10 British Vloggers Worth Following

Vlogging has emerged as one of the most prominent ways of expressing views and ideas or marketing a product or service in the recent years.  Nowadays, it is a common scenario that most bloggers have their own Youtube channels and they try to promote their blog or business using their YouTube channels.

Top British Vloggers

In the UK, many Vloggers have made great success in this trending field, and many of them have great follower count as well as earning potential from their Vlogs. So, today I have come up with a list of few of the successful UK Vloggers who have the highest number of subscribers and are consistently Vlogging.

Zoe Sugg

YouTube channel: Zoella Subscribers: 10 million

Zoella aka Zoe Sugg is a beauty and fashion Vlogger and also a writer. She writes and uploads whatever she is passionate about and shares weekly videos on her YouTube channel. Zoella uploads her ideas on two YouTube channels and has also published a novel called ‘Girl Online’ which is her fastest selling debut novel. Zoella loves meeting new people and is ardent about beauty, food, lifestyle, travelling, and fashion.


Video source:Zoella

Caspar Lee

YouTube channel: Caspar , Subscribers: 6.6 million

Caspar Lee is a YouTube vlogger and actor who started his YouTube channel in 2011. Caspar’s channel is the 152nd most subscribed channel on YouTube. He was honoured among the ’12 Web Savvy entrepreneurs to watch’ in the year 2013 by Yahoo! News and in 2014 Caspar acted in the Style Haul series along with a number of other YouTube members.    Caspar is an influential personality in the social media with over 2.3 million Twitter followers and has performed in the comedy movie Spud: 3 Learning to Fly.


Video Source:Caspar

Alfie Deyes

YouTube channel: PointlessBlog  Subscribers: 5.3 million

Alfie Deyes is another British vlogger who is popularly known for his YouTube channel ‘PointlessBlog’. Alfie has released 3 books from his YouTube channel series since 2014 which are extensively sold. Alfie has started vlogging since 2009 and has gained 392 million views on YouTube. He also has 3.2 million Twitter followers and 4 million Instagram followers. Alfie uploads funny videos and anything related to regular life. He is currently partnered with Vlogger Zoella, and they are also seen together in most of his videos.

Video source:Pointlessblogs

Marcus Butler

YouTube channel: Marcus Butler Subscribers: 4.5 million

Marcus Butler is popularly known for his YouTube channel ‘Marcus Butler’ where he uploads comedy videos and real life footages. Marcus started with creating music and video mixes on YouTube and later came up with this channel in 2010. He was the member of the ‘Fart Club’ in 2013 along with the other YouTubers which holds the record of ‘Most farts done in 30 seconds in a team of 3’. Marcus’ YouTube channel has over 290 million views, and he was declared as ‘Britain’s Most Influential Tweeters’ in 2013 by The Telegraph.

Video source:Marcus Butler


YouTube channel:JacksGap Subscribers: 4.2 million

JacksGap is a blog and a video storytelling project, which is inspired by travel. In his channel, Jack and Finn share their experiences through video and media to provide raw information and inspire others. The channel is run by Jack Harries and Finn Harries, who are enthusiastic travellers and are passionate about ‘doing good’. JacksGap is a platform to raise awareness about the causes they admire and tell their story with videos and encourage people. JacksGap focuses on telling positive stories and build a community.

Video Source:JacksGap

Tanya Burr

YouTube channel: Tanya Burr Subscribers: 3.5 million

Tanya is a fashion, make-up, and baking Vlogger who posts random videos on YouTube. Tanya’s been vlogging since 2009 which she started as a hobby that unintentionally turned out to be her profession with millions of fan followers. Apart from vlogging, Tanya is being trained to be an actress, and she also owns her own make-up and cosmetics named as Tanya Burr Cosmetics. Tanya also published her own book titled ‘Love, Tanya’ published in January 2015.

Video Source:Tanya Burr

Jim Chapman

Jim Chapman is a Vlogger and Model who is popularly recognised for his pop culture and men’s fashion YouTube channel. Jim upload Q and A’s and Tag videos and regularly vlogs on his YouTube channel. He is an influential YouTuber with over 95 million views and is known for his flawless style and recognised the face of London Collections: Men each season. Jim also owns his own stationery range known as ‘James and Friends’.

YouTube channelJim Chapman Subscribers: 2.5 million

Video Source:Jim Chapman

Charlie McDonnell

YouTube channel:charlieissocoollike Subscribers: 2.3 million

Charlie McDonnell is a Vlogger, musician, and filmmaker. His YouTube channel is the first to reach one million subscribers in May 2013. Charlie started vlogging in 2007 and released his first music album called ‘This is Me’ in 2010. He worked on a number of projects over the years and also for many brands to produce videos for his own YouTube channel. Charlie regularly participates in the Radio 1’s Internet Takeover show and has also tried his skills in acting.

Video Source:Charliesocoollike

Niomi Smart

YouTube channel: Niomi Smart Subscribers: 1.6 million

Naomi uploads lifestyle videos that contain a variety of topics. She posts every Sunday about the topics like food, health, recipes, fitness tips, beauty tutorials, style lookbook, and similar things she is interested in publishing. Naomi is much passionate about a plant-based lifestyle that inspired her to write her book ‘Eat Smart’. She also vlogs about travelling and shares her places of interest where she experienced the surroundings and people.

Video source:Niomi Smart

Emma Blackery

YouTube channel: Emmablackery Subscribers: 1.2 million

Emma Blackery is a British Vlogger and songwriter. She initially started the YouTube channel to promote her music, but soon her fans augmented to millions after the upload of her lead video track ‘Go The Distance’. Emma has been consistently working for her music and her video track ‘Sucks To Be You’ is her latest successfully released track.

Video Source:Emmablackery

I hope you’ll spare some time to give a watch at these popular UK based Vloggers who are popularly known worldwide. Each of them is skilled in their own ways and share exceptional ideas that will definitely amaze you. This is why their subscriber list is so high, and they are accomplished enough to make a mark in this industry.

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