not violating any policies for the business.

Photo and video gallery

With the addition of photos and videos, there are more chances of getting noticed by new customers. A video clipping or an image will convey better ideas to a prospective customer.

Enquiry Form

An enquiry form is available to the users so that your queries and doubts get clarified easily.

Google Maps Integration

Google maps integration is another important feature that helps you get more business as the customers find it easy to locate your business using Google Maps Integration in the directory. online business directory

Apps of

Apps are available for iPhone, Android phone, iPad and tablets. The apps make it so simple for the users to locate and find any business of their choice with few movements of their fingertips. There might be a chance that a competitor of your business will get more customers if their business is listed in the directory and your business is still not listed in it.

The app also makes it easier for the business owner to connect with a potential client.

Reviewing the performance of your business

The analytics tool in the directory let the businesses get information about the performance of their business listing. The performance review makes it easy for businesses to take more initiatives to improve its growth prospects.

Online and traditional payment methods

Along with the online payment methods, the site also allows cash and cheque payments for their customers. The cash and cheque payment options make the traditional business owners to make transactions easily if they are still not interested in using any of the online payment methods.

Bottom line

Being an online entrepreneur myself, I would like to hear more opinions about, if you live in Chennai and using the directory as a business owner or as a user. Please spare few minutes to share your views and opinions in the comments column so that I can come up with more post ideas in future.





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