TinyRanker Review – The Solution to Analyze Complete Site Metrics

Most of the webmasters around the world often fall into trouble while using different tools to analyse different site metrics. Most of the tools available on the web are the bloated ones and do not give accurate results. If you are an owner of a website/blog, it is very important for you to look into the metrics of the website to improve its performance. But, the bloated tools often spoil the party. To overcome such troubles, Tiny Ranker has emerged as a powerful SEO tool to keep an eye over your site metrics. We will explore more about this tool in the Tiny Ranker review below.

Tiny Ranker Review

Tiny Ranker – The Overview

The commanding SEO tool – Tiny Ranker has become the favourite of most of the SEO experts worldwide in no time. It is one of the sole tools to track your SERP position, check on-page SEO, list keyword position changes and suggest the keywords with their search volumes. It contributes significantly to improve your site’s SEO and take it to next level. One can also analyse what his/her competitor is doing and work accordingly. The tool has managed to reach over 3000 customers and is continuously spreading its influence worldwide.

Tiny Ranker Tool – Getting Started

Before you start analysing the sites with Tiny Ranker tool, all you need to do is add the site for which you wish to find the SERP data and keyword rankings. Here are few easy steps to be followed to add a site to its interface.

  • Enter the URL of the site to be analysed along with the country name for which the stats need to be tracked.
  • Click on the ‘Add’ button that rests below the input fields after you have added the URL of the site and country name.Tiny Ranker Reji
  • Once the ‘ADD’ button is clicked, a new screen will appear.Reji
  • Click on ‘ADD KEYWORDS’ button for adding the keywords that need to be tracked. The keywords you enter must be entered one in each line.Reji Reji Reji
  • Once you have added the keywords and proceeded further, the tool will list the stats like on-page SEO status, SERP position, change in your keyword ranking, and the search volume for the keyword. You can use this data for improvement of your site metrics.Reji Tiny Ranker

Google Analytics

For those who trust Google Analytics as much as they trust their instincts, Tiny Ranker has added method to integrate Google Analytics with its interface. Go to ‘Google Analytics’ option and click on ‘Grant Access’ button. The tool will ask you to give permissions so that it can link your Analytics account to its interface. Once the things are done, you can fetch the Analytics data directly from the Tiny Ranker’s dashboard.Tiny Ranker Google Analytics

Check out your Competitors

It is very important to keep an eye over your competitors while optimising your site for performing like a beast on search engines. If you know what your competitors are doing, you can easily outrage in different departments of SEO. The tool allows you to keep a close eye over your competitors. You just need to add your competitors’ site on Tiny Ranker’s interface, and the tool will do everything for you.Reji Reji Reji Reji

Reporting & Analysis

Tiny Ranker is the best tool to get the complete reports about your website covering relevant data that includes SERP ranking, change in ranking, on-page SEO stats and other important information. The reports generated by this tool can be emailed to your mail id(s). You can set the date and time for the mail to be sent to your mail id. The date can be recurring too. This tool analyses your site completely and creates detailed reports for you.Tiny Ranker Report Analysis Reji


Tiny Ranker offers four different packages to its customers. All the packaged come well- versed with commanding features. If you are willing to opt for its package, then the lowest plan starts from $19/month while the highest plan can be availed by paying $119 per month. All packages come with great features including daily reports, keyword analysis, unlimited sites & users, and much more. As the number of tracking keywords increases per package, the price starts increasing for the package.Tiny Ranker Packages Reji

After buying the package, if you are not satisfied with its services, a refund can be asked for within 14 days of paying the fee for the package. The complete amount is refunded back without any deduction. For those, who wish to try it for once, it also offers a free trial package for 30 days. You are not required to add your credit card details to use its free package. Try its free trial package and go on deciding whether this tool is worth buying or not.

Why choose Tiny Ranker?

  • If you are willing to get frequent updates on your site, the reports can be emailed to you frequently.
  • The fluctuations in the keyword position and SERP rankings can be traced.
  • The tool checks the on-page SEO of the website and suggests the required changes to your strategy.
  • The Google Analytics can be integrated very easily.
  • You can even keep an eye on your competitor’s website(s) and get proper reports on it.
  • Its keyword suggestion tool allows you to find the keywords that are beneficial for you.
  • The statistical reports can be mailed to you daily if you want to be frequently updated.
  • You will be impressed after using its navigation friendly dashboard.

The Bottom Line

Tiny ranker is an exceptional tool one can get at such an affordable price. It has packages available for all types of users. If you are really willing to improve your site metrics, a tool like Tiny Ranker will surely help you out in this. It will keep a track of your site metrics and look after the on-page SEO of your website. The best thing about this tool is that you can first use its trial pack and then choose to buy it.



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