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As the digital industry is expanding, the growth of digital marketing is also rapidly developing. As this is the technology era, most products and services are promoted through the online media. The reason behind using this technique is the faster reach of the product information to consumers and the time-saving factor that reduces more time compared to traditional marketing. Secondly, digital marketing can be applied to a targeted audience. This marketing technique includes some essential factors like SEO, SEM, content marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, display advertising, e-books, and lots more. But most people are unaware of the digital marketing techniques because of lack of knowledge, and this is why I have come forward with the best digital marketing blogs so that you can learn the best out of it and let your business grow.


Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute was founded by Joe Pulizzi who is a content marketer, entrepreneur, speaker and author on the subject. CMI is a globally known content marketing, education, and training company that explains how to pull and maintain customers through convincing and storytelling about your brand. The site publishes a bi-monthly magazine that informs us about content marketing research and strategic marketing for the recognised brands in the world. This site can teach you the real strategies of digital marketing and help you understand the subject better

Marketing Land

Marketing Land provides news coverage and stories on popular products and platforms which are used by the leading digital marketers to reach their consumers online. The site publishes articles written by experts across the digital marketing platform, packed with practical knowledge, digital marketing strategies, and different techniques for operating with the successful marketing programs.


Econsultancy is one of the largest communities of marketers and e-commerce professionals who will guide you with their best knowledge and practices for running a better online business. You will find a wide range of tips, insights, and guidance from this site and connect with the community who will help you complete your goals. Econsultancy offers marketing tips in any area, whether it be lead generation, brand awareness or thought leadership.


Kissmetrics is a product of Neil Patel, and it talks about digital marketing, analytics, and site testing. You will find a number of useful information about boosting your marketing techniques and driving more consumers towards your business. Kissmetrics talks about the latest marketing strategies and localising your marketing campaigns to increase conversions and spreading your business in the market like wildfire.

Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert is one among the top most content marketing blogs from the Content Marketing Institute that talks about the influencing marketing techniques to boost your business sales. The site provides articles on How To’s, the important marketing metrics, engaging consumers in your business, and other relevant strategies for increasing your conversions. You can unlock the best strategies and secrets from the top content marketers in the industry.



Socialfresh is an inspirational platform for social media marketing professionals that helps individuals to achieve great success in their online business. This site helps your business grow along with your digital marketing skills. Socialfresh offers articles, podcasts, conferences, courses, and research based on marketing and it works together with the industry leading marketers from around the world. The goal of Socialfresh is to provide the best practices and networking opportunities for your business.

PR Daily

PR Daily provides daily news and advice on marketing, public relations, and social media. You will find a number of tips and opinions on digital marketing on this site which is a great food for knowledge to develop your digital marketing skills. It is a great site to find regular marketing scoops and learn the new techniques to make your online business survive.


Buffer is a powerful social media marketing site run by a team of professionals who have efficiently practised the digital marketing essentials before delivering the rules to you. The aim of Buffer is to help you improve your business with the traditional and the latest marketing practices. It keeps you updated with the industry’s changing nature and updates you with the latest techniques that help you understand the different marketing strategies.

The Content Strategist

The Content Strategist by Contently helps you create great content and provide companies’ content marketing expertise and smart technology. It is one of the 100 fastest-growing private companies, according to Inc Magazine and known for their expert marketing tips and techniques helping every business grow.


Copyblogger shows you the ways to create killer online content to attract traffic and attention to boast your online business. It is one of the oldest and the most popular blog that provides useful tips on content marketing. Because they know that content is one of the beneficial ways to gain more consumers and clients, they empower each company to build a successful content marketing strategy.



Digiday is a leading social media marketing blog that delivers in-depth knowledge in this industry based on their experience. They have an efficient reporter’s team who covers the various aspects of the industry such as, publishing, advertising, etc. Their works are recognised by the New York Times and Business Insider for their innovations and contribution in the social media marketing field.

Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing provides you with the working and expert marketing skills and strategies to develop your business. When you do not know how to drive customers to your business or don’t have time to look for resources, then this site will guide you through the effective ways to build your traffic. Duct Tape Marketing teams up with the industry leading marketers and professionals in this industry who will help you build your client base and derive profit out of your business.


Hubspot is an expert digital marketing site that offers uninterrupted marketing tactics to redefine your business. It helps you generate more leads to your business that any other professional marketing company. Hubspot teaches you the right way to treat your consumers and build an inbound community to help you achieve your business goals.

Ignite Social Media

Ignite Social Media focuses on social media marketing and provides you with the tactics to utilise them in your business. Their strategies help you achieve your business goals the right way and obtain greater results. The site provides techniques that will connect you to your customers to a deeper level and engage your audience passionately.

