How to convert your blogging skills to become a technical writer?

Technical Writing career

Some of your skills in blogging, like your technical writing skill, is a transferable skill that when used properly, may help you get a job in the technical writing field.

Blogging is not just a medium for publishing information. It has many advantages of its own. One such advantage is that it may help you start a new career.

In this post, I am trying to help and motivate bloggers who are interested in developing technical writing skills which might be useful for them to start a career in technical writing.

Convert your blogging skills to become a technical writer

When it comes to blogging, the topics people like to read may vary from one country to another. It depends on their special interests and other related factors. Like in the United Kingdom, people like blogs that are mostly related to travel, lifestyle, fashion and hence there are tonnes of blogs available on those particular niches. In countries like India, there is more technology related blogs as there are a large number of students graduating each year in technology related subjects like engineering or science.

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If you are a young technology blogger, the chances are that you could utilise your blog as a platform to get hired as a technical writer. If you keep on writing quality content with consistent effort to publish high-quality content, your blog will act as a good portfolio to showcase your writing skills.

When I started thinking of writing an article about technical writing, my aim was to write a post that helps bloggers or motivate bloggers, especially technical bloggers to find ways to become a technical writing professional.

Since I already mentioned that this post is mainly for technical bloggers, some of the readers who are not interested in topics related to technology might have lost all the interest to read the rest of the article. Here I assure those readers that technical writing is not only a good fit for those who have degrees in science or technology related subject but also for those without any technical qualifications. Even without technical qualifications, you can be able to become a successful technical writer with persistent hard work provided you have the two most important skills that are mentioned below.

How to become a technical writerTwo most important skills needed to become a technical writer

1.The ability to grasp, analyse and understand a complex process in a very quick time. For example, you might be provided with a new electronic product, and you will be assigned with the task to write a user manual for the same.

2.The ability to write the complex process in a simple form of English that anyone can understand.

Well! Now, some of you might think that you have the skills and talents needed to become a successful technical writer. If you think you are capable, then don’t delay anymore to have a try at making yourself more equipped for the job. Start doing your homework by regularly writing contents on technology related subjects. It will be a very good idea to start writing How-to-guides so that you can also publish the same content on your blog as well. It will make you get your readers opinion about the contents so that you can be able to put more effort to improve your writing style with respect to their suggestions.

What kind of qualifications do you need to become a technical writer?

Even though there are few universities that provide you with courses that allow you to get a degree in technical writing, it is not a must-have qualification for anyone to become a technical writer. If you have a degree or similar qualifications in technical writing, that will equip you to become a better candidate to do the job. You may get some preference compared to other candidates while hiring for a job. In most cases, candidates with a good bachelor degree in science or technical background provided they also have qualifications in English or Journalism, will be considered as a suitable person for handling the job.

What if you cannot afford to do a course from a recognised institute or university?

It may not be easy for everyone to find the time and meet the expenses for doing higher level studies. So, the best option available is to use all the free resources available on the internet to enhance your knowledge in the field. Try to read as much information available from different websites so that you will get more ideas.

convert your blogging skills to become a technical writer

Can I work as a freelance technical writer?

Working as a freelance technical writer is another option available for anyone interested in building a career in the technical writing field. Try searching for freelance jobs and once you get more experience and exposure by doing freelance work, it becomes easy for you to showcase some experience in your resume that may lead you to get more opportunities as well as permanent roles.

You can also try volunteering in some organisations to get some real time exposure which will help you get into the field as an entry level employee and hence moving up in the organisation.

Bottom Line

I hope this post might motivate at least few newbie bloggers to start thinking of developing their skills to start a career in technical writing. Please don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment column if you have plans to make technical writing as your career.

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