Tips To Choose Power Bank For Your Phone And Tablet

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The battery life of your gadget decreases and drains out quickly due to its extensive use. The Power Banks are the great power suppliers that aid in keeping your devices ticking for a longer time and your mobile screens beaming.

Power bank constitutes an outside power source that has the capacity to charge a phone or different USB devices. It is a portable gadget that provides energy solution by reserving energy to be transmitted the moment your tablet, GPS systems or mobile phone goes out of power. They are present in many sizes from pocket size to paperboard ones that can power boost continuously for series of days. The paperboard supports multiple devices connection on one module. Power banks do have multiple ports for charging multiple devices at a time.

While choosing power bank for your phone and tablet, the following tips help you to secure a good deal.

The size or capacity:

The battery size of the power banks reveals the power inside. Many power banks indicate a number that denotes mAh or milliamp-hour. They are recognised from the battery rating held inside, and the mAh ratings display the power flow for a particular time.

 Assess the power rating and know the specifications regarding your gadget battery and external battery. Both these batteries are rated at their milliamps hour capacity. It becomes a thumb rule that higher mAh ratings will need a large battery reserve and thus, the power bank size would be greater. Power banks that are a pocket or lipstick-sized can have simply 2000mAh rating or approximately but the concept is to have one that slips inside the pocket and is lightweight. The other alternative would be the 14000mAh battery bank that is not pocketable and may be of 2 to 2.5 lbs weight.

While purchasing a power bank, it is also vital to know about the current rating along with its capacity. Larger devices need maximum power and better amperage at the ports which give output. The common sizes comprise of 2,000mAh, 10,000mAh and also 26,000mAh. Greater number denote maximum power and bigger recharges for your Smartphone or charging for larger devices like a tablet that requires more power.


Power Output

It’s a very important factor that charges your cell phone or tablet. Mechanically, the normal USB port fitted on your power bank can support any standard USB cable. The only variation may in the power transmission

Number of USB ports

The number of devices to be charged is the task of the USB ports. Normally, larger batteries with high mAh contain more than single USB port. This makes it very convenient to charge two Smartphones simultaneously. Or your Smartphone and GoPro can be charged together and even cell phone and Bluetooth headset or tablet simultaneously.

Simply pick a battery with lots of mAh to deliver that power and charging at the same time becomes ultra-easy with multiple ports.

Cables for battery charging

Each power bank comes with a standard USB to Micro-USB cable for keeping the power bank charged. These are used to connect the input port of the power bank to normal USB wall charger. If the Micro-USB connects your cell phone or tablet, you will require an extra cable to charge it. There are power banks that contain multiple cables and you should strictly observe the packaging to view what’s included.

There are power banks with detachable cables that make it convenient to interchange between cables for your Samsung phone, Kindle or iPad. Others contain cables hardwired with the battery and non-detachable and are convenient to find in an emergency that needs a low battery. It might be less versatile than the detachable ones. There are practical storage solutions as a detachable cable can be switched out for different cable and at the same time keeps the cable close at hand.

The input of Power Bank extends from 1Amp to 2.4 Amps and the greater the input number, the quicker it will recharge. The LED indicator also shows the remaining power left in the power bank and also shows the need for recharging the battery.

Wrapping Up

Select a power bank that makes it mandatory to register your purchase, by including the serial number online or through a helpline. This would activate your returns policy and make your product genuine. Scrutinise the Warranty, product manufacturer, and nationality and battery type as it would influence the warranty type or duration. If uncertain, do view the tiny print on the package or the given instructions.

No power bank can claim to be cent percent energy-efficient, as there is a loss of power with each portable charger due to voltage conversion and emission of heat. The industry standard specifies 60-70% energy efficiency. The finest power banks can perform with 90% energy efficiency, and linked to complete phone charges for your cell phones.

Power banks hugely vary regarding its inputs and outputs. There are power banks that support the recent Quick Charge 3.0 plus USB-C standards, and at times are supported on the input and the output that makes them quick on refilling and charging your cell phone. These are offered by power banks instead of or side by side with large size USB, Micro-USB or along with Lightning ports. The choice that you make depends on the connection used by your phone. Most power banks provide 500 recharges guarantee.

At the most you will require a Micro-USB cable for charging your power bank and probably separate cable for charging your cell phone if it does not apply the Micro-USB link for charging. Certain power banks employ carry cables to make comfortable this need, while others may comprise of inbuilt cables and Micro-USB to the Lightning adaptors. You only now need to carry the power bank in your bags and choose a pocketable one and one with sufficient juice to keep it working all day.

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