Marketing Agency Insider

Marketing Agency Insider is a one-stop platform for all marketing news, resources, and information that helps you in customer and client engagement for your business. The site offers case studies, curated content and in-depth and interactive training on digital marketing which is developed to accelerate the performance of your company. The site also hosts webinars so that you can join the training and interact with the other members to enhance your marketing practice.



MarketingProfs provides the genuine knowledge to the new age marketers. Here you will find a number of training programs, research, best practices, and killer content to grow your marketing abilities. MarketingProfs forms the industry leading B2B marketing events and seminars, social media marketing, email marketing, and offers the 100% functioning marketing strategies.


PSFK is a leading channel and provider of innovation insights that offers content and advises on online marketing. The site is built to motivate the industry professionals for creating better services and experience to the users. You will find the redefined ideas from this site which can be utilised in your work that will take your business to a new level and engage with the real audiences.


ReadWrite is combined with the leading industry technologists and companies who share their success stories with you. The blog answers you the complex marketing questions that are hovering in your mind and delivers killer content to help you practise better and smoother in this industry. The ReadWrite team consists of the leading professionals in online marketing who have struggled hard and learned the new and changing strategies of digital marketing.


MediaPost is an influential media and marketing blog that provides news and blogs to assist their readers in learning digital marketing. MediaPost directories contain more than 150,000 media contacts, events, news, and job listings and a number of advertising opportunities for users. The site also offers daily and weekly newsletters on the different marketing platforms and techniques that you guide you through the entire process of setting up a business and growing it.

Social Media Examiner

The Social Media Examiner is a globally recognised social media marketing resource which has helped millions of industries to drive the best traffic. The site helps you discover the best ways to use social media to connect with customers and increase sales of your product. Social Media Examiner guides you in navigating with the changing face of the marketing industry and offers training opportunities and events to get connected to the industry leading experts.

Social Media Explorer

Social Media Explorer consists of a team of marketing practitioners and experts who deliver insightful content on digital marketing. The site explores the different aspects of social media marketing and brings you the latest news on the industry transformation. It also provides you with the latest techniques of applying the marketing tactics and keeps you updated with the various resources and case studies.


Social Media Today

Social Media Today is an online resource and community for marketing professionals who are experts and also trying to grow in this industry. The blog educates you on any aspect of social media marketing such as business and communication, content marketing, customer experience, and digital strategy. Social Media Today publishes industry news and the original analysis of millions of executives across a wide range of industries.

Spin Sucks

Spin Sucks is another blog for social media marketing that explains the different steps to make your business grow with expert marketing skills. You will find a number of topics on this site and learn how the current marketing industry is transforming. Spin Sucks also includes contents that guide you on attracting more traffic to your business and maintain the stability.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is an online marketing guide for your business that will enhance your marketing capabilities with the new age selling tactics. The blog is run by a team of professionals who expertise in this industry and have vast knowledge in the digital marketing arena. Marketing Cloud also hosts webinars and events where a huge number of marketing enthusiasts join to acquire effective training and knowledge.

TopRank Marketing

TopRank Marketing is a digital marketing agency that helps companies increase their business sales, increase brand visibility, and improve customer engagement. The blog specialises in customer relationship programs, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and SEO. TopRank Marketing has helped a number of organisations manage their social media programs and launched a content portal with millions of readers.



QuickSprout is one of leading marketing blogs by Neil Patel that explains the secrets of online marketing to increase your site traffic. You will find a number of tips and advice on growing your business and developing your marketing skills from this blog. QuickSprout brings you the killer practices and the techniques to increase your conversions.


WordStream teaches you the professional marketing practices and PPC trends to help you obtain your targeted audience. The blog offers content on the current marketing trends and the changing phases of the industry so that you can navigate through your practices with their tips and advice. WordStream is a blog that you can refer to upgrade your marketing skills.


Unbounce is a conversion optimisation blog that helps you create actionable landing pages on your site and increase conversion rates. Unbounce empowers marketers to build and perform A/B test on web pages to help you create a better marketing experience for your business.


Jeffbullas helps your business optimise your brand with content marketing, digital marketing, and social media technologies. The blog provides information on entrepreneurship, social media, content and digital marketing and is run by an expert marketer, author, and speaker who advises you the most functional techniques of marketing.

Bottom Line

Hope you enjoyed the list of digital marketing blogs on the internet that will help you learn digital marketing and in the process enhance your skills to grow your business. If you think that I missed few blogs from the list, please feel free to let me know about it using the comments column below. Thanks for visiting Digitaldimensions4u.



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© The content is copyrighted to Reji Stephenson and may not be reproduced on other websites.

© The content is copyrighted to Reji Stephenson and may not be reproduced on other websites.


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