Review-Casemade Italian Cowhide Leather Wallet for Apple iPhone7


Many purposes are served by combining your wallet and cell phone into one which serves to lighten your pocket by putting all your essential items into one package. It also ensures that you have your essential items intact with you. We often forget to take our cell phones with us when we leave home. With Apple’s “Find-my-iPhone” feature you will be able to trace your iPhone and wallet if they do get lost.

The Apple iPhone7 Leather wallet offers a luxurious, sleek case that includes several slots for your wallet items. The case is closed with the magnetic material attached to the closing side. The case is simple yet classy with a luxuriant leather finish with great quality.

A review of this item with photographs are given below.


Inside the packaging, you will find only the case. There are no other extras. Here is what my experience with Case made  iPhone7 case.

The case safeguards your iPhone from bumps and scratches with the wallet. The sleek wallet offers the iPhone7all round protection while maintaining full access to all the iPhone7 normal functions.


The case is beautifully and artistically hand-crafted using high quality genuine Italian cowhide leather.It is available in two exquisite colours, black and tan; the outside has a sleek and neat appearance. Both the black and tan coloured cases have the same price of £24.90 each. Another highlight is the trim stitching design all around the wallet.

apple-iphone7-caseWhen you are not using the phone, you can keep it closed with the help of the magnetic portion attached on the side of the case.

On the left-hand side of the case, there are three credit card slots and a larger one beneath them. In the three small slots, you can put in your credit/debit cards, etc. while in the bigger lower one; you can add other items like an ID card.iphone-case-cowhide-leather

On the inside of the case, on the right side, you find a shell where your iPhone can be accommodated securely. Your iPhone7 is held intact and does not slip off.iphone-casmade-case-rightWhen the case is closed, you will have full access to the iPhone7 power button while the volume button can be accessed only when the case is open.

On the back, there is a pill-shaped cutout that gives access to the iPhone 7 camera.

If you are looking for a wallet-style case for your iPhone7, this will surely be the right choice.

About Casemade

Casemade is a U.K. based company supplying beautiful and distinctive phone and tablet cases. The company supplies cases which have simple designs with high-quality leather.


Casemade offers free Royal Mail first class delivery for the U.K customers. They make sure you will receive your order within two business days if you are in the U.K.

They offer a 12-month guarantee for their products. They also allow businesses to take bulk orders for their products.
Moreover, they have a friendly customer service who will respond within 24 hours if you have any queries.


The Casemade Apple iPhone7 Leather Wallet comes in two attractive colours, black and tan. The inside of the wallet contains slots to hold your debit/credit cards, and on the right side, there is a shell for holding the iPhone intact. The high quality of the leather makes the product attractive. It is comfortable, light and easy to carry.



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